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jQuery: How to Test if a div is Visible

The wonderful jQuery library actually makes it pretty easy for us to test whether or not a div (or pretty much any other element for that matter) is currently visible, by providing us with a ‘:visible’ selector. Basically elements are… Continue Reading →

How to test if a Crontab is working in Ubuntu

Editing your cron jobs with the crontab -e command will ensure that your crontab is at least syntactically correct, by not installing it unless it is a valid cron file. Outside of that though, it falls to you to test… Continue Reading →

PHP: Test if an Image URL is Online

Here is a quick and dirty simple function to check whether or not an image URL is valid, in other words the image is online, by running a quick get_headers check combined with some REGEX wizardry.

How to Check if Your Javascript Function Exists

So the question I was then left with is how to check for the existence of a function before actually calling that function, the solution to which turns out to be fairly simple.

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