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Overwhelmed and Underpaid My Life 27 SEP 2014

Spotted this Dilbert cartoon from Scott Adams the other day and it kind of resonated with me and the way I am feeling regarding work at the moment.

dilbert on having too many projects

To put it lightly, I’m tired. I’m stressed and I’m tired. I’m tired of being responsible for everything, I’m tired of running everything, I’m tired of having to implement, maintain and monitor everything at work. Never enough resources, too many bent and broken promises and agreements, and too little focus.

I’m tired, and probably very near the end of my lengthy journey within the current environment.

I take solace in the fact that I’ve restructured my week to now work 80% of the time from my Gordon’s Bay home office in order to spend more time with the family. The truth however is that I now end up putting more time into work instead of less because of the more flexible working arrangement.

Perhaps this imminent two week complete break from my job responsibilities will lift my spirit and revitalize my working soul, perhaps, but for now it is a simple fact that I am stressed and that I am tired, and in all likelihood, need some change.

Why You Shouldn’t be Tweaking Your Blog at 01:00 in the Morning! CodeUnit 22 JUL 2011

Last Friday night I was having fun developing my first ever WordPress plugin (a thumbnail archive page if you must ask), that I happily stayed awake well past midnight to work on it. Now of course this was at the end of a week long slog at work so I was pretty tired as you can well imagine (yes, yes, I’m not as young as what I used to be!), but the excitement over what I was busy getting up to was more than enough to keep me awake, fingers glued to the keyboard as I furiously typed away at my PHP code.

But as it is with all good things, I had to eventually call it a night, as my mind and eyes slowly succumbed to the alluring call of bed, and I finished up with what I was busy and logged out of the FTP manager. Now properly tired, I thought hang on a minute, it is past midnight so my Google Analytics stats would have updated, meaning we can have a quick peek at Friday’s numbers, right?

So I duly logged into Google Analytics, checked the numbers, and then did something silly.

Because at a stage I also ran Touchwork’s Txt and Tell project’s analytics under my private account, I have two main Analytics accounts under my main Dashboard view. Seeing as I am no longer associated with the Txt and Tell project, I decided to delete that account, and so happily clicked away through the dialogs (of course saying yes to the all important “I’m sure because this is PERMANENT” one), before stepping back and smiling at my now cleaner Analytics dashboard view.

Except the smile didn’t last more than half a second.

In my blurry, hazy, sleepy state, I had accidentally deleted my personal Google Analytics account instead of the Txt and Tell one, wiping out all my Analytics accounts across ALL of my websites in one fell swoop!

Damn it.

(So Saturday morning I spend a hour recreating Analytics accounts and installing them across my various sites. Wifey was not impressed with my dawdling in the office on a day with so much to do I might add!)

And that, ladies and gentleman, is why you shouldn’t be messing around on the Internet after midnight and more importantly, when your mind has already shut down for the night! :)

Shorts: Move, Crash, Sleep, Birth My Life 11 MAY 2010

(NOTE: This was meant to be published last week – but thanks to a “kidnapping” of me by my wife for a surprise birthday celebration weekend away, I only get to post it now! :P)

So life has been quite busy on the work front as of late, not because of work (well okay, there have been a few crises to deal with) but more precisely thanks to our latest big move, shifting the entire operation from Unit 4 in the building down the line to Unit 1. This of course means that the dev team is no longer trapped in a box in a garage under the main office (though in fairness we did have a table tennis table to keep us occupied) and it must be said that the new office that we all now co-inhabit is a lot more airy and spacious than the previous one we came out of. I’ve got a nice seat with a good view and feeling of openness, so I’m pretty happy about the whole affair.

But man what a mission. Unlike the last time when we just moved the dev team downstairs and before that when we moved from the boss’ house (we didn’t have much existing equipment to move), this was far more strenuous and with a whole lot more heavy stuff to lug across!

Unfortunately things didn’t go all that smoothly and we’ve been plagued with connectivity issues since (which follows on the week of the frustrating Seacom debacle which also kept us offline), having lost a network card on the one proxy machine and more importantly, the diginet router, a hell of an expensive piece of equipment to replace. As it is, I’ve had to play deliveryman and pick up the replacement from a house in Somerset West, having to go there three times, the first time to pick up the router, the second time to return it to have a card in it replaced (at 22:00 in the evening!) and then one last time to return the spare cable we were loaned after the second visit! To make matters worse, there were some account stuff ups from Telkom’s side as well, meaning that this entire week we’ve pretty much kicked off each and every day with connection – bloody frustrating as you can imagine!

Oh, and the new project manager arrived. Pretty cool guy and I am looking forward to working with him as he strive to implement a more structured, agile development methodology moving forward.

It would also seem that winter is now well and truly beginning to stretch her cold limbs as we’re finally being hit with bucket loads of wind and water – which always seems to trip up the less competent drivers. I’ve already spotted two fender benders happening right in front of me because the driver behind a) isn’t concentrating and b) doesn’t increase his following distance in these wet and slippery conditions.

That said, I myself nearly put a little dent in Gina G., not because of the weather conditions but rather because of a momentary lapse in concentration. I had just pulled into a parking bay in the underground parking at the gym and was leaning over to collect my card and access keys when I realised that the car was actually rolling forward – she was still in neutral and I had forgotten to pull up the hand brake!! I jumped on the brakes and stopped her dead in her tracks, literally a centimetre from the wall and a nasty pipe which would surely have left a bit of a ding in my beloved Getz.

(Oh, and I’m pleased to announce that she’s finally becoming less greedy in terms of her petrol consumption – seems to be moving around in the Jetta’s consumption area at last!)

Now on to my completely next arbitrary topic for this quick post of shorts deals with the fact that I completely crashed on Wednesday. I haven’t been getting a lot of sleep lately (really my own fault, so no one to blame – stupid desire to tinker on websites) and as we moved into the afternoon I suddenly found myself falling into a complete and utter state of exhaustion, literally both mentally and physically fatigued all at once. So instead of driving through to karate, I found myself turning in at our flat, where I hit the bed, woke up when Chantelle arrived home at 08:00, ate supper that she made and then went back to bed. Seriously, I have no explanation for it, but the extended period of sleep did seem to help somewhat for the rest of the week.

Okay, what next? Ah, Andri gave birth this week to a healthy little baby boy, Arum Reid Jack (I’m not sure if it is Arum like in the flower or Aram. I’ll get back to you on that one). Chantelle has already been to see the proud parents (this is their second one) and I’m sure I’ll get around to seeing the new tyke sooner than later. Shame, little Zandea seems to have recovered from her bout of illness that saw her rushed off to hospital and poor Zania spending about three nights sleeping there! But man, everyone around seems to be pregnant at the moment. Michelle (Ollewage) gave birth just a short while ago to a beautiful little boy (who looks like his dad) named David, Michelle (Oosthuizen) has just reached the halfway mark in her pregnancy, Andy has come out and officially announced her pregnancy!

So maybe it is no wonder that Chantelle and I also feel that now is the right time for us? ;)

Anyway, I think that about wraps it up for life at the moment, so now you can’t complain about not being in the know! :P

Exercise Disaster My Life 05 MAR 2009

Ha ha, not often that this happens, but this morning I made all the effort to get up early for gym (as per usual), got dressed, got to gym, stepped on the treadmill for 30 seconds, did two lat pull-downs and then promptly stepped back into the change rooms, showered and went to work.

I wonder if I can blame it on this Cape Town heatwave or perhaps the great big shroud of smoke hanging around Somerset West and Tokai? Or perhaps on the flickering electricity supply that put all our electronics through absolute hell last night, forcing Chantelle to jump on me at midnight in order to do something about all the flickering lights that were keeping her awake?

Sigh. What I do know however is that I’m tired. Very tired. Perhaps tonight I shouldn’t read through a third of a novel (Terry Pratchett’s Making Money was awesome – as always!) or watch Marvel’s Next Avengers (which was pretty fun too) like I have been doing the last two nights in a row (in amongst doing Commerce I.T. work of course!)? Hmm, going to bed early for a change, now there would be something new… Oh wait, I’ve already booked tonight’s tickets to Pink Panther 2 – Chantelle is so going to hate me for this! :P

Guess maybe I’ll just have to sleep in tomorrow instead of faking gym again then! :D

gym lat machine