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On the Move Again

So after a rather long stretch of home alone thanks to the arrival of little Jessica at our household, Chantelle and Craig have now officially started moving around in the friends and family circle once again.

Photo Gallery: Chantelle Birthday Spur Supper (2010-12-06)

A good way of celebrating Chantelle’s birthday is of course a night out at Spur with the family.

One Spur of Family

Saturday was once again a bridal expo that Chantelle wanted to attend (don’t ask me, I don’t understand these sort of things), and I found myself with plenty of time to kill, abandoned and lonesome in big old Bellville, while… Continue Reading →

Weekend in Review: Friday (14-16 March)

Friday morning and work started early as I went into work by car in order to get as much done before the clock struck 12, signaling my departure on merry old half day Friday. Not that I got any time to relax of course. My first mission for the day: renewing my driver’s license!

Nuts :(

Last night stage one of ‘The Plan’ went off successfully without a hitch. We picked up Claire and Riley’s wedding gift, got it wrapped, bought the card and then proceeded to reward ourselves with a nice meal at the perennial… Continue Reading →

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