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How to Create a WordPress Child Theme

To create a WordPress child theme of another existing theme turns out to be quite simple to achieve. If you haven’t heard of child themes yet, basically a child theme is an extension of an existing theme, which allows you to make changes to the parent theme without actually editing any of the files of that theme. For object-orientated programmers, you will recognise this concept as being that of inheritance.

jQuery DataTables: How to Use jQuery ThemeRoller CSS Styling on Your Table

As a bonus, the awesome jQuery DataTables plugin (which I religiously use on all my work-related HTML tables nowadays) comes with the option to enable jQuery ThemeRoller styling with a simple switch of an initialisation parameter!

Snow White (Version 2)

Seeing as I got 20 comments the last time I updated the site to its current ‘all white’ state, most of which were negative, I’ve decided to appease some of those naysayers by making a slight difference to the current… Continue Reading →

Snow White

No, don’t look so surprised. Yes, you are still on the CodeUnit blog, and yes, it does look different today. Simply put, on the spur of the moment I have decided that variety is the spice of life and have… Continue Reading →

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