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Help, The SVN Repo Server has changed its URL!

It is inevitable that at some point in time the server hosting your Subversion (SVN) repo is going to change IP address or even URL. Of course when that happens, any SVN working copy check outs will instantly be rendered… Continue Reading →

Remove SVN Entries without Destroying the Physical Files

Occasionally you realise that certain files have been unnecessarily added into your SVN repository, such as user uploaded photos and documents for example. Obviously this causes repo bloat and because these files aren’t core to the code base, they should… Continue Reading →

SVN Commit Error: Repository Moved Temporarily; Please Relocate

I encountered a rather strange (and frustrating!) error today which was completely blocking me from committing any files into my SVN repo. After a lot of fiddling and tweaking (all unsuccessful) and finally just destroying the whole damn thing to… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Server: Recursively Remove .svn Folders

Sometimes SVN repositories just go bad and the best way forward as far as what you are concerned is to simply wipe them and start out fresh. Of course, while you can simply delete the SVN repo directly to remove… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Server: Resolve Can’t Open ‘.svn/lock’ Permission Denied Error

It’s rather frustrating when you are trying to execute an SVN command only to be rebuffed with the infamous “Can’t Open ‘.svn/lock’ : permission denied” error message string. Now this message is usually an indication that currently another session is… Continue Reading →

SVN Commit and SVN Update Failure Resolved!

I had a frustrating start on my first day back at work following my nice and relaxing vacation – all of a sudden it was reported to me that SVN commit and SVN update actions were now failing for the… Continue Reading →

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