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And When I’m Not Careful During Online Shopping… My Life 17 JUN 2010

Oops. Don’t you just hate it when you make a mistake and can’t blame anyone else but yourself for being negligent?

Man, I hate it. And I just suffered a prime example of it too. Now I’ve taken to online shopping quite well actually, having over the last couple of years happily made numerous purchases from my favourite online retailers Take 2 and Kalahari.net. But as experienced as I am, I do sometimes get it wrong – like with the package I received on Tuesday morning for example! :)

For any of those who do know me quite well, you’ll know of my fondness for all things anime, manga and Jackie Chan related, meaning that needless to say (and much to Chantelle’s chagrin), the last bumper package came bearing instances of all three items. However, after happily unbundling, cataloguing and storing my newly purchased DVDs, I turned my attention to my new manga additions…

Naruto volume 2, ZombiePowder volume 4, Eyeshield 21 volume 5, all wonderful additions to my small floating bookshelf, my happiness brightly shining through my cheeks as I happily hummed along, until I got to RahXephon volume 1 by Hiroshi Ohnogi…

…and realised that I had mistakenly bought a light novel instead of a manga tankobon!

Doh!! So straight into the bin for this one and one solid face palm awarded to myself!

The book cover that tricked me...

Sigh. I’ll be more careful in the future, promise! :P

Manga at last! Manga | My Life 21 JUN 2007

At the beginning of this month Merkaba alerted me to the fact that he purchased a bunch of Naruto manga from Take 2 at R56 a graphic novel. Now for a graphic novel that is hardly a price you can refuse. So I quickly followed suit and discovered that it wasn’t just Naruto at that price. As hard as it was to limit myself, I settled on ordering Naruto #1, Death Note #1, Bleach #1 and Eyeshield 21 #1.

Now I’ve been tracking the progress of my order for a while now using Take 2s site. 3 items of my order arrived a week into placing the order, but the last one stubbornly refused to arrive. Until today :) I’ve just seen that it has finally got the Ready to Ship tag, meaning my order should be whisking over to my brothers place for delivery any minute now.

Ooh I’m looking forward to this one. Haven’t read any decent manga in ages and haven’t bought any new manga since Terrance gave me Akira #1 quite a couple of years back!

The other good news is that it looks like my super duper cheap PC is finally back on the cards (see post {0030}. The DFRU Research Centers new machines have arrived and the date has been set for their installation. So now I can finally say it is not going to be too long a wait before I finally upgrade my old 756 mhz machine back at home :)