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Sunday Lunch at Skilpadvlei Wine Farm (2015-10-18) Photo Gallery 04 NOV 2015

With Saturday having been such a nice day (Jessica’s school concert, both sets of folks over for a braai, winning our Rugby World Cup game against Wales), we treated ourselves to a nice family Sunday lunch out at Skilpadvlei Wine Farm, a recent re-discovery of ours.

IMG_20151018_131454 emily lotter with chantelle at skilpadvlei wine farm restaurant

It was a particularly beautiful day, and so I guess it was no surprise that the Skilpadvlei restaurant was pretty much packed to capacity – i.e. it probably would have been a good idea to actually make a booking first!

Luckily for us though, they could squeeze us in a spot (with a smidgen of shade as a bonus), and from there we preceded to enjoy quite a nice lunch, with the kids particularly more-or-less (neither seemed quite their self on the day) happy to bounce from play area to play area.

IMG_20151018_131348 kids playpen at skilpadvlei wine farm restaurant

Whilst my food was delicious, and I think Chantelle enjoyed hers, I definitely remember that Emily was not super impressed with the slice of lemon that I gave her!

IMG_20151018_132217 emily lotter tasting a lemon slice at skilpadvlei wine farm restaurant

Dads will be dads I guess.

Anyway, after a nice lunch and some play time for the girls, it was back to Gordon’s Bay for the four of us, with Chantelle heading back to work to finish off her split shift, whilst I entertained the girls, gave them supper, and then settled into my chair to catch the rugby.

Which turned out wasn’t being shown by SABC2.


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Photo Gallery: Claire’s Birthday Lunch at Little Stream (2013-11-17) Photo Gallery 19 NOV 2013

To celebrate Claire’s upcoming birthday, Claire and Riley invited the family out to join them at the dog-friendly Little Stream Restaurant in Constantia for a Sunday lunch outing.

As you would expect from a venue out on that side of the world, the grounds are spectacular, green, leafy, lush and ever so pretty, and all in all everyone enjoyed a tasty meal and a well deserved, relaxed Sunday afternoon.

2013-11-17 14.22.26

And on the plus side, we even managed to convince Jessica to give her little cousin Devon a hug – not that he wanted much to do with that idea mind you! :)

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Cattle Baron Carvery My Life 29 JUN 2010

I attended my very first session to the well known Durbanville Cattle Baron’s weekly Sunday carvery last Sunday and I must say I walked away quite impressed!

Monty, Cheryl and Robert are well versed in the ways of Cattle Baron’s Sunday spread, and so I guess I was quite pleased to be invited to the club when Chantelle and I received an invite to join them for lunch at the Baron this Sunday past.

For a change, C and I made a monumental effort to leave early from our slighly miserable in terms of weather Gordon’s Bay and so five minute before the scheduled meet up time, we found ourselves sitting in the parking lot, twiddling our thumbs. Of course, on such a beautiful day we probably should have sat outside and soaked up some more of those precious warming rays, but instead we went inside and claimed the best seats (overlooking the big screen, sports-carrying TV of course! :P), waiting for the rest of the Montgomery clan to join us.

The carvery itself is a pretty simple idea, but an extremely well executed one if you ask me. For R70, you get access to the Sunday buffet, a big table hosting a fine (and constantly topped up) selection of roast beef, pork, chicken, potato, sweet potato, veggies… in other words the works – and as with all buffet setups, you get to go back as many times as your poor stomach can handle! :)

The food was absolutely fantastic (so much so that no one caved if for dessert at the end), the conversation kept running, and despite the fact that our table number was drawn in the weekly competition that sees some lucky fellas winning some decent meal vouchers, everyone left quite a satisfied, happy chappy.

The day itself then further played out with some coffee and ice cream at the Montgomery Clan stronghold, an abandonment of a snoozing Chantelle on the couch, a fruitful Jackie Chan DVD hunt at Tygervalley, and then a snacking of some quite frankly divine home-made mini doughnuts in front of a brilliant Germany versus England second round World Cup game, in which those big talking Brits got properly spanked by a very efficient German team! :)

Oh, and back home, C even allowed me to watch a Jackie Chan movie with her in attendance (Mr. Nice Guy if you must know) – must have been that Marilyn Monroe print from Boardmans I surprised her with on our arrival back at the castle! ;)