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Ubuntu Server: How to change or set the Timezone

Dropping this as a quick reminder to myself. When confronted with a new Ubuntu server instance, I can check the currently set time zone by simply asking for the current time with Now if I need to change the currently… Continue Reading →

PHP: How to Convert a Date/Time from UTC to another Time Zone

Having previously shown you a useful way of quickly converting a timestamp into a formatted date string, here’s a quick way of actually getting a date/time in a time zone that you actually want – and again we turn to… Continue Reading →

Ensure that an Ubuntu PC’s Time Stays Correct and Up-to-date

Some older machines suffer from a system clock that systematically loses time, resulting in your operating system, in this case Ubuntu, displaying the incorrect time and in the process causing you to be late for all you carefully scheduled appointments,… Continue Reading →

Ubuntu: How to set PHP’s default Time Zone

From PHP 5.1 onwards, you have been able to define the default time zone which is to be used in PHP regardless of what time zone the server or Apache might be using. To do this requires some minor adjustments to your php.ini config file.

How to Change the MySQL Time Zone on an Ubuntu Server

If you wish to explicitly set the time zone for your MySQL running on an Ubuntu Server, here is how to do it.

How to Change the Time Zone on an Ubuntu Server

It is often quite useful to be able to change the time zone on your Ubuntu server and to do so has become particularly simple. Now that the original command, tzconfig has been deprecated, we turn to the new option:

PHP: Determine the Offset between two Time Zones

Because I keep forgetting where I put this code fragment on my system, grabbed from the comments section from the PHP online manual just by the way, I may as well just pop it on here so that I can… Continue Reading →

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