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Beans, Stodels, Blaauwklippen and McDonalds (2015-03-29) Photo Gallery 21 JUN 2015

Found another folder of weekend photos that I forgot to post, dating back to the end of March this year. Another dad alone weekend, but man, looks like I once again found myself with the pony at Blaauwklippen Family Market on the Sunday.

I’m beginning to wonder just how many times Jess has ridden that little pony this year… (I suspect more than what I can count might be the answer!)

IMG_20150329_135821 jessica riding a pony at blaauwklippen family market

From the look of it, this was a pretty good weekend. Planted beans and swung in the crate swing with Oupa Monty, spent some time with the friends at Stodels (Logan, Evalynne and Jessica had a ball), pony rides, ice cream and pancakes at Blaauwklippen, and some burgers and play time at Waterstone McDonalds.

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Seeing these kind of makes me eager for Spring and then Summer to roll back into our lives! (After all, looks like possible snow hitting the Cape this week…)

IMG_20150329_104256 logan, jessica and evalynne playing on a climbing frame at stodels

Coffee at Stodels (2015-03-08) Photo Gallery 11 MAR 2015

Having had quite a busy Saturday out and about with the kids, followed by a rare date night, Sunday saw us finish up our market cheesecake and make the drive through to Bellville in order to pick up the kids from Oupa and Ouma – and treat Monty and Cheryl to something to drink at perennial crowd favourite, Stodels nursery, in the process!

IMG_20150308_125535 monty montgomery with cheryl and jessica at stodels in bellville

As it turned out, Sunday was a particularly gorgeous day, and Stodels nursery as expected was jam-packed with people. Although we weren’t there for flowers, Jessica loved seeing all the fish, birds and other little animals in the pet section of the nursery, and needless to say rather enjoyed playing in Stodels’ big kids area – until her nasty fall that gave her a blue eye of course!!


As for the adults, well we eventually managed to squirrel a spot at a table, and after a lengthy wait, managed to enjoy some coffee and beer – which isn’t the worst of ways to spend a late Sunday morning after all! :)

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Outing to Stodels (2014-07-13) Photo Gallery 01 JAN 2015

It’s not often that Chantelle and I can lavish our full attention on Jessica now that we have Emily in the mix, but way back in July last year we did actually manage to leave Emily with Oupa and Ouma and treat Jessica to an afternoon out at Stodels, the super popular nursery in Bellville that always seems an absolute hit with the locals. (Probably because they cater so well to family day outings!)

Jess had an absolute ball, taking in all the sights and sounds, enjoying all the animal activity, and of course clambering all over the play ground area. (I’m pretty sure we probably enjoyed a pink milkshake as well, seeing as that appears to be the only thing my eldest daughter wants to drink!)


All in all it was a fun day where we both could spend some real quality time with our firstborn for a change!

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Weekend Updates My Life 12 AUG 2013

I’ve been a bit slack on the weekend updates again I see, so just in case you were wondering what the Lotter Clan has been up to over the past two weekends, never fear, for the info is here!

jessica lotter on climbing frame at stodels somerset west

Two weeks ago I capped off a busy work week with my bi-monthly release notes send out and then headed off back home only to find Chantelle and Cheryl still furiously busy in the kitchen, pumping out baked produce in readiness for the Saturday market stall at Willowbridge. Monty was happily entertaining Jessica, and after a delicious curry for supper, we let the ladies get back to their work while we continued to entertain and eventually tire out Miss Jessica.

Eventually the market work was done and Cheryl and Monty returned home to Bellville, leaving a pretty tired Chantelle ready to tackle the next project, a beautiful pink baby shower cake while I set about teaming up with Ryan over XBOX Live to take another stab at the explosive and enjoyable Crackdown co-op campaign.

Saturday saw Chantelle out early as she headed over to Willowbridge to run (with Cheryl) our very first stall at Willowbridge (we’re now back permanently, meaning you can catch us each and every Saturday at the Willowbridge Slow Market from 09:30 to 14:00), leaving Jessica and me to mind the house, get up to all sorts of mischief and await the arrival of the lady to pick up her Baby Shower Cake.

jessica lotter on slide at stodels somerset west

After the pickup Jess and I headed out to the Somerset Mall to take care of a few shopping errands, ending off with a stroll around Stodels, making sure that after the business end of our visit had concluded, we still had enough time to stay and play a bit on their slides and wooden climbing frame. For lunch I treated little Jess to some McDonalds (the Happy Meal Purple Minion toy was the target), and after a quick detour to Benbel on Monty’s behalf, she and I packed our bags and headed off to Bellville, first meeting up with Chantelle at Dean’s place for a visit with Zania, little Zandea, Damen, Michelle and little Logan, followed by some time with the Montgomery Clan (we were sleeping over for the night), from which Chantelle and I eventually snuck away to Tygervalley for a date night, first taking in the very amusing Despicable Me 2 at Ster-Kinekor, followed by a mouthwatering delicious supper of pizza at Panarottis.

We didn’t stick around in Bellville on Sunday morning, instead returning to Gordon’s Bay fairly early on, allowing me to get cracking with some DIY (taking down the punching bag, filling holes in the lawn and painting the exterior wall) while Chantelle got her hands dirty in the kitchen for the Monday Sacred Ground Deli order.

Not that it was all work mind you – I did make some time for Assassin’s Creed and Crackdown in terms of gaming, as well as taking in a couple of episodes of the thoroughly enjoyable Community (I’m currently on Season 1), as well as an impromptu trip to the beach with Jess, where we enjoyed an hour of so of filling up buckets and tossing sand on one another!

So yeah, a pretty enjoyable weekend with pretty decent weather in other words!

jessica lotter and zandea stapelberg watching aristocats

Last weekend obviously had the extra bonus of Friday being a public holiday (Women’s Day), meaning that once again Jessica and I found ourselves making the most of our day off together. While Chantelle and Olga happily baked cupcakes and what not in the kitchen, Jess and I undertook the mission of Theo’s Mall Coffee Shop cupcake delivery, after which we took the time to waddle around the mall, the end result being a brand new book for Jess and a nice bag of salted peanuts and raisins for me. (I suspect Jess loved her book more than I loved my peanuts!)

Unfortunately Chantelle had to leave for her delivery in Franschhoek, meaning that after Jess and I had dropped off Olga after her half day of work, we were free to play, part of which included a fun visit to the duck pond in Strand, where Jessica very happily started the session off by giving strict eating instructions to the first group of ducks that she encountered, before eventually running for her life as some of the bigger geese started to get a little too friendly with the chunks of bread in her hand!

The evening was made up of fingerpainting for Jess, blogging and Crackdown with Ryan for me, and after our impromptu KFC supper, poor Chantelle was back in the kitchen, this time finishing up all the cupcakes and cake required for Saturday’s market stall.

jessica lotter ordering ducks around

Saturday was an early start for us, as Chantelle, Jess and I departed for Bellville, first stopping off at the Montgomery Clan stronghold to drop off Jess and pick up the packaging and stall display materials, before heading over to Willowbridge in order to set up our stall and start trading! Pleasingly, despite the reduced foot traffic thanks to the long weekend and various other distractions that the weekend was offering, we still made well over a R1,000 worth of sales over the course of the day, meaning that I’m pretty pleased how my first day back at the markets had gone. (Plus, it was pretty nice to catch up with all the old trader faces which I haven’t seen for about year or so!)

Chantelle had Jess for the afternoon following the market, and so she and the little one headed off to Kid Station, the kid’s hair salon situated in Tyger Manor, for Jessica’s very first ever hair cut, the end result being a very cute little blonde bob, without any of those eina curls to bother her any more! (Apparently Jessica was really well behaved and sat perfectly still for the haircut, making her even more so super deserving of the fun little “Certificate of Bravery” she received at the end of the ordeal!).

I on the other hand had organised a proper FIFA Foursome guy’s evening for the remainder of Saturday and as such, found myself playing FIFA 13 on the XBOX with Damen, Evan and Ryan for just short of nine straight hours, only taking a few short breaks here and there, including a quick stop for some St. Elmo’s Pizza. Seriously, nine hours of intense and VERY competitive virtual soccer (it probably was a little overboard, but hey, we haven’t done it in such a long time that it was worth it!). Anyway, I eventually called it a night just before 01:00, making the long drive back home to Gordon’s Bay where I very quickly slumped into bed for some well deserved rest time!

Up until now, despite the heavy snow on the mountain tops around us, weather had been pretty good for our weekend escapades, but that had to eventually give way, and it did for Sunday, meaning that the day was pretty much spent indoors, Chantelle sleeping most of it away on the couch while Jessica assisted me in some sorting and tossing out of stuff around the house. The day at home was only punctuated by a quick trip out to Pick ‘n Pay for Jess and me to pick up some braai stuff, which of course translates directly into the fact that I spent the afternoon behind the coals preparing a rather delicious braai of chicken, pork and venison sausage!

Lots of television, lots of play time, and then a little icky clean up, some blogging and a little Community Season 1, was pretty much my Sunday in a nutshell.

Still, it was a long weekend so I can’t exactly complain! :)

Jessica going down Stodels Slide Unassisted Jessica 24 APR 2013

We popped in to the Somerset West Stodels branch the other day to have a look as some of the specials that they were running (not really) and more importantly to let Jess play with the fish, rats, guinea pigs and rabbits, not to mention jump on the convenient jumping castle that they always have erected.

Except that this time around the jumping castle wasn’t there, much to Chantelle’s disappointment (it was her idea to come here anyway!).

Of course, the wooden play area is a bite more difficult to make disappear overnight, so the three of us headed in for play time, and whilst Jess enjoyed her swinging, it was her first proper unassisted slides on a decent sized slippery slide that turned out to be the highlight of her visit.

As for Chantelle, it took more than just a few slides before her nerves finally calmed down! :)

chantelle pushing jessica on a swing

Fun and games, fun and games.

A Market Break Weekend My Life 19 NOV 2012

I was blessed this weekend by Cheryl and Rob offering to run the Willowbridge Market stall on Saturday, giving me what felt like the first market-free weekend in absolute ages! (Unfortunately as it turned out, foot traffic was again at super low levels, meaning that the day ended up being one of our worst market experiences to date! Oh well, hopefully next weekend’s triple market showing will do better at bringing some money in.)

Anyway, while I was off market duty for the weekend, Chantelle was not, and thanks to two awesome custom birthday cakes (A Buzzbee and a skateboard cake) for collection on Saturday, she worked completely through the night on Friday, though to be fair, I also only ended up hitting the sack at 01:00 – but not because I was baking cake obviously. What the two of us did however manage to squeeze in on Friday night was to grab a couple of minutes here and there, sit down to two delicious Scooters pizzas, and catch a couple of episodes of The Big Bang Theory season 2 – before splitting up to go our separate ways again, mine which ended up including quite a bit of late night blogging for a change!

Early Saturday morning Jessica and I woke up, packed the car and hit the road, transporting all the goodies through to Cheryl and Rob who were waiting to set up the Willowbridge stall. Chantelle had asked me to stay in Bellville for the next couple of hours in order to give her time to clean up in preparation for Sunday’s informal birthday bash, so Jess and I spent some time Pick ‘n Pay (both Willowbridge and Tygervalley), Toy Land, Toys R Us, eventually walking free with nothing else but two cute stuffed toys and some plain t-shirts for me.

From there we popped over to Ryan’s pad for a nappy change and some catch up time with my boet, before heading over to McDonalds where Jess and I neatly sat down and shared a medium two cheeseburger meal. This was noteworthy because I taught Jessica how to dip her fries in tomato sauce, which needless to say proved quite entertaining. Now on the last leg of our morning away from home, Jess and I drove through to Stodels, where on arrival I first needed to clutch a sleeping toddler whilst swinging on a handy garden bench, before she was back in the game and we spent a decent bit of time wandering about and taking in all the cool animals and fish that they have there.

Having given Chantelle enough time at home now, we finally headed back, where after a little bit of family time spent together, Chantelle and Jessica headed off for a long afternoon nap on the bed, whilst I pulled out an old copy of Spriggan and re-acquainted myself with this fast paced action anime 90’s classic.

With the house and garden now all spotless thanks to Chantelle and Isaak’s efforts, the evening saw the three of us hit Pick ‘n Pay for supper supplies, as well as deal with a nasty teeth biting into lip incident when Jessica toppled over hard whilst trying out a plastic bike we were thinking of buying her. Guess we’ll wait for another few centimetres before pursing that one again!

Jessica in bed, it was then time for Chantelle and I to enjoy some homemade burgers in front of the television with some more Big Bang Theory episodes to entertain us, before an exhausted wifey decided to retire for the night, leaving me to play around on the PC a bit before too succumbing to the siren of sleep.

And then Sunday was the big friends and family get together for the informal celebration of Jessica’s birthday (which had taken place on the previous Wednesday in case you were wondering). But more about the gathering in another blog post methinks.

So yeah, it ended up being a pretty decent weekend, particularly because there was no market time for me! That said, I’m already pencilled in to handle a market on both Saturday and Sunday next week. Yay me…

A Sunday at Home My Life 07 NOV 2012

Last weekend was pretty uneventful, but pleasingly I came out of it pretty relaxed, so it couldn’t have been all that bad! :P

As per usual, Friday night was eaten up by Chantelle preparing for the market until the early morning hours, with me supporting her wherever she lets me, as well as squeezing in a touch of blogging and some work on her rather dormant site (finally!).

Being her off weekend, Chantelle and I ran Saturday morning’s Willowbridge market stall, with Cheryl looking after Jessica. Unfortunately with all the Christmas markets and festivals going on in the area, foot traffic was pretty much non-existent at Willowbridge, meaning that the takings for the day was one of our lowest ever. Very disheartening, but not entirely unexpected. Chantelle did have a couple of very promising business meetings to attend to during the day, so at least that brightened the picture just a little.

Wanting to leave ourselves as much of Sunday off as what we possibly could, we opted to not sleep over in Bellville any more (originally Chantelle was meant to be watching a play with her family, but as the lead actress fell sick, these plans got scuppered), and while Chantelle stuck around a bit longer for one of her meetings as well as a quick visit to Andri, I scurried off home and got a head start on the (pretty much always after a Friday night) massive tidying up mission.

Chantelle and Jessica eventually arrived home and after a successful transfer of a sleeping Jessica into her cot, we were quite overjoyed to find that for a change, we could actually have an early night in bed, something we both quite needed!

Sunday was a nice lazy start, with everyone in a good mood and absolutely nothing on the agenda. And while the morning was spent lazing about, we did at least gather some energy to head out to the shops in the afternoon, though not before we first had to take some scenic tours in order to allow for Jessica to grab enough sleep time in the back of the car!

The plastics shop at the mall proved to be an excellent stop once again, with us stocking up on even more containers for use with the markets, though without a doubt the hit of the day was a plastic ball which Jess spotted, and then continued to chase around the shop for the duration of our shop! Stodels was the next big hit for the afternoon, with Jess thoroughly enjoying all the animals in the pets section (she can now say the words “fishies” and “rat”), as well as the jumping castle, various slides and swings!

We finished up with a trip through to our home Pick ‘n Pay, grabbing all our braai necessities before heading home to wait for my folks’ arrival whilst playing outside with Jessica and the new love of her life, her pink plastic ball.

Mom, Dad and Ryan eventually arrived following their day of golf out in Langebaan, and what followed was a fantastic evening of family and braai, with the conversation flowing well into the evening, capping off what had been a rather relaxing and slow-paced weekend for a change!