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Jason Pearson: Robin Annual #7 Cover (2007) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 02 MAR 2013

Mysterious forces are testing Damian, Batman’s son. But what figure stands behind these mind-altering trials – and to what end?

Writer Keith Champagne churns out two great stories for 2007’s Robin Annual, the first titled “The Great Pumpkin”, illustrated by Derec Donovan, and the second “The Festival of the Hungry Ghosts”, a 16 page prelude to the big “The Resurrection of Ra’s al Ghul” crossover storyline that was about to hit the Bat books at the time.

Fan-favourite artist Jason Pearson provided the art for this second story, as well as this particularly dynamic piece of cover art!

Review: Teen Titans: The Complete Fourth Season (2005) My Reviews 22 OCT 2012

The loveable, accessible to all ages but aimed at the younger viewer, Teen Titans animated television series is certainly is a lot darker than normal with the show’s 13 episode long fourth season outing, this time focusing on a far more evil and powerful entity that is tied to Raven’s destiny, and who is for all intent and purposes, completely unstoppable and most likely the bringer of the end of the world as we know it!

Despite this rather dark premise for the season, the writers go out of their way to balance the run with a run of much lighter, more comedic episodes in the middle, resulting in a series that once again manages to cater to a much wider audience than just its core target demographic (i.e. young kids) and in the process manage to be a completely fun and action-packed outing that everyone ought to be able to enjoy and probably pull a good number of laughs in the process as well.

All the same goofy looking characters are brought back into the mix once again (i.e. Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Raven and Starfire), and the wonderfully fun, loose and often super-deformed, cutesy anime-inspired, animation style is retained, making for a visually light show, that funnily enough works across the rather wide spectrum of both serious and silly episodes that the season throws at us.

Great voice acting mixed up with a good sound track and the same energetic plus insanely cute theme song as always, adds the final bits to what is yet again a totally worthwhile and fun animated series to pick up and watch with the kids.

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Review: Teen Titans – The Complete Third Season (2004) My Reviews 13 AUG 2012

There is virtually nothing that you can dislike about the insanely fun, targeted at young kids, Teen Titans, who return for their third 13 part season, this time ditching the manipulative Slade as lead bad guy and instead replacing him with the hypnotic, cult leader Brother Blood instead!

Terra who was introduced in the last season is dropped and the team is returned to the core of level-headed leader Robin, the adorable and likeable Starfire, the cool techno wizard Cyborg, the enigmatic and grouchy Raven, and of course the over the top, ball of silliness that is Beast Boy.

Stories are again an equal mix of all out action and over the top silliness, where pretty much anything goes, as seen in particular by the groovy Mad Mod and out of the hat Amazing Mumbo episodes. In-addition to the variety of villains, both old and new, that get tossed at us during the run, we also get treated in the latter part of the series with the introduction of the new Titans East franchise, consisting of Bumblebee, Speedy, Aqualad, and the super fast Guatemalan twins Más y Menos.

With just the right mix of action and slapstick comedy, combined with a great voice cast, fun music, and the loose but fun animation style that often dips into the super deformed sort of stuff one usually only encounters on Japanese anime shows, Teen Titans is an absolute delight that is sure to be loved by your kids, and if you are a comic book fan, will probably entertain you in the process of watching it with them as well!

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Review: Teen Titans – The Complete Second Season (2004) My Reviews 12 JUL 2012

The insanely catchy and fun opening theme by Puffy AmiYumi is back, heralding of course the return of the awesomely fun superheroes for kids television series, Teen Titans!

The second season of Warner Bros. Animation’s Teen Titans consists of 13 episodes (just like the first season), and was aired back in 2004, making it pretty old already.

Following on from the first season, this new outing kicks off with the introduction of the new and sixth Teen Titan, Terra, who has the ability to manipulate rock (although she only hangs around for the first episode or two, then disappearing for most of the remainder of season, before returning right before the end to kick off the big finale arc).

As you might imagine, everyone that made up the team in the first season is back for this second run, giving us the adorable and likeable Starfire, the level-headed but headstrong Robin, the cool techno wizard Cyborg, the enigmatic and grouchy Raven, and of course the over the top, ball of silliness that is Beast Boy.

The series also brings back Slade (Deathstroke) as the principle manipulator behind the scenes, and after an enjoyable and action-packed two thirds of the episodes are done, the show really kicks into high gear, shifting to an even heavier amount of action and drama as Slade shows his hand and things get pretty serious!

With just the right mix of action and slapstick comedy, combined with the loose but fun animation style that often dips into the super deformed sort of stuff one usually only encounters on Japanese anime shows, Teen Titans is an absolute delight that is sure to be loved by your kids, and if you are a comic book fan, will probably entertain you in the process of watching it with them as well.

Light hearted (but with plenty of butt kicking superhero action), and with a great voice cast, fun music and silly but enjoyable animation, Teen Titans shouldn’t disappoint anyone in their target market – i.e. your youngsters! :)

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Review: Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010) Animation | My Reviews 14 JUN 2012

Years ago, the Joker managed the unthinkable and killed the second Robin, a.k.a. Jason Todd. Time has since moved on, and although Jason is no longer with him, Batman has continued his never ending crusade against crime, with new partners and allies forged from the old.

However, something sinister is moving in Gotham, a new face, a villain wearing a red hood, who appears to be brutally taking control of all the gangs currently operating in the city, including the biggest of them all, the gang running under Black Mask.

Needless to say, this new villain’s trail of blood and headless bodies means that Batman will soon be on his tail – though unbeknown to the Dark Knight, this encounter is going to be stirring up some pretty dark secrets, and history, along with it!

Based on the classic “A Death in the Family” and “Under the Hood” storylines, Batman: Under the Red Hood is a 2010 direct to DVD movie released by Warner Bros. Animation, the eighth film released under the DC Universe Animated Original Movies banner.

Directed by Brandon Vietti and written by Judd Winick, this film is probably one of the strongest, darkest and most dramatic to come out of the line yet, packed to the brim with action, drama and a whole lot of secrets and unexpected twists.

Masterfully told and paced, with some great lines of meaningful dialogue between the various characters, Batman: Under the Red Hood is sure to satisfy just about any mature comic book audience.

In terms of animation, the movie boasts some slick and well designed characters, combined with great choreography (for the fight scenes), and a suitable color palette, all lending themselves to a visually enjoyable animated movie.

Similarly, the vocal talents of the actors used to bring the characters to life are all spot on, with the likes of Bruce Greenwood as Batman, Jensen Ackles and Red Hood and John DiMaggio as the Joker all producing great performances.

Finally, on top of all this, sits a fantastic soundtrack composed by Christopher Drake, the end result of it all being a highly polished, highly engaging, and highly enjoyable animated outing of the highest caliber.

Well, well worth picking up if you are either a comic book fan, or a fan of animated films in general then!

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Review: Teen Titans – The Complete First Season (2003) My Reviews 07 JUN 2012

Pint-sized teenage heroes doing good, saving lives, being silly, and having fun, pretty much sums up what truly is an awesome super hero animated show for the younger comic book fans (and their easy-going parents) out there.

Teen Titans chronicles the adventures of Robin, Cyborg, Beast Boy, Starfire and Raven, who for the super-powered team Teen Titans, based in their fantastical Titan Tower headquarters – shaped as a giant T.

This pretty much sets the tone for this surprisingly action-packed, but very humorous and fun take on the classic Teen Titans comic book franchise. Whilst there exists an overarching plot involving a rather sinister Deathstroke (referred to only as Slade for the most part), each episode sees the team up against some or other super-powered villain, but with the focus firmly on their youthful shenanigans and relationships with one another – made particularly interesting thanks to the wide array of personalities that makes up the group.

Physical humor and jokes abound, and the heavy use of super deformed character reactions borrowed straight from Japanese anime makes for a very fun and light-hearted show that carries enough meat to keep it interesting for the slightly older children (and parents too), but is guaranteed to entertain quite a wide spectrum of younger viewers.

The animation is as light-hearted as the tone of the show itself, and its bright and colorful, stylized images that borrow heavily from Japanese anime aesthetics is actually quite pleasing on the eye. In addition to the fun visuals, the actual quality of the animation and fight choreography is surprisingly good and as a whole, the Teen Titans is actually a pretty well animated show.

Aurally, in addition to the fun theme songs from the whimsical Japanese J-Pop duo of Puffy AmiYumi, and a great selection of background music, the voice actors tasked with bringing to life these young characters have been well chosen and suit the style and tone of the stories perfectly.

In summary, Teen Titans does very little, if anything, wrong. It is visually fun, kids can easily identify with the characters, the humor is there, and most important of all, there is more than enough action to satisfy pretty much all the comic book fans out there.

If you have a kid, then you’ll kick yourself if you don’t grab this show to sit down and watch with them. Definitely loads of fun! :)

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Review: The Batman | Season 5 (2007-2008) My Reviews 22 MAR 2012

The final 13 episodes of what truly is an enjoyable animated series featuring everyone’s favourite vigilante dressed up as a bat, season 5 departs in a big way from what has up until now been a very Batman-centred universe, and instead introduces a number of different heroes from the DC universe Justice League line-up, turning this outing into very much a “Brave and the Bold” season!

Of course this means character and world development is out of the window in favour of super-powered team-ups and big brawls, which is not really that much of a drawback when you consider just how awesome and action-packed these resulting episodes actually are!

Interestingly enough, all of a sudden mainstays of the previous three seasons, Commissioner Gordon and Batgirl get sidelined to cameo appearances, with the Bat line-up settling into a more traditional Batman and Robin setup for just about the whole run.

In terms of the heroes we get to see on screen, we start things off with Superman, before being followed by the likes of Martian Manhunter, Green Arrow, Green Lantern, The Flash and Hawkman, never mind the entire Justice League who show up for the final story arc! Of course, the injection of new heroes comes with new villains for Bruce to tackle, including the likes of Lex Luthor, Mercy Graves, Metallo, Count Vertigo, The Wrath, Shadow Thief, Sinestro, Mirror Master, and the Terrible Trio (who actually aren’t all that terrible after all).

As per usual, Jeff Matsuda’s unique character design influence comes across strongly in the animated visuals, leaving us with a simple but extremely pleasing to the eye visual adventure that is jam-packed with action, intrigue, and of course a laugh or two, courtesy of course from a stellar panel of writers which includes the likes of Alan Burnett, Stan Berkowitz and Alexx van Dyne.

Overall this is a great looking show with an excellent voice cast (though I still lament the loss of the first season’s theme music from U2’s The Edge), backed by enjoyable and action-packed stories that bring the five year long franchise to a satisfying conclusion.

A lot lighter in tone than season 1 (a trend that happened across the seasons), season 5 of The Batman will definitely entertain all the boys, plus their comic book enjoying dads! :)

(Not so sure about the girls though – wifey didn’t really enjoy the last couple of seasons of the show. Too silly for her she said…)

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First Impressions… Young Justice (2011) My Reviews 26 JAN 2012

Wow, what an impressive animated show, through and through. Fantastic story, fantastic characters and fantastic animation. Seriously, there is no way that any boy or comic book fan can not love Young Justice!

Taking place in the Earth-16 timeline of the DC multiverse, Young Justice tells the story of a group of young sidekicks who decide to go off on their own, after failing to get the necessary respect from their older peers in the Justice League. The group includes Robin (Dick Grayson), Superboy, Kid Flash, Miss Martian, Artemis and Aqualad.

Under the direction of Batman, the inexperienced team is sent out on a number of covert missions, at the same time strengthening the bonds between them in order to grow both personally and as a team.

Because of the different timeline, the characters are all slightly different from what you are used to from mainstream continuity. Powers and attitudes are slightly different, but in the end there is enough familiarity to keep fanboys happy. The episodes are all linked to one another by means of an overarching storyline, and the continuity of the episodes helps to cement the tone of Young Justice, which is very much serious super hero fare. The writing is fast paced, the characters are getting loads of development time, and there is plenty of action, intrigue, and even a little romance to take in!

(And let’s not forget the loads of cameo appearances which will delight almost every comic book fan under the sun!)

In terms of animation quality, Young Justice is probably the best looking animated television show to hit the screen in quite some time. Gorgeous character designs and details, beautiful backgrounds and fluid, well choreographed animation is what this show simply oozes.

And then there are the voice actors, all fantastic choices and a good fit for their respective characters, with the entire package finally wrapped up by a great music score, completing what is a well and truly polished package.

Highly, highly recommended, especially if you are already a comic book fan, both young and old!

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