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Ubuntu System Monitor the Equivalent of the Task Manager in Windows Software & Sites 02 MAR 2012

If you are a Windows power user then you will in all likelihood be quite familiar with the trusty old Task Manager, which lists running applications and processes, as well as gives you the ability to force kill these processes in an attempt to manually control your system’s performance or if you are trying to get your PC stable after a hanged process or application. It also gives you a nice overview of system resources and how they are currently performing as a whole.

Pleasingly, Ubuntu offers a VERY similar tool to its users, and if you are familiar with Windows’ tool, then using this equivalent will be a snap. The application in question is called “System Monitor” and on pre-Unity installations you can find it under the System menu, falling in the Administration submenu. (In Unity, you of course simply search for System Monitor using the Home search tab controlled by that little button at the top right of the screen.)

Ubuntu’s System Monitor is split into 4 tabs, the first giving you system information like installation version plus a hardware overview, the second a list of running processes which you can manage from, the third your system resource utilization (in nifty graphs), and finally a File Systems tab that lists all the available hard drive space available to you.


Windows Keyboard Shortcut: Quick, Launch the Task Manager! CodeUnit 11 JUL 2011

Here’s a nifty Windows keyboard shortcut which I was not aware of until recently. My version of Vista tends to freeze a lot, meaning a lot of sluggish trips through to the Open Task Manager button on the Control+Alt+Delete screen. However, with this particular keyboard shortcut, you can launch Task Manager directly, which is pretty awesome if your machine is about to keel over and you don’t want the poor thing struggling to draw new and unnecessary windows!

To launch, simply press Control+Shift+Escape, which will quick launch task manager in the blink of an eye.


Using CTRL+ALT+DEL on a Remote Desktop Connection CodeUnit 30 APR 2010

The “three-finger salute”, interrupt key combination extraordinaire CTRL+ALT+DEL is pretty important to most PC users out there, giving one a reliable way of bringing up the Windows Task Manager in order to hunt down and kill that annoying hanging application or process (and thus save a dying Windows), as well as, depending on the security policies in place, allowing you to easily switch between user accounts, lock the workstation down or even shut down the machine entirely.

However, hands up the number of times you have logged into a Remote Desktop connection to handle some troubleshooting on a remote machine, pressed the CTRL+ALT+DEL combination, and recoiled in horror as you placed a well-deserved slap to the forehead with the accompanying “Doh!” when the machine brings up your local Windows interrupt screen instead of the expected remote machine’s dialog.

But fear not.

There is actually a pretty simple alternative way to bring up the Task Manager screen on the remoted desktop connection instead of the usual right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting it from the menu box that pops up route.


That’s it. The simple to remember (well not quite so simple seeing as I’m writing it down here for future reference) way to bring up the task manager dialog on a remote desktop connection.

Nice. (And props to Sven for reminding me about it!)

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