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Basic Japanese Karate Terminology Martial Arts 12 MAR 2010

As karate originated from Okinawa, Japan, many styles across the world seek to maintain this inherent heritage by continuing to teach karate using the original Japanese names for the various techniques being taught.

Secondly, as karate now finds itself very much an international phenomenon, training with Japanese terminology is proving invaluable in allowing for people from different nationalities and cultures to train with one another, without suffering from any major translation problems.

It is thus a good idea that you as a karateka learn this basic terminology in order to better understand what is going on in your classes.

Basic Technique Terminology


Japanese Terminology: Black Belt Dans Martial Arts 05 MAR 2010

Reaching one’s black belt is often considered the pinnacle of one’s karate journey, but in reality, this is in actual fact only the first step. Now that you have finally reached your black belt, you are now ready to really start training in other words. However, not all black belts are necessarily equal and as such, there exists a ranking system for them as well, just as there does for the various colour belts that made up your journey to that coveted black.

These ranks are referred to as “Dans” and the following list indicates the various Dans ranked by seniority.

Black Belt Dans (Ranked from Lowest to Highest)

  1. Shodan
  2. Nidan
  3. Sandan
  4. Yondan
  5. Godan
  6. Rokudan
  7. Shichidan
  8. Hachidan
  9. Kudan
  10. Jiudan