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Daycare Toddler Down Emily 20 JAN 2016

One of the inevitable truths of having a baby or toddler that attends daycare is that they are pretty much guaranteed to get sick. A lot.

With so many small, unhygienic little tykes running around, sneezing, and well… touching things, daycare rooms are pretty much covered in little germ surface-to-air missiles (no matter how much the staff wipe and disinfect), meaning that escaping it is nigh impossible!

Unless of course your kid has an impressive immune system at this super young age, or the mix of vitamins and syrups you force feed them before school each day actually does what they promise to do on the box.

sick toddler emily sleeping on the couch with big monkey

Sadly, neither of these two apply to us, and so, after a long, healthy Summer holiday, just a week back at Baby Steps has been enough to leave us with a feverish toddler who keeps throwing up everything we feed her.

Sigh, at least the doctor says it doesn’t look particularly serious, though she did point out a particularly nasty ulcer that seems to have appeared out of nowhere on the side of Emily’s tongue. Ouch!

craig lotter with emily sleeping on his chest

So yeah, I’m not getting a super lot of work done from home at the moment – and for a change it’s not my buggered knee tendon holding me up…

[UPDATE: Oh. It looks like Emily has contracted hand-foot-and-mouth disease. Wonderful.]

Cough Cough My Life 18 OCT 2013

box of used tissuesThe office hasn’t seen all that much of me this week. In fact, Monday was the only day that I made it through to our Westlake premises – the rest of the week I’ve been firmly grounded here in Gordon’s Bay (apart from a business meeting out in Stellenbosch on Thursday that is).

The reason for this tardiness is an annoying cold which started off life by turning me into a sniffling husband on Tuesday, a lethargic sloth with more than just a runny nose on Wednesday, switching to giving me a closed chest and a terrible cough on Thursday, and finishing off the week by leaving me with a fuzzy head and some more than annoying headaches to deal with today.


And worst of all Chantelle still doesn’t believe me when I say that I’m dying.

(In fact, she’s rather enjoyed the fact that she can stay in bed while I take Jessica to school every morning!)

Not a Particularly Happy Weekend My Life 23 APR 2013

This past weekend wasn’t exactly the greatest it must be said, thanks for the most part to both Chantelle and I being laid out cold with the first proper illness brought on by the changing season – all thanks to little miss Jess who happily passed on all her bugs to Mommy and Daddy!

granny bothma at christmas lunch

I didn’t go in to work on Friday in order to attend Granny Sedge’s memorial service, which was held at the Eden Park Retirement Village. The service was well attended by both family and friends, and I was honoured to be asked by the family to do the eulogy for my late gran. After the sad affair and a little bit of tea and sarmies were indulged in by the guests at the retirement village, the close family was invited to meet up at my folk’s place for some lunch and snacks, and while Chantelle eventually left to continue her baking work, I ended up pretty much spending the rest of the day there.

Saturday I awoke feeling as if a bus had driven over me and after taking some medication and killing a little time at home, I drove through to Kuilsriver to meet up with the family at Gran’s house in Eden Park, in order to start the process of emptying the little place of all Gran’s belongings. Dad hired a nice big trailer for the job and in the end, we pretty much managed to find a home for all the bigger items, with little Jessica scoring a beautiful white toy box in the process. Not feeling particularly well at this point, I left in the afternoon and joined up with Chantelle at her folk’s place in Bellville, where I promptly crashed on the guest bed for an hour and a half or so, before rising to eat a little supper and watch a little rugby, finally making the long trip back home where I promptly crashed into bed and slept from 21:00 right through to 08:00!

Sunday saw both Chantelle and I still feeling pretty grotty, so we organized for the Montgomery Clan to come over for a visit and for Monty to see if he could fix the braai room lights that had blown a few weeks ago. As it turned out, the lights was a relatively simple fix, mainly a matter of locating the burnt off wire and reattaching it to complete the circuit, meaning that after a light lunch the sick Lotters joined the healthy Montgomery Clan and little Jessica for an enjoyable outing to the Strand Duck Pond, which saw plenty of pieces of bread being devoured by the ducks, and lots of excitement on the kiddie’s playpark!

As for Sunday evening, I spent the majority of it in bed once again.

(But at least I bounced back feeling better in the morning.)

A Brave Fishy Weekend My Life 17 AUG 2012

It was a weekend of ups and downs I suppose one could say – after all, things certainly didn’t run as what we had planned, but nevertheless it was an enjoyable weekend in the end I reckon.

The public holiday followed by the school holiday meant that Jessica was staying over with Oupa and Ouma for Thursday and Friday night. This of course meant that after closing out work with an enjoyable four man game of table tennis between Tristan, Stephen, Simon and myself, I drove out to Somerset Mall to meet up with Chantelle for a date night, kicking off with Spur and then ending with a viewing of Disney/Pixar’s Brave in 3D, and enjoyable tale that capped a nice evening spent in each other’s company.

Having earlier decided to skip doing a market due to the heavy storm weather predicted for the weekend, Chantelle and I could sleep in on Saturday morning for a change, before eventually arising to a delicious and decadent breakfast of French Toast with Bacon prepared by wifey.

We packed for the overnight stay and headed out to Bellville, where we first popped in to Cabs for some baking supplies, followed by a trip to Willowbridge where we had a look for ourselves at how the market was going. Judging on how quiet it seemed, we ended up being pretty happy with our decision to can Chantelle’s Cookies & Cakes market appearance for this one!

Our original plan for Saturday had been to either go to World of Birds in Hout Bay or the Two Oceans Aquarium at the Waterfront depending on the weather, but these were dashed when we arrived at the Montgomery Stronghold to a rather shaky and sick little Jessica, forcing us to instead spend the afternoon inside keeping warm, venturing out only for a quick (but expensive) trip to M-Kem in Bellville for a doctor’s once over on Jessica.

Western Province versus the Natal Sharks was the rugby game of the evening to take in, which was combined with a delicious supper of fillet done on the coals together with beer chicken prepared on the Weber. Mom and Dad joined us for this one (bring with them delicious pudding), and the result was an enjoyable evening of family and of course rugby and athletics. And one sick toddler lest we forget.

In fact, Jessica was feeling so icky that she simply refused to go to sleep, resulting in me sitting up with her until midnight (everyone had long since gone to sleep), only finally succumbing to exhaustion halfway through an episode of Shaun the Sheep: Championsheeps on DSTV. Managing to successfull transfer her to our bed, it was off to slumber for a brief, but fairly interrupted snooze.

We took our time getting started on Sunday, but pleasingly the weather was far less menacing than what had been predicted, meaning that with Jessica pumped full of meds and thus feeling fairly stable, it was off to the Two Oceans Aquarium plus a walkabout the Waterfront, an expedition which in the end all three of us ended up thoroughly enjoying.

And in case you were wondering, the aquarium turned out to be quite the big hit with young Jessica, despite the fact that her excitement is normally reserved only for those with feathers and wings! :)

Having eventually seen enough of our fishy friends, it was time to eat some for a late lunch at Fisherman’s Friend, before making our way back to the car park and then finally home, where we somehow managed to eventually get Jessica to bed and entertained ourselves with the always silly Leon Schuster in the chuckle-worthy slapstick that is There’s a Zulu On My Stoep.

And that, was that.

Sick Jessie, Sad Daddy Jessica 16 AUG 2012

Shame, for the last couple of days (well, since the weekend anyway), poor little Jessie has not been a happy camper. The doctor says she has a bit of a throat infection and the end result is a sick, feeling sorry for herself little toddler with a bad cough, no appetite, and the tendency to not want anyone touching her apart from her mommy.

Who by the way, is the only person little sick Jessie currently has eyes for.

I can’t even come close without her drawing back and slapping out at me, making me a rather sad Daddy at the moment.

*sniff sniff*

[At least the meds seem to have done the job and her little body appears to finally be overcoming the nasty viruses that ran down her system. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m in the running for hugs and kisses again! :)]

Playing Catch Up with the Lotters My Life 19 JUN 2012

I’ve been pretty quiet in terms of the personal stuff this last little while on the blog, but that’s only because up until now, pretty much the entire Gordon’s Bay branch of the Lotter family has been struck down by colds and various infections, with the three of us only now kind of pulling out of it.

So what has been going on in the lives of the Lotters you ask?

Well, Chantelle was pretty pleased to discover the opening of two of her favourites shops inside Somerset Mall, namely Limnos Bakers and Melissa’s The Food Shop (we of course taste tested at the former. I assume the latter will be tested shortly once our sense of taste returns). I on the other hand was once again almighty pleased with the level of service I received from Hyundai Helderberg on taking my car in for its 60 000 km service.

In between all the Euro 2012 (doing so so in the SuperBru standings) and DVD evenings I’ve been partaking in as of late, I also ran another Willowbridge Food Market in conjunction with my Mom-in-law, which unfortunately didn’t do all that well thanks to the crappy weather, but which did at least open the door to maybe start supplying the wonderful Cafe Magnifico bistro and coffee shop situated in Willowbridge – so far we have delivered two loads of Red Velvet cupcakes to them, garnering great approval in each case, so here is to holding thumbs that this takes on a more permanent relationship going forward!

This past weekend was our official weekend off for the month, but unfortunately both of us took a proper turn for the worse in terms of health, with me even abandoning work on Friday to rather come home and collapse in bed in an attempt to deal with the ravaging effects of the debilitating man-flu. Nevertheless, we did make the trip through to Bellville on Saturday, first to drop off the cupcake order for Cafe Magnifico, then for some shopping and Father’s Day gift deliveries, followed by a late afternoon get together with the friends at Ryan’s pad, for a quick round of Scattergories and of course the Springboks versus England rugby clash! (We even squeezed in some FIFA on the XBOX gaming after the ladies had all left, but I didn’t hang around for too long, my threatening to explode head getting the better of me far quicker than what I thought it would!)

Our general grottiness lead to us cancelling our planned trip to either the Two Oceans Aquarium or Butterfly World on Sunday (not surprising when you consider I slept on the couch in the lounge in order to escape Chantelle’s buffalo stampede-like congested snoring), opting to rather spend the day in the comfort of the Montgomery Pad, enjoying a quiet lunch with the family before finally gathering the strength to scramble everything back in the car and make it back to Gordon’s Bay before dark – which isn’t easy taking into account just how quickly it gets dark these days!

And no, neither Chantelle nor I had the strength to go into work yesterday either. Sigh, at least Jessica seems a whole lot better now…

Chantelle’s Last Weekend of Leave My Life 21 APR 2012

So last weekend marked the end to Chantelle’s week long period of leave, and so we decided to make the most of it by organising a date night, meaning in other words a trip through to Bellville on Friday evening (Chantelle spent the day there with Jess, I simply joined them after work), where we enjoyed a scrumptious dinner with the Montgomery Clan, before leaving Jessie in their capable hands and heading out to Tygervalley to catch the ultimately entertaining and enjoyable date night movie, “This Means War”.

Saturday morning was taken over by the big clash between the Stormers and the Crusaders, and wouldn’t you know it, the first Super 15 game of the season which I can actually sit down and watch, the unbeaten Stormers finally get their first taste of defeat! (Am now seriously considering the fact that I may have been the cause of their loss, and will probably not watch another game for the rest of the season, out of the hope that my abstinence will once again put them on the path of total victory!)

With the game done and dusted, Chantelle and I packed up, bundled Jessica into the car and headed out to Stellenbosch, to pay a visit to Willowbridge Slow Food Market’s sister market, held on the spectacular Oude Libertas wine estate grounds.

The Stellenbosch version of the market is definitely a much bigger affair and certainly one we’d love to be able to get in on, though our experience was slightly soured when Jessica inexplicably decided to vomit all over the grass, just as we had sat down to enjoy a light snack purchased from the stalls. (And once again, it was Chantelle who happened to be holding her when she decided to spew her guts. Like I say, Chantelle seems to have the knack for bringing the worse out of our little one! :P)

Anyway, back home in Gordon’s Bay, we opted for a lazy night off, heading out to Pick ‘n Pay to resupply, before putting Jessica to bed, whipping up some fantastic home made pizzas, and settling down to enjoy the quite intriguing and enjoyable “Limitless” via a rented DVD.

Sunday we took the active decision of, for the first time in weeks, going absolutely nowhere on the day, and instead set about doing a proper spring-cleaning operation of the house, a bad move as it turned out, seeing as I was suddenly forced to race out and replace the DSTV decoder which decided to pack up, Jessica who took a spectacular backwards somersault fall off our bed, and Chantelle who fell deathly sick in the early evening, suffering from severe stomach pain, diarrhoea, and body pain and vomiting. (As it turned out, this bug was contagious, because it knocked me out at 2 o’clock in the morning, resulting in my absence of work on Monday, and then Jessica the next day, who subsequently missed crèche on Tuesday!)

So yeah, it was a good weekend for the most part, but by the look of things, we could have perhaps done without Sunday.

Definitely done without Sunday.

Finally a Break in the Disturbed Sleeping Patterns Jessica | My Life 18 OCT 2011

At last, a break in Jessica’s rather disturbed sleeping patterns which have plagued us over the last month or so! The last couple of evenings have been bliss for a change, with Jessica giving us no problems in terms of going to bed, and even more importantly, not waking up during the middle of the evening and getting Mommy out of bed in the process!

The last couple of weeks could have been caused by anything, but most likely it was a combination of her continuous ear infections coupled with the fever that goes with it, as well as her top front teeth that are steadily making their way out, leaving Jessica looking like she’s wearing a permanent upper mouth guard!

Anyway, for now she seems back to her old self again, so hopefully the medicine is doing its job and the teeth are giving her a little break. Still, there’s plenty of teeth still to come, and I suppose the children at the day care aren’t getting any healthier…

That said, at least the whole household is healthy again for a change, with both Chantelle and I also having finally shaken whatever it was that was plaguing us.

Now just to hold thumbs that Tristan at work hasn’t gone and passed on his H1N1 virus over to me…

Waxy Hearing My Life 10 OCT 2011

The problem with having a baby is that the baby invariably catches diseases from the daycare, which in turn get passed on to the mommy which then leads to the daddy becoming infected, in other words a proper disease vector.

Such was my miserable last week when I suddenly started to get a painful sensation in my left ear, followed by an almost complete loss of hearing thanks to the copious amounts of ear wax my ear suddenly seemed to start to produce. And seeing as Chantelle had just come off an ear infection herself (having caught it from Jess), she urged me to immediately go see a doctor, which I dutifully did – the end result being Dr. Smit putting me on a five day course of Augmentin antibiotics as well as some homeopathic ear drops to try and clear out the bad wax build up.

Needless to say, this made me pretty miserable and prevented my from driving into work on Wednesday, meaning that I only went into the office (which isn’t a great atmosphere at the moment I might add) on Monday and Friday last week! Anyway, the antibiotics seemed to do the trick and by Friday the infection seemed pretty much done for, leaving only the clean up work of trying to remove the wax, which is so far not going all that well, considering the amount of times I have to tug at my earlobe, and say “What?” with a questioning look on my face!


Being hard of hearing is certainly not fun, and last week was definitely a write off in terms of churning out happy blog posts, which means that this week you should be in for a slew of them – though perhaps not today seeing as I’m still feeling a little blocked up – which translates into grumpy in case you were wondering…