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So a Heavy Metal Sign nearly Squashed My Car… My Life 18 MAR 2015

On Monday evening that infamous Muizenberg railroad bridge that has claimed the tops of so many buses and trucks over the years, tried its hand at taking me out too – by attempting to squash my car by dropping a heavy metal advertising sign down from above!

If you are familiar with the territory, then you’ll understand as I paint this picture. I had just finished up at Checkers, and was pulling out of the parking lot in order to join the road that takes me to down to the beach roads and ultimately on to Sunrise Circle, stopping behind one car that was in front of me, also patiently waiting to join the main road from the parking lot.

As this first car nudged forward, there was an almighty metal rending sound and all of a sudden, the steel frame of the big advertising board affixed to the bridge came crashing down, landing literally right in front of the car that was right in front of me!

Amazingly, the metal structure failed to actually hit and squash any car (or person – there are a lot people that walk under that bridge, not to mention all of the homeless people who live under there!).

I was in the fortunate position in that there was enough space for me to make a sharp left turn back into the parking lot and then make an exit under the building and past the railroad, making my way ultimately back up the road and then around the Zandvlei way of reaching Sunrise Circle – lucky because I imagine it took a fair bit of time to clean up that mangled mess and get the cars flowing again!

So yes, now I am positive that Muizenberg doesn’t like me very much.

view from muizenberg railroad bridge next to false bay college

And it’s Back to the Grindstone! My Life 28 SEP 2009

Man, what an awesome four day mini-holiday that I’ve just come off of! :)

Thanks to yet another project deadline bungle I was offered the choice of working late on Tuesday to make a Wednesday deadline and get Friday off in return, an offer which was of course simply to good to refuse! And with the Heritage Day public holiday on Thursday, what a way to kick off a super long weekend!

I’ll break everything down into more detail when I get a chance of course, but for now an executive summary will suffice, so I’ll start things off by mentioning the fabulous fondue (held in lieu of a braai thanks to the shitty weather in GB) featuring Damen, Michelle, Rob, Laluna, Chantelle and yours truly on Thursday afternoon/evening, followed by a trip through to Ratanga on Friday with C (who turns out to be rather scared of anything remotely resembling a roller-coaster), and then rounded off with a viewing of Fame, which despite it’s excellent production values turned out to be a rather tepid and boring affair in my opinion.

Saturday Chantelle and I played tourists and went for a long drive around the Cape Peninsula and after a lunch at Fogeys in Muizenburg, ended up visiting with Claire at her offices for more than just a hour or two! Pizza treat for the Montgomery clan and then a spot of visiting with my folks, and that just about wrapped up Saturday nice and neatly.

Sunday, oh Sunday, started off with me busting up my piggy bank and laying down 11 big ones to purchase our very first 40″ Samsung Full HD LCD television, an absolute beauty if I say so myself! Then it was a quick lunch with the Montgomery clan and then off to GB where we set up the TV and got to grips with more wedding stuff, the end result being a particularly beautiful menu design and a 90% complete seating arrangement!

Oh, and did I mention that I enjoyed a healthy dose of squash battles on both Saturday and Sunday morning?

See, no wonder I’m so tired today at work! :)

ratanga junction cobra rollercoaster ride

The Ball Routine My Life | Sport & Health 12 JUN 2008

Female SquashSo as I mentioned earlier on in the week, I went out and bought Chantelle a squash racquet and some court shoes with the intention of teaching her how to play squash and in the process try and kick start some kind routine where we regularly get to spend some time together on the squash court (especially seeing how our very own personal court just happens to be across the parking lot from us!).

I must say, I was genuinely pleased with our first outing to the squash court, where despite not having partaken in any sports at school, Chantelle actually turned out to have some ball skills after all. Although we have still got a long, long way to go, at least she knows how to hit a ball, and laugh as you might, I’ve worked with beginners who struggle with even that aspect of a racquet sport.

So I have high hopes for her at the moment and I can’t wait for us to get back onto the court and get this ball rolling. It is a fun bit of exercise which luckily Chantelle seems to thoroughly enjoy, making it double as much fun to get out there. Who knows, maybe in a couple of months time you might be reading how the unthinkable happened and Chantelle actually managed to beat me for once!

Hell, even Karl dreams of those days, because in our short period of playing together, he got to taste the sweet nectar of victory only a handful of times! :P

I would have added Ryan into this last sentence as well, if it wasn’t for the fact that for the last year or so, he has actually been beating me more often than not! Seems the younger brother has finally overtaken the older brother at last! That said, if we played now, I don’t think there is actually anyone that wouldn’t beat me in my current state, truth be told. Damn the easy life I currently live! :)

This tiring you out yet? My Life 11 MAY 2007

badminton shuttlecock about to be served*whew* The fatigue that plagued me in Monday nights squash, followed me to squash on Tuesday evening, and made Karate hell on Wednesday, decided to even join the party for the mild Thursday nights badminton too. (Well I did go for a jog at gym beforehand, but I swear it was a relaxed one). Got fighting practice tonight, but I solemnly promise that Ill take this weekend off to try and recharge my batteries a bit. I would seem that even I’m not superman just yet. I blame it on that kryptonite they dug up in Serbia.

Terrance is convinced that this is all simply a plan to have an alibi for when I drop his meat into the fire tonight. Well, I’m not telling ;)

Savior of the World My Life 06 MAY 2007

squash racquet with ballKarl invited me for some squash again Saturday – this time I only arrived 5 minutes late, unlike the 20 minutes I was late by with Ryan the morning. Karls starting to look a lot better, so in a year or two I expect him to be up to scratch ;)

For the record, 7-0 to me, but for the first time in a long time, I must concede that Karl managed to avoid losing any of the games without getting a single point. Definite sign of improvement :)

(Up until now I had been calling him the worlds savior – because hes a man of love. It sucks that I cant use it anymore)

P.S. Sorry C, I just couldn’t find it in my heart to be nice to Karl and let him win one for a change ;)

Eyes Wide Shut My Life 05 MAY 2007

squash racquet with ballAargh! I was so annoyed with myself this morning. Ryan asked me to join him for squash at 7:00 which I readily agreed to. I’m always up for the challenge. Last night I was wide awake I had karate practice, followed straight by Spider-man 3, then some Fifa soccer against Terrance at my place. After he left at 24:00 I nipped out for a quick drink down Edward Street. I got home, checked my email and eventually got to bed between 01:00 and 02:00. I set my alarm for 06:00 and 06:10 respectively.

06:00 arrives and I wake up, no problem with the first alarm. I lie in bed, waiting for the second alarm. That arrives, I turn it off and then just lie back a little in my bed before I jump out to get the day started. When next I open my eyes its 07:00 exactly on the clock. Crap!

I rush out of bed, call Ryan to tell him I’m running late, gouge my eyes out trying to get the contact lenses in not a good idea to try when you are rushed I might add and make it down to my car as quickly as I can. Stupid robots are always red when youre in a hurry, meaning I only pitched up at the courts at 07:20 :( – very annoyed with myself.

Luckily the squash went a little better. After Ryan had me on the ropes for the first three quarters of the first game, I managed to claw my way back and pip him at the end. The rest of the games went my way as well in the end (for the record, 5-0 to me today).

But still, I hate being late by accident!

Shiver me timbers My Life 29 APR 2007

squash racquet with ballDamn it was cold this morning. I nearly lost a toe thanks to frostbite. Nevertheless, I manly pulled myself out of bed this morning after my alarm clock valiantly tried to wake me for the umpteenth time. My teeth were chattering so hard I’m surprised I’ve still got a tongue. Still, I got dressed, put my shoes on and headed out into the dark at 7:00 this morning for yet another weekly squash encounter with Ryan. Although 5 minutes late, I was very impressed by the fact I bothered pitching up at all. Thankfully this time had been thoughtfully put to use by Ryan in warming up a ball not really the easiest of jobs on this particular morning.

I’m just amazed neither of us pulled anything!

For the record though I managed to win 4-1 in the end :)

Black Max Letdown My Life 28 APR 2007

Karl’s latest challenge was received last night, so I kitted up this morning and got prepared for yet another round of slaughter on the squash court. He was brimming with confidence following him completely annihilating me in our doubles games at badminton on Thursday evening. This morning he had even more of a surprise in store for me. In an effort to raise his game another notch, the sneaky bugger had run off early this morning, while most sane people were still in bed, to buy a brand spanking new, graphite Dunlop Black Max squash racquet.

After a slight hiccup with the court keys (no kittens were harmed though) we finally gained access to the courts for our latest epic encounter. Needless to say Karl lost. Again.

But, that said, we had to cut our games short today due to us splitting not one, but two squash balls. It is the first time that I’ve seen two balls break in the same session.

I’m beginning to think he had his racquet strung with piano wire to be quite honest

The Weekend in Review My Life 23 APR 2007

squash racquet with ballNuts. Another glorious weekend has come to an end. Had a nice one this time round. Friday I ended the day off by going off to Karate and then following that up with a nice hour’s session of squash with Karl. To be honest, the less said about the squash the better – Karl kept apologising to me afterwards for his poor performance. (We’ll blame Thursday nights badminton this time round). Relaxed at home for a while playing some Canis Canem Edit from Rockstar Games – awesome game just by the way. Round 11:00 I felt like a drink so I popped down to Edward street – and ended up getting home at 03:30 in the morning :) I’m absolutely loving what Stones have done to expand their premises into a very decent dance venue.

Skipped squash on Saturday morning because I only woke up just after 07:00. Seeing as I’ve been using Ryan’s car for the week, I picked him up instead and we went shopping. I should have known it would end in disaster – every time I hit the shops with him I end up buying a game. This time was no different and I picked up Final Fantasy X-2 at long last. Back home Terrance popped around and Ryan, him and I wasted the afternoon away beating the crap out of each other in Naruto and Dragonball Z: Budokai 3. We popped out the evening to catch Hot Fuzz – thoroughly thoroughly enjoyable and worth it. Afterwards Ryan and I went to Ellingtons to shoot some pool. Again the place was as busy as a mortuary. I honestly can’t understand how it is still operating with this level of imaginary customers.

Sunday was nice and laid back. I slept in until 09:00 which is a fairly strange event for me. Usually its up at 06:30 for some squash, but I decided to give my body a bit of a break. Well, at least until the afternoon when I went for an enjoyable jog around the Welgemoed dam a couple of times. After that it was to the Bellville golf course to play a quick nine holes. Lets just say that Ernie Els has absolutely no reason to be worried ;)

Throw in some gaming and anime on the side and it all mixes together for quite a nice busy and thoroughly enjoyable weekend :)