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Eggs Benedict at Southey’s Family Bistro in Somerset West (2018-03-21) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 19 JUN 2018

Having supplanted Manuka a couple of years ago now, Southey’s Family Bistro is a super popular breakfast and lunch spot for families in the heart of Somerset West, thanks in no small part to their large back garden, outdoor seating and super kid friendly facilities (think jumping castles and slippy slides in Summer).

(The fact that they sport a well stocked boutique wine shop doesn’t hurt either!)

Seeing as this is such a popular spot for families to gather around then, we invited Chantelle’s mom and dad to drive out and join us for a spot of breakfast one March Saturday morning, which they happily agreed to – meaning that we were then left holding thumbs for a windstill, sunny day.

Which pleasingly is exactly how the day turned out to be.

Now we don’t normally go out for breakfast, meaning that on the few occasions that we do actually find ourselves at a restaurant for brekkie, it is always nice to grab something that I don’t normally get to have around the table in the morning – so this time around it just so happened that Southey’s Eggs Benedict kind of tickled my fancy.

Spoiler alert, it was plain, simple, and rather nice.

Anyway, Emily played on the jungle gym, Jessica ran amok with my phone camera, and in general, a pleasant morning was had by all.

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After breakfast we needed to pop in to CABS to do a bit of ingredient shopping for Chantelle’s baking business, giving me the perfect opportunity to poke my head into the popular new addition to the Helderberg Things to Do with Kids list – the Blades Roller Skating Rink!

I’m pleased to report that it looks rather awesome and that Jessica immediately made me promise that I would take her as soon as another weekend freed up again! ;)

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Lunch at Southey’s Family Bistro in Somerset West (2016-04-09) Food and Drink | Photo Gallery 27 APR 2016

At the start of April I treated Chantelle and the girls to a Saturday afternoon lunch out at Southey’s Family Bistro in Somerset West (formerly known as Manuka).

It’s a great outdoor restaurant/garden setting for families to sit and enjoy a meal together, with a good jungle gym and jumping castle setup to keep the little ones entertained!

IMG_20160409_124901 chantelle lotter at southey's family bistro in somerset west

Everything is nice and shaded, and more importantly, their food is really good.

IMG_20160409_124911 jessica and craig lotter at southey's family bistro in somerset west

Naturally, the camera phone was put to good use!

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