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Jessica Walks for the Very First Time (2012-10-07)

So the most awesome of things happened on Sunday – Jessica started walking! And as it just happened to be, the full set of Oupa, Ouma, mommy and daddy were all on hand to see the very first walk, which… Continue Reading →

Jessica munching on a Banana (2012-07-11)

Back in July, we handed over to Jessica her very first, uncut banana. Quite remarkably, she seemed to get the hang of eating it straight away, resulting in this particularly cute set of videos captured by Chantelle of Jessie happily… Continue Reading →

Toddler Jessica Lotter unpacking the Bath Toys (2012-05-28)

This video post kind of slipped through the cracks, but I’ve found it now and so it is up on the World Wide Interwebs for, well the world to see! :P One of the things Jessica seems to love doing… Continue Reading →

Toddler Jessica playing with Bubbles (2012-08-19)

Jessica recently rediscovered the wondrous world of bubbles during one of her physio sessions with Stephanie. Of course this meant that we too needed to get our hands on some bubbles, the end result being this: Too cute I tell… Continue Reading →

Toddler Jessica playing guitar with Elastic Bands (2012-08-19)

I keep all my replacement light bulbs in a box. The box is marked with the words light bulbs & candles. This is a very unwieldy box. So I make use of rubber bands to keep it closed. The cool… Continue Reading →

Sick Jessie, Sad Daddy

Shame, for the last couple of days (well, since the weekend anyway), poor little Jessie has not been a happy camper. The doctor says she has a bit of a throat infection and the end result is a sick, feeling… Continue Reading →

Jessica vs. Core Strength

On Tuesday we took Jessica through to see a physiotherapist. Chantelle has over the last little while been a bit worried about Jessica not making the transition through to walking. This is negatively impacting her life at the Baby Steps… Continue Reading →

Photo Gallery: Butterfly World (2012-07-01)

Oupa Monty and Ouma Cheryl joined Chantelle, Jessie and myself for an impromptu visit to the always wonderful Butterfly World on Sunday, where we enjoyed a quick toasted sandwich as a late lunch, before happily entertaining ourselves by strolling through… Continue Reading →

Jessica Lotter Crawling on All Fours Outdoors

I can’t remember if I ever mentioned it at all, but Jessica did eventually drop her leopard crawl style in order to replace it with a more conventional and clamber-friendly all fours crawling style. In order to prove this statement… Continue Reading →

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