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East West: South Africans Zabroad travel to Thailand

Following the launch of their great East West: South Africans Zabroad YouTube travel show, the husband and wife team of Retha and Miguel Sanchez have since followed up their initial South Korea exploration with a move of focus to Thailand, where… Continue Reading →

Visit South Korea’s saucy Loveland Theme Park with Episode 3 of East West

East West, the documentary style travel show that follows South Africans from all walks of life around globe and depicts their daily lives against the backdrop of their adopted culture, returns for episode 3 with an interview with English teacher… Continue Reading →

East West: South Africans Zabroad Episode 2 now available

I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode from the East West team of Miguel and Retha, a web series showcasing South Africans living abroad. Pleasingly, the second episode in the series has just been released, continuing their look at South Africans… Continue Reading →

Picnic at the Harold Porter Botanical Garden in Betty’s Bay (2016-05-28)

We discovered the beautiful Harold Porter Botanical Garden in Betty’s Bay last year, and following our delightful little outing to the Stony Point penguin colony with Retha and Miguel, we decided that the botanical garden would be the perfect spot for some… Continue Reading →

Visiting the Stony Point Penguin and Seabird Breeding Colony in Betty’s Bay (2016-05-28)

Since the kids, Chantelle and I have probably visited the world class African Penguin breeding colony at the Stony Point Nature Reserve in Betty’s Bay on average at least once a year, purely because it’s a works so well as… Continue Reading →

South Africans Zabroad: East West Launched!

If you are a South African with expat friends living overseas, or you find yourself calling another country home far away from sunny South Africa, then you’ll definitely love East West: South Africans Zabroad, a brand new YouTube-based travel show… Continue Reading →

Chantelle and her Dislocated Toe

Chantelle and I didn’t have a particularly good end to 2015. I haven’t gotten around to detailing it all in the blog yet, so I guess this is then officially the start. Thursday 26 November 2015 marked the evening that… Continue Reading →

Lunch with Retha at Wild Clover (2015-11-28)

Situated on the edge of a private nature reserve along the R304, Wild Clover farm is a smorgasbord of activities, included among which is a more than decent restaurant, a onsite brewery, large secure outdoor kids play area, cottages for… Continue Reading →

Photo Gallery: Jessica Rides Pony Cycle Dragon (2013-12-01)

As a toddler Jessica always admired these fun animal-themed rides found at various malls and shopping centres around the country from a safe and secure distance. However, viewing alone wouldn’t cut it for very much longer! We were entertaining Retha… Continue Reading →

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