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A Chrome Extension that makes New Tabs Pretty Software & Sites 08 APR 2015

Google Chrome has kind of wormed itself into being my de facto web browser, and as such I spend a lot of time with it. In other words, I see that blank, expressionless white new tab screen a lot. A hell of a lot.

Which is exactly why I am so particularly enamored with Google’s recently released Chrome Extension entitled Google Art Project.

Developed by the Google Cultural Institute, the Google Art Project extension essentially puts fine art on every new tab that you open. This artwork is sourced from the collections of museums and galleries around the world, and apart just being given something pretty to look at, you might even be culturally uplifted in the process! ;)

google art project chrome extension

Needless to say, I find myself unable to stop clicking the new tab button at the moment!

(Not that this is the first such extension which Google has released before mind you. They also did something pretty similar – also worth checking out – using satellite images grabbed from the Google Maps service, called Earth View.)

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Google Chrome: Keyboard Shortcut to Duplicate a Tab Software & Sites | Tips, Tricks and Tutorials 09 AUG 2013

google chrome internet browserHere is a nifty little keyboard shortcut to duplicate a tab when using Google’s Chrome browser.

Assuming that you are currently in the tab which you wish to clone, first press Alt+D to highlight the address bar, and the Alt+Enter to duplicate the tab.

What’s particularly nice is of course the fact you can chain these together by simply holding down the Alt key and then pressing the D key followed by the Enter key.

Useful if you don’t feel like going to the effort of moving your mouse cursor over a tab and selecting the ‘Duplicate’ option from the context menu that pops if should you right-click.

Google Chrome: Keyboard Shortcut to Re-open last closed Tab Software & Sites 21 MAR 2013

google chrome internet browserI literally only discovered this awesome keyboard shortcut the other day, and seeing that this is the place I come to in order to write things down so that I don’t forget it, here I am.

Now we all know the wonderful Ctrl + T keyboard shortcut that opens up a new tab, and probably the slightly lesser know but just as useful shortcut of Ctrl + L which jumps the cursor to the address bar.

However, the one that I didn’t know about was Ctrl + Shift + T which automatically re-opens the last closed tab.

And do you know how many times I accidentally close a tab!!

Seriously useful shortcut and from what I understand, it works on both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Can’t comment on Internet Explorer because I haven’t owned a machine with that on for quite a while now…

Shortcut Keys for Tabbed Browsing CodeUnit 05 FEB 2010

You seriously learn something new every day. I only just found out about keyboard shortcuts to enhance tabbed browsing, something that has been a feature in Firefox (and more recently Internet Explorer) for years already.

And because I fear that there may still be people like me outside there in this great big world of ours, I thought I’d better share these keyboard shortcuts that work across most tabbed browsers with you!

So let’s start then.

In order to open a link in a new tab and jump straight to it, hold down CTRL+SHIFT and click on the link. In order to open it up in a new tab but NOT jump straight to it, simply hold down CTRL and click on the link. CTRL+T will simply open a new empty tab and jump you straight to it.

To jump to the next open tab in your tabbed browser, simply press CTRL+TAB. To reverse through your open tabs, use CTRL+SHIFT+TAB.

CTRL+W will close the tab you are currently focused on.

If you want to jump to a specific tab and you have 8 tabs open, pressing CTRL+n where n is a number between 1 and 8 will jump you directly to that particular tab based on the order in which it currently sits. CTRL+9 generally takes you to the last open tab.

And finally, in Internet Explorer, pressing CTRL+ALT+F4 will close all tabs except for the one you are currently viewing. Also, and probably the coolest of the lot, CTRL+Q opens up a new tab which lists all your currently open tabs with a thumbnail, similar to the way Chrome displays its blank tabs.

So now you know! ;)