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Finally a Break in the Disturbed Sleeping Patterns

At last, a break in Jessica’s rather disturbed sleeping patterns which have plagued us over the last month or so! The last couple of evenings have been bliss for a change, with Jessica giving us no problems in terms of… Continue Reading →

Sick Little Lotters

Chantelle is sick. Sick as a dog. Which is not nice because that makes her grumpy. Which brings me on to the next point that Jessica is also sick. Tonsils and an ear infection. But little Miss Cough-a-lot isn’t grumpy…. Continue Reading →

The Teeth are Coming, the Teeth are Coming!

Jessica hasn’t been 100% as of late, snotty, endless coughing, restless at night, moaning more than usual – pretty much all things that you normally associate with babies when it comes to Winter time. However, we’ve been keeping a close… Continue Reading →

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