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Jessica Walks for the Very First Time (2012-10-07) Jessica | My Life 10 OCT 2012

So the most awesome of things happened on Sunday – Jessica started walking!

And as it just happened to be, the full set of Oupa, Ouma, mommy and daddy were all on hand to see the very first walk, which of course was then dutifully videotaped from all possible angles by a very excited, happy and proud of his little daughter, Daddy.

Needless to say, this is the culmination of months’ worth of work by Stephanie and all of her exercises, and I have to admit – I’m really glad that Chantelle convinced me to take Jessica to a physio in the first place.

Anyway, enough talk, more video! :)

So, so exciting, I know! :) <-- Very proud Dad.

Jessica munching on a Banana (2012-07-11) Jessica 17 SEP 2012

Back in July, we handed over to Jessica her very first, uncut banana. Quite remarkably, she seemed to get the hang of eating it straight away, resulting in this particularly cute set of videos captured by Chantelle of Jessie happily munching away on her banana while watching TV next to Daddy.

Needless to say, I’m pretty chuffed with my little one because banana’s are probably my most favourite fruit out of them all! :)

Munch munch munch…

Chew chew chew…

Toddler Jessica Lotter unpacking the Bath Toys (2012-05-28) Jessica 10 SEP 2012

This video post kind of slipped through the cracks, but I’ve found it now and so it is up on the World Wide Interwebs for, well the world to see! :P

One of the things Jessica seems to love doing when bathing is move all of the bath toys out of the bath and into the hand basin, which she can just reach if she stands up in the bath. Of course, now she is a lot more sturdy on her legs than what she used to be, making this a far less risky behaviour than right in the beginning!

You’ll note the rather off putting colour of the bath water in this one. For a short time, Chantelle experimented with letting Jessica bath in tea water – essentially tossing a handful of tea bags in the bath water. Of course, this did result in a rather strangely coloured bath experience, and funnily enough, on this particular evening when this was shot, one of the teabags had broken open, resulting in far more dubious looking bath water than what one would normally get! :)

As for whether or not the tea actually worked… well the verdict is still out on that one.

Toddler Jessica playing guitar with Elastic Bands (2012-08-19) Jessica 28 AUG 2012

I keep all my replacement light bulbs in a box. The box is marked with the words light bulbs & candles. This is a very unwieldy box. So I make use of rubber bands to keep it closed.

The cool thing about stretched out rubber bands is of course they make a fun noise when plucked. Like a guitar string.

Which needless to say, entertained young miss Jessica for quite some time! :)

(As per usual, thanks to wifey for the excellent and rather impromptu video camera work!)

Sick Jessie, Sad Daddy Jessica 16 AUG 2012

Shame, for the last couple of days (well, since the weekend anyway), poor little Jessie has not been a happy camper. The doctor says she has a bit of a throat infection and the end result is a sick, feeling sorry for herself little toddler with a bad cough, no appetite, and the tendency to not want anyone touching her apart from her mommy.

Who by the way, is the only person little sick Jessie currently has eyes for.

I can’t even come close without her drawing back and slapping out at me, making me a rather sad Daddy at the moment.

*sniff sniff*

[At least the meds seem to have done the job and her little body appears to finally be overcoming the nasty viruses that ran down her system. Hopefully it won’t be too long before I’m in the running for hugs and kisses again! :)]

Jessica vs. Core Strength Jessica 19 JUL 2012

On Tuesday we took Jessica through to see a physiotherapist.

Chantelle has over the last little while been a bit worried about Jessica not making the transition through to walking. This is negatively impacting her life at the Baby Steps creche, as it is frustrating for little Jess not to join in with her peers, especially now that a lot of them have been upgraded to the slightly older children segment, leaving her behind with the smaller babies.

Having first contacted a clinical psychiatrist about the matter, Chantelle was instead referred to a physiotherapist, which made more sense as Jessica’s issue seems more physical than anything else. We met up with the lovely Stephanie Halford at the Et Al Therapy and Learning Centre in Somerset West, where Jessica took an immediate liking to all the simple tasks Stephanie set out for her, allowing Stephanie to observe and draw some much needed conclusions for us.

On the positive side, Jessica appears normal with no issues whatsoever in terms of her movements, body control and fine motor skills. What she is however lacking in is core strength, meaning that basically her trunk isn’t strong enough to give her good stability – all of which translates to the fact that Jessica only enjoys standing when she can hold on to something stable. This explains why she is not fond of walking whilst holding only one of our hands, as well as then obviously why she is unable to stand by herself, let alone actually walk.

Now that we know this, we know what to further investigate in terms of learning what sorts of exercises and games we need to play with Jess in order for her to strengthen her core muscles. (sorry my girl, but I foresee plenty of sit ups in your near future!)

We are also in the process of scheduling her in for a weekly physiotherapy session or two, which should speed up the strengthening process as well.

So yeah, good call by Chantelle and definitely money well spent. After all, knowing is half the battle! :)

Photo Gallery: Butterfly World (2012-07-01) Photo Gallery 01 JUL 2012

Oupa Monty and Ouma Cheryl joined Chantelle, Jessie and myself for an impromptu visit to the always wonderful Butterfly World on Sunday, where we enjoyed a quick toasted sandwich as a late lunch, before happily entertaining ourselves by strolling through the various live exhibits and enjoying the fact that Jess was loving the experience so! (It was her first time to this marvellous little piece of the Cape)

Unfortunately the cold, overcast weather meant that the butterflies were pretty much a no show, but we knew that going in, and so focused our attention on all the other exhibits like the birds (which Jessie absolutely loved!), guinea pigs, marmosets, meerkats, and of course, the porcupines! (Funnily enough, this was the first time I’ve ever come across a porcupine in real life – they are much bigger than what I had imagined!)

A wonderful family outing like always! :)

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Jessica Lotter Crawling on All Fours Outdoors Jessica | My Life 22 MAY 2012

I can’t remember if I ever mentioned it at all, but Jessica did eventually drop her leopard crawl style in order to replace it with a more conventional and clamber-friendly all fours crawling style.

In order to prove this statement to those who have previously seen her tummy leopard-style crawl, here is some handy video archive footage!

Awesome! :)

(Oh, and in case you were wondering, it’s just like the podiatrist said it would be (now there was an unnecessary expense!) – once Jessica started standing and learning to walk, her left foot righted itself and now happily points forward in the direction that you would expect a foot to point in!)