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AfriForum SMS Spam a Scam?

I received this delightful gem in my SMS inbox yesterday: AfriForum spreek beweerde bedrog aan by Elandsbaai Vismark. Ons kort ALMAL se hulp. SMS jou naam na 45265 (R1) of STOP om te staak. This isn’t the first SMS message… Continue Reading →

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830: How to Forward an SMS

The Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 is a nice mid-range Android phone running 2.2 Froyo with Touchwiz 3.0 on top. I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now, and only just learned how to forward an SMS on to another… Continue Reading →

Google Calendar: SMS Reminder Notifications

Google Calendars is an extremely useful, versatile and powerful calendar application which is available almost anywhere where you can find some sort of data connection – and most importantly of all, it is completely FREE to use. One of the nifty features of this calendar app is it notification functionality, which basically allows you to receive reminder notifications for events in your calendar as they become current.

SMS Server Tools 3: Send a Blank SMS using a PHP Script

SMS Server Tools 3 is a great little SMS Gateway software which you can pair up nicely with some PHP scripts in order to send and receive SMSes. Today’s little trick shows you how to send a blank (i.e. no text body) SMS using a PHP script.

How to send a Vodacom Please Call Me

This is actually more of a reminder to me than anything else, because no matter how many times I try, I simply can’t remember how to send one of these damn things from my phone

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