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A Birthday Rainbow Cake Surprise (2016-05-15)

On Sunday we enjoyed a brilliant braai at the Montgomery Clan Stronghold, welcoming back Rob and Tarryn who had just returned from their 3 week long honeymoon holiday in Thailand! It was brilliant to hear all about the sights and… Continue Reading →

Howling Balls of Scratching Fury

Anyhow, as it had been for the last couple of days, the wind was absolutely howling outside, once again determined to make living quite miserable and in which of course does succeed… particularly when we’re talking about the cats.

The House of C 011: Excuse Me

As the uncomfortable feeling of trapped gas slowly rose up inside her, she decided the best course of action was to allow the eruption of this unnatural trapped air and so bellowed out a mighty burp

Spoiled Sneaky Surprise

Last night started off on a rather funny foot when Chantelle excitedly told me that the plans had changed and that she no longer has to work on Thursday evening, namely Valentine‚Äôs Day. Much to her surprise I was absolutely… Continue Reading →

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