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MacBook Air: How to Update Node.js

Ugh. I needed to fire up the loan MacBook Air to do an iOS compile of my recently completed Appcelerator app. Naturally, I started off on the wrong foot by not recalling the MacBook’s password (luckily I found that I… Continue Reading →

How to use MySQL to Import a .sql file

Quite often I like backing my databases up as .sql files, which then comes in handy for also moving databases around, or making copies of them. The question is, given your Ubuntu server and the mysql command, how do you… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Server: How to Create a Symbolic Link

Just as a quick note to myself because I’m doing this more often in server setups these days (which nevertheless is still infrequent enough that I need to drop notes for myself) – to create a symbolic link (symlink) on… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Server: How to Empty a Text Log File

When it comes to debugging a problem on an Ubuntu Server, often the only way forward is to consult the various log files on the system. Of course, log files tend to be left unattended, meaning they get very large,… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Server: How to Move or Copy Files Starting with a Dash (-)

It’s not often that you do run into this particular problem, but when you do it is a bit of an annoyance – most Ubuntu Server terminal commands (in other words linux commands), in our examples the cp (copy) and… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu Terminal: How to set a User’s Shell to Bash

Given an installation of Ubuntu Server (or pretty much any other Linux variant that requires you to use a terminal), changing a user’s shell is thankfully pretty easy. I generally like to use bash as my shell of choice, as… Continue Reading →

PHP: What is the Maximum Amount of Variables in $_POST?

I came across an interesting problem the other day when a fairly large (poorly written) form seemingly wasn’t being completely processed, and no one could figure out exactly why. Now we’re all familiar with the post_max_size PHP configuration option which… Continue Reading →

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