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Finally a Break in the Disturbed Sleeping Patterns Jessica | My Life 18 OCT 2011

At last, a break in Jessica’s rather disturbed sleeping patterns which have plagued us over the last month or so! The last couple of evenings have been bliss for a change, with Jessica giving us no problems in terms of going to bed, and even more importantly, not waking up during the middle of the evening and getting Mommy out of bed in the process!

The last couple of weeks could have been caused by anything, but most likely it was a combination of her continuous ear infections coupled with the fever that goes with it, as well as her top front teeth that are steadily making their way out, leaving Jessica looking like she’s wearing a permanent upper mouth guard!

Anyway, for now she seems back to her old self again, so hopefully the medicine is doing its job and the teeth are giving her a little break. Still, there’s plenty of teeth still to come, and I suppose the children at the day care aren’t getting any healthier…

That said, at least the whole household is healthy again for a change, with both Chantelle and I also having finally shaken whatever it was that was plaguing us.

Now just to hold thumbs that Tristan at work hasn’t gone and passed on his H1N1 virus over to me…

Visiting Hours Jessica | My Life 08 FEB 2011

What a bonus, Jessica slept just about all the way through on Monday evening! She’s been quite niggly for the last week or so, particularly during the evening, something that can either be attributed to a side-effect from her shots (states so on the packaging) or perhaps just because of the unbearable heat and humidity we have endured over the last little while. Anyway, we put her to bed after a good feed late evening and come morning when the tell-tale hunger cries began emanating from the nursery, we were quite surprised to see that it was already past 05:00 in the morning! Score! :)

By this stage almost everyone who needs to meet our little princess has done so, and this weekend was certainly no exception in terms of visitors. Friday night saw us hosting Karl and Trish for a Come Dine With Me dinner right out of the top shelf cook book (home made buns, chutney chops, home made soet koekies, home made ice-cream brownie sandwiches – you get the picture!), followed by some hilarious Blur racing bouts on the XBOX.

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Claw-bearing Whirlwind of Death My Life 22 DEC 2010

Being a claw-bearing whirlwind of death is tiring work you know. When I’m not out hunting any living thing that moves, or ripping out chunks of my brother Olympus’ flesh, or bringing in my freshy bloody bird kills to annoy my humans, I enjoy stretching out and taking a nap on my soft and squishy food provider person thingie…

Humans. The perfect bedding material.

Come Dine with Me… Or Not My Life 24 AUG 2010

So this really hasn’t been a great last couple of days for the 45 Nagua Bay household. Both cats are as sick as dogs and both humans are as sick as dogs – makes you wonder just how poor dogs must suffer then following that logic!

As for the humans, it all started on Friday at work where out of the blue I started coughing. Nothing to horrendous, but bad enough to make my brain ache with every cough. I arrived home, and instead of just jumping into bed like a good little sick boy, I instead insisted that we stick to our original plans and so headed out to the mall to enjoy a quick supper at Tallhasse Spur, followed by a viewing of the simply brilliant Inception at Ster Kinekor.

However, despite the evening’s good entertainment it didn’t do much to make me feel better and come Saturday I was literally knocked out for the count, pretty much sleeping away the rest of the weekend and watching Jackie Chan movies when I couldn’t sleep any more. And Saturday wasn’t exactly the day I wanted to be sick either!

For months already now, the girls, they being Chantelle, Andri and Michelle, have concocted this idea of holding their own version of that BBC show Come Dine With Me, and the first leg kicked off on Saturday with supper at Michelle’s – who I knew for a fact was serving up lambshank as mains. Yet armed even with this knowledge I couldn’t drag myself out of bed and so instead cancelled, letting Retha take my place at the table while I stayed at home in Gordon’s Bay, sniffling in my sorrow (compounded of course by the poor showing by both the Springbucks and Western Province on the rugby field).

But I wasn’t to remain the only sick human in Nagua Bay. No, as expected Chantelle picked it up pretty quickly and she now joins me on the sick list, though unlike myself who can still stay at home and do some work from there, with her bosses away on holiday my poor, sick as a dog, pregnant wife has to drag her self  each and every day to work and back again!

Sniff, so life isn’t all sunshine and roses in the Lotter household at the moment, that’s for sure.

And I seriously doubt tonight’s Mamma Mia show at the Artscape is going to help things get any better either…

Oh Cramp! My Life 25 MAY 2010

Sigh, I don’t know where this comes from, really I don’t. For some or other reason, every now and again, my calf muscles decide to suddenly seize up and cramp in the most excruciatingly manner possible – between 03:00 and 04:00 in the morning! O.o

I’ll be blissfully fast asleep, snoring away (I know this because occassionally I wake up in the middle of the night to find a very grumpy Chantelle scrambling for her earplugs and moaning at me to turn to the other side and stop snoring), when all of a sudden I will jolt awake as either one or both of my calf muscles begin to all of a sudden violently contract, followed by intense and excruciating pain that has me wanting to scream out loud and bang my head against the wall in order to make it stop.

But of course I don’t.

Instead I muffle my cries of pain, bite my lip, try to keep my writhing in agony down to minor movements only and attempt to quickly, but efficiently extract myself out of the bed by rolling off the one end – something surprisingly difficult when you are weighed down by two or three heavy, Chantelle-placed blankets/duvet and of course the twin dead weights that are Olympus and Achilles.

At this point in time I nearly have tears in my eyes and are standing on my tip toes against the cold, cold wall, trying to relieve some of the pressure in my calves which will then hopefully allow me to hobble it out by stumbling through to the kitchen for a glass of cold water or such.

(Needless to say, this must be quite a funny sight for anyone spying in on us).

Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t, but for the most part I manage to succeed in doing all of this without waking Chantelle up – which I’m pretty proud of actually.

Now if only I could figure out a way to get those locked calf muscles to properly calm down and relax – because generally one of these “attacks” results in me hobbling around for the next day with completely rock hard calves – certainly not a pleasure when stairs are involved!

And don’t even think of suggesting someone to massage them – I swear I’ll knock the lights out of anyone who touches them, that’s how much pain they cause me! :)

Shorts: Move, Crash, Sleep, Birth My Life 11 MAY 2010

(NOTE: This was meant to be published last week – but thanks to a “kidnapping” of me by my wife for a surprise birthday celebration weekend away, I only get to post it now! :P)

So life has been quite busy on the work front as of late, not because of work (well okay, there have been a few crises to deal with) but more precisely thanks to our latest big move, shifting the entire operation from Unit 4 in the building down the line to Unit 1. This of course means that the dev team is no longer trapped in a box in a garage under the main office (though in fairness we did have a table tennis table to keep us occupied) and it must be said that the new office that we all now co-inhabit is a lot more airy and spacious than the previous one we came out of. I’ve got a nice seat with a good view and feeling of openness, so I’m pretty happy about the whole affair.

But man what a mission. Unlike the last time when we just moved the dev team downstairs and before that when we moved from the boss’ house (we didn’t have much existing equipment to move), this was far more strenuous and with a whole lot more heavy stuff to lug across!

Unfortunately things didn’t go all that smoothly and we’ve been plagued with connectivity issues since (which follows on the week of the frustrating Seacom debacle which also kept us offline), having lost a network card on the one proxy machine and more importantly, the diginet router, a hell of an expensive piece of equipment to replace. As it is, I’ve had to play deliveryman and pick up the replacement from a house in Somerset West, having to go there three times, the first time to pick up the router, the second time to return it to have a card in it replaced (at 22:00 in the evening!) and then one last time to return the spare cable we were loaned after the second visit! To make matters worse, there were some account stuff ups from Telkom’s side as well, meaning that this entire week we’ve pretty much kicked off each and every day with connection – bloody frustrating as you can imagine!

Oh, and the new project manager arrived. Pretty cool guy and I am looking forward to working with him as he strive to implement a more structured, agile development methodology moving forward.

It would also seem that winter is now well and truly beginning to stretch her cold limbs as we’re finally being hit with bucket loads of wind and water – which always seems to trip up the less competent drivers. I’ve already spotted two fender benders happening right in front of me because the driver behind a) isn’t concentrating and b) doesn’t increase his following distance in these wet and slippery conditions.

That said, I myself nearly put a little dent in Gina G., not because of the weather conditions but rather because of a momentary lapse in concentration. I had just pulled into a parking bay in the underground parking at the gym and was leaning over to collect my card and access keys when I realised that the car was actually rolling forward – she was still in neutral and I had forgotten to pull up the hand brake!! I jumped on the brakes and stopped her dead in her tracks, literally a centimetre from the wall and a nasty pipe which would surely have left a bit of a ding in my beloved Getz.

(Oh, and I’m pleased to announce that she’s finally becoming less greedy in terms of her petrol consumption – seems to be moving around in the Jetta’s consumption area at last!)

Now on to my completely next arbitrary topic for this quick post of shorts deals with the fact that I completely crashed on Wednesday. I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately (really my own fault, so no one to blame – stupid desire to tinker on websites) and as we moved into the afternoon I suddenly found myself falling into a complete and utter state of exhaustion, literally both mentally and physically fatigued all at once. So instead of driving through to karate, I found myself turning in at our flat, where I hit the bed, woke up when Chantelle arrived home at 08:00, ate supper that she made and then went back to bed. Seriously, I have no explanation for it, but the extended period of sleep did seem to help somewhat for the rest of the week.

Okay, what next? Ah, Andri gave birth this week to a healthy little baby boy, Arum Reid Jack (I’m not sure if it is Arum like in the flower or Aram. I’ll get back to you on that one). Chantelle has already been to see the proud parents (this is their second one) and I’m sure I’ll get around to seeing the new tyke sooner than later. Shame, little Zandea seems to have recovered from her bout of illness that saw her rushed off to hospital and poor Zania spending about three nights sleeping there! But man, everyone around seems to be pregnant at the moment. Michelle (Ollewage) gave birth just a short while ago to a beautiful little boy (who looks like his dad) named David, Michelle (Oosthuizen) has just reached the halfway mark in her pregnancy, Andy has come out and officially announced her pregnancy!

So maybe it is no wonder that Chantelle and I also feel that now is the right time for us? ;)

Anyway, I think that about wraps it up for life at the moment, so now you can’t complain about not being in the know! :P