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Level Up! My Life 20 JUL 2012

Well, it has been pretty much two and a half years since I originally applied for the position of Development Team Manager over at Touchwork.

Of course, that never panned out and I continued in my existing role as senior developer and went on to create the very flexible feedback platform known as SurveyThumb/Utiviti/Asset Kinetica (depends on your usage really) for the company.

Two and a half years down the line, and the company is embarking on quite a big turnaround strategy, one that sees it venturing down the road of a completely new business plan, namely that of consultancy in the world of Physical Asset Managment.

Needless to say, such a big shift in focus has led to a necessary reshuffle at the company, and given that the development team has levelled down into a much sleeker, leaner programming team over the course of the last couple of years, the decision was made to take Simon out of his current role as Development Team manager and instead utilize him differently in the new business focus.

What this means for me then is that I was approached to take over the leadership and management of the development team, something which I am pretty damn excited about. Of course, our resource crunch does mean that I’ll be in the dual role of both senior developer as well as development team manager (hey, I’m good at what I do!), but given the small size of the team I can’t see this as being a problem even in the slightest.

(Best part of all, I get to keep my working from home for two days of the week arangement. To be fair though, losing this would have been a dealbreaker for me, and I did let them know that…)

In any event, a promotion is a promotion, there are quite a few things I want to change and improvements to be made, and at the end of the day, I’m extremely excited to be given the chance to grow in this new space that I’ve been given!

Yay me! :)

How the company looked back in 2009 – wow, we’ve seriously come a long way since those early days! (Dave is behind the lens on this one, just in case you’re wondering where the missing piece is!)

Touchwork officially releases Utiviti on the SurveyThumb Platform! CodeUnit 16 JAN 2012

For the last two or so years I have been the lead architect and developer on one of Touchwork’s flagship products, SurveyThumb, an extremely flexible, fully customizable online survey management system which is geared in particular to mobile phone data capture, the goal of which is to replace any paper based capture systems currently in use in the workplace – no matter what that workplace might be!

I’m extremely proud of the monumental amount of work that has gone into SurveyThumb and I’m pleased to see that Touchwork has now officially launched the latest usage of the Utiviti (a different name for SurveyThumb) platform in the form of Utiviti Alert Manager.

From the official press release:

Touchwork has launched a new and unique product that allows you to receive, track and manage alerts from the field in real-time. Utiviti Alert Manager is part of the Utiviti suite of smart, multi-platform solutions to make your workforce more productive, and your utility processes more efficient.

Imagine if (without additional hardware) you could…