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Screenshot Saturday: Stripperella (Episode 4) Animation 10 APR 2010

Taken from episode 4 (Everybody loves Pushy) of Stan Lee and Pamela Anderson’s Stripperella, this week’s Screenshot Saturday post! You’ve been waiting for it, haven’t you?

Pushy Galore - well armed (the secret trauma of nuclear physicists)

Pushy Galore, the annoying, flamboyant and persistent TV saleswoman, known to the world for her ultra cheap high fashion items as well as her seemingly endless marriages and disappeared husbands, finally comes to the attention of Erotica Jones, aka Stripperella, thanks to the revelation that Pushy’s so-called Fashion House items are nothing more than cheap knock-offs (that, and the fact that her handbags appear to be made out of human skin)!

Racing downtown in order to perhaps save the life of Pushy’s latest husband, Richard Slimmons, Stripperella bursts into Pushy’s secret, undisclosed location to find the mutated Pushy and her bodyguards about to toss poor old Richard into the skin stripper – but more importantly about to turn him into yet another fake designer handbag… which we all know is simply quite unforgivable!

The words "Flexible" and "Stripperella" kind of go hand in hand don't they?

Flexibility is a must in the world of Exotic Dancing

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Gordon’s Bay Pole Dance and Strip Club General Nonsense 12 FEB 2010

I had to laugh a while back when I received this rather indignant SMS from Chantelle one evening:

“…gbay is sending all its morals and values out the window! There is a poledancing and stripshow place opening its doors soon in beach road nogal! :)” [sic]

Now I guess indignant is the wrong word to use because Chantelle’s smiley face at the end throws things a bit, but I have to admit to being quite taken aback – a seedy pole dance and strip club here in Gordon’s Bay of all places? Well I guess it makes sense in terms of location when you consider the class of populace that makes up the majority of the inhabitants that frequent beach road but still, in Gordon’s Bay, my Gordon’s Bay of all places?

Sure as heck, when Chantelle did eventually tow me after her to have a look, there next to Bar-ba-dos in front of Main Beach was an empty shop proudly displaying a banner that read “Pole dancing. Strip shows. And much much more. Coming Soon”.

Well I never. Apart from the seriously negative vibes such a place would bring to the family-friendly main beach of Gordon’s Bay, wouldn’t it also attract a whole lot of other problem cases to the area as well? And besides, doesn’t such a venture require certain permission or zoning allowances to operate?

In any event, such a venue opening in its proposed location could prove to have quite long term negative night life effect in terms of the types of people attracted to the area as well as the proliferation of other like-minded business ventures, essentially forming the same little “pink light enclave” that Bellville now sits with in the area surrounding its Teazers club.

But on the other hand I guess at least a whole lot of girls would now have a better income to work for? So it’s not like it isn’t economically good for the area I suppose?

Still, this could be interesting – secluded little Gordon’s Bay. New preferred venue for Helderberg bachelors all over perhaps? The news articles, never mind midnight spottings coming out of this one ought to be worth a laugh or two! :P

[Update: much to my sadness, Chantelle now reports that a Gyro Pita type place or something to that effect has opened in the space. Was it all a joke? Couldn’t they get the necessary permission? Was public outcry the cause of the plan abandoment? Did they just want to cause a bit of laugh and attract attention to their site?

What now of all those hopeful strippers and pole dancers I ask? Where will they work, how will they get money, are their children hungry? Oh the humanity!

Sub note: Of course, the place could still be in the process of hiring and finding a suitable Pole. Eastern Europeans are sometimes so hard to get in the hands you know…]