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On the Move Again My Life 01 MAR 2011

So after a rather long stretch of home alone thanks to the arrival of little Jessica at our household, Chantelle and Craig have now officially started moving around in the friends and family circle once again.

From two weekends’ ago visit with Natasha and Evan at our place, followed by Chantelle’s gran Nola’s memorial service last Tuesday, and Retha and Miguels sleep over visits over Wednesday and Thursday evening past, all the way through to this weekend’s non-stop family and friends time, it is safe to say we’re back in action.

And hey, we even managed to go on our first date night, the first since young Dribble Monster came into our lives!

This past weekend was REALLY jam-packed with visiting hours. On Friday evening it kicked off with a family Weber chicken braai at the Montgomery Stronghold, where we enjoyed a great evening in the company of Monty, Cheryl, Robert, Debbie, Gail, Nicholas and Angie. Saturday followed this up with a day in Mom, Dad, Ryan and the rest of my extended family’s company, as we celebrated Mom’s birthday all day long with the appropriate assortment of cake and cookies. The perfect opportunity for everyone (both family and family friends) who hasn’t yet met little Jessica to do so, and the perfect weather for me to grab a much needed dip in Pop’s pool when no one was looking.

Come Saturday evening though, we left Jessica safely in Mom and Dad’s hands as they continued to entertain visitors, and sneaked off to Tygervalley, where we were able to catch our first movie in absolute months! As it turned out “Morning Glory” was just what the doctor had ordered, proving to be a thoroughly enjoyable little film that had us laughing all the way through. From there, we ended off our little sneak about by going to the newly revamped Silver Spur, where the two of us enjoyed a nice quiet meal alone in one another’s company, with only the exciting Stormers versus Lions Super Rugby game providing any real distraction on the night.

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One Spur of Family My Life 04 NOV 2008

Saturday was once again a bridal expo that Chantelle wanted to attend (don’t ask me, I don’t understand these sort of things), and I found myself with plenty of time to kill, abandoned and lonesome in big old Bellville, while she pranced away at the CTICC in the company of her mom, Retha and Andri.

Luckily for me though it turned out that Ryan was at home, so I quickly made tracks to his place where we immediately plonked down to play an innumerable amount of FIFA 09 games. Satisfied that this is perhaps the best soccer game EVER produced, we then departed for a leisurely stroll over to Mr Brown’s house, where we cajoled him out of his afternoon nap and forced him to show us all his latest game purchases, including Fable 2 and Fallout 3, both of which look pretty damn awesome it must be said.

castle crashers promo image

Despite our having brought Ryan’s controllers with, we couldn’t lure him into inviting us for a game of Castle Crashers and as such a dejected Ryan and me left for home once more, this time with the express purpose of trying out John Woo’s Stranglehold on the big TV, a game Ryan bought ages ago and which still hadn’t left the box!

Meanwhile, Chantelle and her posse had returned from Cape Town, and a few conversations later, both the Montgomery and Lotter clans were booked in for a meeting at the perennial family favourite, Silver Spur for a decadent supper or at least as decadent as you can get when eating out at the Spur. Evening eventually rolled in (I deliberately pushed back the meeting time to make space for more FIFA gaming with Ryan!) and off we went, all converging on a hapless car guard in the designated parking lot almost simultaneously.

Now squashing 8 biggish adults (well 7 if we exclude Robert who is as thin as a rake anyway) around one of Spur’s tables is a feat in itself, and after a fair bit of shifting and moving about we managed to all get in, even if some of us were elbowing each other in the ribs!

Of course, if the ladies declined to bring with their super humongous handbags we would never have been so pushed for space in the first place! :P

From that point on it was chocks away as everyone enjoyed a thoroughly enjoyable bit of chatter, good food and even dessert for some of the braver ones. (I had a Big Chief Spicy Chorizo burger if you must know. If you didn’t need to know, then simply forget that last part of the sentence then). Surprisingly enough, the normally bustling Silver Spur was as quiet as a mouse, and this was on a Saturday night, right after payday, which pretty much sums up the economic climate at the moment.

Money is tight, but not too tight to mention, that’s for sure! ;)

Oh well, it would seem that everyone enjoyed a good meal out, and after dropping Ryan off back home, everyone converged on the Montgomery clan stronghold for some late night coffee and rusks, before once again splitting out in our separate ways, us heading all the way back to good old Gordon’s Bay for some well deserved Zzzz…

Weekend in Review: Friday (14-16 March) My Life 17 MAR 2008

TableFriday morning and work started early as I went into work by car in order to get as much done before the clock struck 12, signaling my departure on merry old half day Friday. Not that I got any time to relax of course. My first mission for the day: renewing my driver’s license!

Back in Bellville at last, I headed off to the traffic department, got in line at the enquiries desk, waited until my turn, and learnt that to renew my license I actually needed to be at the Awie Kempen Testing Centre down the street. Wonderful. And that was that. Off I trotted to the testing centre expecting a huge queue of people only to walk in on a near empty building. Four people ahead of me in the queue, a short wait and then a quick eye test and fingerprinting and voila – I had renewed my license! If only all governmental procedures took that quick to handle (okay, so I’m not counting the 4-6 weeks it takes for the actual card license to arrive at the traffic department for pickup)!

From there the next stop was to pick up Ryan as he had indicated he wanted to come shopping with me and then head off to ABSA to get my postal address changed. Again I was fairly lucky in that the line was not horrendously long and after a short wait I got my address changed from 706 Antoon Benning Bellvile to 45 Nagua Gordon’s Bay – I’m coming baby! :)

With that little task complete, we did a spot of window shopping with me striking an absolute bargain at CNA where I picked up a ridiculous five manga volumes for less than R100! Ryan wasn’t as lucky as I was on the shopping front, but he was a damn sight luckier than poor old Liz who phoned me up to let me know that they had broken into her flat and cleaned her and Michelle out. Shame, that girl has the worst of luck. First she injures her leg and gets sidelined from the rugby team, and now this!

Anyway, back to the shopping. The final part of the shopping expedition was the important one, as it was the trip to Home Depot to purchase the dining room table set that Chantelle had scoped out earlier in the week. A decent dark wood table with four chairs for the ridiculously cheap price of R2000 seems like a deal to good to pass up on, and so I tightened my belt, stepped into the shop and purchased my table.

Ryan and I had specifically come to Tygervalley in mom’s Camry with the intent of loading up the flat-pack package in the boot and driving off into the sunset. It is just unfortunate that we didn’t bother to do our measurements first! So with one bloody table that didn’t fit in the car, I had little choice but to phone up Dean and hope that he could help us out. Luckily for me the man was once again off early from work and in order to escape cleaning the flat that Zania was currently dragging him into, he shot out of his house like a bat out of hell and drove to our rescue. You see, the nice thing about Dean’s work is the fact that he gets to drive the company 1-tonne truck around – perfect for moving furniture and the like around! :)

With Dean’s arrival, we loaded up the truck and then escorted him back to McDonalds with us, intent on buying him something to eat and keeping him away from his housework for as long as possible. Unfortunately, only the latter part of that was possible, because try as we might, we couldn’t get him to take a single item off the menu! Not that it stopped Ryan and me of course! We sat around chatting for a while until we decided it was safe to let him go home again and after dropping the table off at Monty’s place, bid him farewell until at least Sunday (he had invited us over for a braai in any case, despite the fact we made him leave the comforts of his house in order to save us).

From there it was a quick jaunt home before heading out once more in order to pick up Terrance and go out for supper as we had originally planned for way back on Tuesday already. Silver Spur was our destination of choice and we got there just in time before the place filled up, leaving us with a good sized table and decent enough service (not when it came to bringing the bill though!). We all enjoyed a succulent feast and after a fair bit of chatting, we got up and ran, leaving Ryan to foot the bill on his credit card (don’t worry mom, we did give him the cash!). :)

Back home, Ryan and I finished off what had been a fairly eventful Friday by putting in a couple of co-operative games of NBA Jam, something we hadn’t done before, preferring instead to usually just beat the snot out of one another. As it turned out, we were too strong for the AI opponent and despite its annoying catch up logic, managed to beat it hands down.

Exhausted after a long hard day, I made my way home and slumped back into my bed, drifting off for a good night’s sleep because I knew exactly what was coming Saturday morning…

Nuts :( My Life 15 NOV 2007

toilet paperLast night stage one of ‘The Plan’ went off successfully without a hitch. We picked up Claire and Riley’s wedding gift, got it wrapped, bought the card and then proceeded to reward ourselves with a nice meal at the perennial workhorse of Bellville, The Silver Spur.

Unfortunately, things didn’t end up all that great though, because this morning Chantelle woke up feeling extremely nauseous and just about unable to move, forcing her to bail out of work this morning to rather seek out some medical help first.

This is particular bad news in the light of our trip to Oudtshoorn which starts tomorrow. A weekend away just isn’t a weekend a way if one of the party members are unwell :(

And to rub more salt into the wound, the damn weatherman refuses to give me good news, instead, stuffing charts covered in blue patches up my nostrils, as if to drive home the point that there is no way we are going to enjoy this weekend after all.

*sigh* At least the Cango Caves should keep us a little dry – if we ever make it there.

*Update: Chantelle just phoned to say that she’s back from the doctor. Turns out she got food poisoning from last night’s ribs and chicken from Spur – which now explains while all the toilet paper in my bathroom has disappeared.