Things to do in Cape Town, the Helderberg, and the Cape Winelands

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Scooters along the Sea Point Promenade in Cape Town (2020-07-04)

Last year, in a small effort to change our scenery for a bit, Chantelle, the girls and I headed out for a stroll along the fabulous Sea Point Promenade, that lovely 11 km long walk that stretches all the way… Continue Reading →

Scooting about Pinnacle Point Estate in Mossel Bay (2019-09-28)

Last year September saw me take the girls up for a weekend away at Pinnacle Point in Mossel Bay, a slightly more out of the ordinary visit than normal given that mom and dad were restricted to home in Bellville… Continue Reading →

Screenshot Saturday: Michiko to Hatchin (Episode 1)

Towards the end of the first episode of Michiko to Hatchin we have this absolutely fantastic sequence where Michiko comes careening out of nowhere on her over-powered turquoise super scooter, ramping through the big glass window into the unsuspecting evil foster parents’ dining room in order to locate her missing daughter Hatchin.

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