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Princess of Hand-Me-Downs Emily 27 SEP 2014

Shame, if being the second child is already so sucky compared to being the firstborn, I would hate to know what it feels like to come third!

Emily is without a doubt the Princess of Hand-Me-Downs, not a title to be proud of mind you. Eight months she has been with us already, and do you know how many new toys we’ve bought for her in all of those eight months?


Zip, zilch, nada.

Quite frankly (from our point of view) she can make do with all of Jessica’s old baby toys and whatever other colourful piece of plastic that catches her eye and won’t cause her to choke. It’s quite shameful actually, but other than clothes, dummies and baby bottles, there isn’t very much else that we’ve bought brand new for her. (And to be honest, if we hadn’t given away 99% of Jessica’s baby clothes to worthy causes over the years before the arrival of Emily, she’d probably be living in those as well!)

If it wasn’t shameful enough, in terms of photos taken with the digital camera (best quality) as opposed to just quick shots with the phone camera (okay quality)? Pretty close to zero as well.

It gets worse though. Number of Emily photos up on display in the house?

Big fat zero.

So Emily Lötter, Princess of Hand-Me-Downs, without a doubt. Shame, no matter how adorable and more cute you might be than the firstborn as a baby, being the second seriously sucks!

baby emily lotter eating a lemon

Cat in the Cot My Life 19 OCT 2010

I haven’t gotten around to posting many pictures of our new home, or even discussing it that much, but I thought it imperative that I share this particular snapshot with you before it gets lost in the clutter that makes up my desktop.

Although Chantelle and I have been rather busy whipping the rest of our house into shape with all the new purchases, arrangements and decor choices, we haven’t quite neglected the baby room altogether – already we have a wonderfully comfortable lazy boy recliner, originally belonging to Chantelle’s grandfather, now sitting proudly in Jessica’s room, ready for those late nights when mom will be fighting sleep deprivation in order to calm and feed our baby girl.

Our first purchase for the room was however a fantastic little white cot, with three adjustable bed heights, a sliding front gate which allows for easy access and a nice and chewable gummy guard on the rail for when little Jessica eventually develops what will be her ferocious Mike Tyson bite force (a proper little fighter she’ll be, mark my words!).

The theme for the room is going to basically be white with as much girly stuff/patterns as possible (you should see the too cute clothes and cloth that are already making its way here), in other words a super fun project that lies ahead of us once the rest of the house is finally up to our standard.

Anyway, back to the snapshot at hand. Despite the fact that we did buy our little white cot second hand and for a very good price from a lady out in Somerset West (transported back in Whammy’s bakkie with me sitting on the back holding onto it for dear life), it will definitely need to be properly tested to ensure it provides a quality resting place for our coming baby girl.

So it was.

By a tester with a particular expertise in that rather specialized field…

Jessica's cot being tested for comfort level

I’ve got a feeling Jessica will be receiving more than her fair share of furry love in the future! ;)

Crusading for Cash My Life 24 JUN 2010

So the task of slowly emptying the house of my unwanted, unnecessary and perhaps unloved possessions, in order to generate more space now that I no longer have access to the “man room” to dump all my junk in, continues unabated.

Now normally I’m a guy that simply gives away stuff when I no longer want it or even worse, simply place it next to the rubbish bin in the hopes that it either gets dumped or that someone not too bothered about that sort of thing gives my discarded items a new and loving home.

But this time around it is different…

I’m actually trying to sell some of the stuff off for a change!

So I’ve already mentioned my slightly successful foray into the world of Gumtree and online selling, but the problem I’m now finding is that it is really, really annoying the amount of times people will make dates with you in order to come view/purchase your item and then simply don’t pitch up, leaving you with half a wasted day when you could have been elsewhere being more productive, instead of just waiting at the meeting point and twiddling your thumbs.

Which brings me to the actual crux of this post: I made my first sale to a pawn shop – or second hand store if you like that term better! :P

But not just any second hand store mind you.

Nope, it was good old Cash Crusaders, you know, the guys who originally ran the adverts featuring old Settlers High School buddy Charles Tertiens as the blue spandex-clad Cash Crusader Man.

The Somerset Mall branch of this franchise which deals in the buying and selling of both old and new items was my target for my first sales experience, and armed with some DVDs, a few unwanted PS2 games and a small DVD rack, I entered the fairly spacious Buying Office situated inside the actual store and approached one of the assistants waiting behind the counter.

From there, the actual selling process was pretty simple and straightforward, in other words hassle free – just the way I like it! :)

I handed over my ID book to be photocopied and filled in some residential details, while the assistant went through my bounty and then announced what he would take, what he wouldn’t and why, and how much he could offer me for the accepted stock.

True, the money offered probably isn’t quite as much as I could get had I gone the private sale route, but like I said, in terms of a hassle free way of getting rid of good quality, unwanted possessions (and make a little cash in return) fast, this really is one of the simplest routes one can take!

Buoyed by my positive experience and new wad of bank notes in my wallet, I then set about questioning him on what other stuff they would take and make no mistake, I will be back there sooner than later – though not on a Sunday afternoon mind you!

It would seem that neither Cash Crusaders nor their maroon-coloured competitors Cash Converters are all that keen on giving away money when you ought to be in church! :P