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Lunch Time Stroll on the Beach My Life 05 AUG 2013

The last while I’ve been particularly busy at work, the usual story of just having too much to do and not enough resources to do it with. So much so that I’ve almost completely forgotten what sunlight during the day looks like! (My office at the workplace doesn’t have any windows).

Anyway, this started to bug me and so I set an alarm for lunch time last Thursday, added a calendar reminder, and so when lunch time on Thursday afternoon rolled in, I stepped back from my keyboard, grabbed my keys, and headed off to the beach.

As luck would have it, it was a gorgeous, wind still day, and I happily went for a nice lengthy stroll, basking in the sunlight and wondering just why the hell I don’t make more use of the fact that I live just a minute or two away from the ocean!

2013-08-01 13.40.43

(Seriously, even when we lived at Nagua Bay which was literally on the sea’s doorstop, we hardly ever made use of it!)

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Holiday Time at Last My Life 21 DEC 2011

So my year-end leave officially kicked in last Friday (thank you Mr. Public Holiday), and although we can’t go away for a proper year-end vacation (as per usual, it is full steam ahead for Chantelle at the guest house), I am determined to get out and about as much as possible so that it at least feels like I’ve made a proper break from work.

So far we’re off to a good start (well apart from the fact that both Chantelle and I are struggling with a bit of sickness at the moment, Chantelle bearing the brunt of it), with Friday being a proper Gordon’s Bay beach and harbour walkabout afternoon, with Jessie and me happily ambling along under the blazing midday sun – though perhaps for a little too long as both Jess and myself ended up with a bit of a sunburn on our exposed arms! (Needless to say, a) the pram didn’t provide enough shade as I thought it would, and b) Mommy was quite, quite cross with Daddy! Next time, instead of packing the suntan lotion in the pink bag and just leaving it there, I guess I’d better make use of it!).

Both Bikini Beach and the main beach are doing well (though the crowds are definitely reduced this year), with people rather enjoying the sun and unusual absence of any wind – with some entrepreneur even going so far as to bring in a number of fun kids’ rides and setting up shop right next to the Spur!

Saturday was an off day for Chantelle and in an attempt to squeeze even more birthday gifts out of her 31st birthday this year, she invited all our friends out to join us for an afternoon braai, followed by some Uncle Barry’s soft-serves on the beach afterwards. For a change we had a full house (well, apart from Evan who was called in to work), and in the end we enjoyed a great get together in some glorious Summer weather, which was doubly as sweltering for me out in front of that super hot braai fire! (You know it’s a good day when I turn the front outdoor fountain on.)

(Just a note though, while the braai was pretty awesome, the prior trip to the mall for supplies wasn’t so much – I hate shopping centres at this time of the year!)

Sunday was a proper outing as Chantelle, Jess and myself headed out towards Blouberg to join up with Monty, Cheryl and Rob at the famous Blue Peter Hotel, where we enjoyed a rather scrumptious lunch at a spacious table on what turned out to be a glorious Summer afternoon! This was followed by a quick stop in at the brand new super large Makro store, before heading to Bellville for a final round of coffee with the folks before the trek back home.

Monday was spend in large out at Somerset Mall, where we were in particular looking for a walking ring for Jessica, now that she has proved to us that she’s quite adept at standing for long periods of time on her flat feet. We eventually found one we liked (and enjoyed a round of Subway). Unfortunately for me though, on returning home and breaking it out of its box, I discovered that the ring was broken, meaning a frustrating return trip to the mall. Wonderful, just wonderful.

Tuesday was brunch at Hagglunds day, and with Chantelle heading off to work, it was a stroll along the beach for Jessie and Daddy, though this time I played it a lot safer and only ventured out once the sun had finished doing most of its damage for the day.

Right, and now you are pretty much up to date with my outings, and outside of watching lots of animated television and movies whilst looking after Jessica on a full time basis, that’s pretty much what the rest of my leave period is going to look like.

So perhaps not so much a vacation for me after all? O.o

Walkabout Weekend My Life 09 AUG 2011

So another weekend of Chantelle working successfully navigated, bringing us one step closer to the much anticipated long weekend away to Pinnacle Point which kicks off on August 12th! Of course, what I am in reality saying is that this weekend past didn’t really feature any highlights as such, but I’ll race you through just for completeness’ sake.

Friday evening was another, well Friday evening, with the bog standard routine of play with Jessica and get her into bed, play catch-up with wifey over supper once she arrives home (she surprised me with Al Forno’s pizza as a gift from the guest house), and then watch some television and tinker on the computer before picking up Bleach, reading a couple of pages and then hitting Snoreland. In other words, nothing newsworthy whatsoever.

Saturday was bath Jessie morning, take her for a stroll around the complex, hit the shops, go for another long stroll along the beach, pop in to visit mommy at the guest house (ooh, I’ll take a Savanna, thanks), eat hot dogs for lunch, watch the insane Dead Leaves (anime) and Kakurenbo: Hide & Seek (cel-shaded anime) with Jess, do the bed time routine, play catch-up with wife over hotdogs once she arrives home, watch some television, tinker around on the computer and then watch a bit of Aeon Flux (yay, Charlize!) before joining wifey in very cold bed in order to hit Snoreland.

Sunday can be boiled down into breakfast time with Jess, some household chores, a long walk to Gordon’s Bay harbour, popping in for a visit with mommy plus Whammy and Louise at the guest house (ooh, I’ll take a Savanna, thanks), play time with Jessica until mommy arrives home early, a family visit to Pick ‘n Pay, braai time, bed time for Jessie, catch-up with wifey, a teensy bit of computer tinkering and telly watching, and then straight into bed for more pages of Bleach, waiting for wifey to join me so that I can hit Snoreland.

The end.

Now you know, so have some pictures below, more available in the separate photo gallery

P.S. A special note to my Dad – Jessie loves Ms. Caterpillar. I put it up in her cot and she hasn’t stopped pulling on all the hanging bits, listening to the music and watching the lights! Great gift (even if we had to wait a couple of months before we could use it!) :)

Photo Gallery: Steenberg Lunch Time Walk (2010-08-30) My Life | Photo Gallery 30 AUG 2010

For a while instead of going to gym during lunch at the Touchwork offices, I would grab my iPod and head off for a brisk walk through Steenberg for some much needed exercise. On this particular trip, I decided to let my camera tag along…

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Photo Gallery: Gordon’s Bay Walk (2010-08-29) My Life | Photo Gallery 29 AUG 2010

Despite the ferocious wind that blows here, I really do love living here in the picturesque Gordon’s Bay. These photos were all snapped on one of my epic long walks, trying to take in as much of the scenery as possible after just having bought into Country Mews.

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