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So a Heavy Metal Sign nearly Squashed My Car…

On Monday evening that infamous Muizenberg railroad bridge that has claimed the tops of so many buses and trucks over the years, tried its hand at taking me out too – by attempting to squash my car by droppingĀ a heavy… Continue Reading →

And it’s Back to the Grindstone!

Man, what an awesome four day mini-holiday that I’ve just come off of! :) Thanks to yet another project deadline bungle I was offered the choice of working late on Tuesday to make a Wednesday deadline and get Friday off… Continue Reading →

The Ball Routine

So as I mentioned earlier on in the week, I went out and bought Chantelle a squash racquet and some court shoes with the intention of teaching her how to play squash and in the process try and kick start some kind routine where we regularly get to spend some time together on the squash court (especially seeing how our very own personal court just happens to be across the parking lot from us!).

This tiring you out yet?

*whew* The fatigue that plagued me in Monday nights squash, followed me to squash on Tuesday evening, and made Karate hell on Wednesday, decided to even join the party for the mild Thursday nights badminton too. (Well I did go… Continue Reading →

Savior of the World

Karl invited me for some squash again Saturday – this time I only arrived 5 minutes late, unlike the 20 minutes I was late by with Ryan the morning. Karls starting to look a lot better, so in a year… Continue Reading →

Eyes Wide Shut

Aargh! I was so annoyed with myself this morning. Ryan asked me to join him for squash at 7:00 which I readily agreed to. I’m always up for the challenge. Last night I was wide awake I had karate practice,… Continue Reading →

Shiver me timbers

Damn it was cold this morning. I nearly lost a toe thanks to frostbite. Nevertheless, I manly pulled myself out of bed this morning after my alarm clock valiantly tried to wake me for the umpteenth time. My teeth were… Continue Reading →

Black Max Letdown

Karl’s latest challenge was received last night, so I kitted up this morning and got prepared for yet another round of slaughter on the squash court. He was brimming with confidence following him completely annihilating me in our doubles games… Continue Reading →

The Weekend in Review

Nuts. Another glorious weekend has come to an end. Had a nice one this time round. Friday I ended the day off by going off to Karate and then following that up with a nice hour’s session of squash with… Continue Reading →

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