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Japan 2014 – 47 A Bus Trip back to Tokyo Narita Airport (2014-10-13)

So, with a ride up a mountain and a wedding done right, our two week holiday in the magnificent country that is Japan had finally come to an end. All that was left were a few last visits with the… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 18 Going home via Tokyo Station (2014-10-04)

Having just enjoyed a stroll through the Imperial East Gardens of the Imperial Palace, Ryan and I decided that perhaps it was time to exit Tokyo for the day and make our way back to Yokohama – and to do this… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 17 Strolling through the Tokyo Imperial Palace grounds (2014-10-04)

Ryan and I certainly had our walking shoes on, having already taken in the sights of Tokyo Dome Stadium, LaQua in Tokyo Dome City, the Yasukuni Shrine complex, the Yushukan War Memorial Museum, the Nippon Budokan and Kitanomaru Park all… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 16 Kitanomaru Park and the Nippon Budokan in Chiyoda, Tokyo (2014-10-04)

My brother Ryan and I were certainly on the move on our first unaccompanied day in Japan. Having already seen the Big Egg stadium at Tokyo Dome City, relaxed at LaQua, reflected at the Yasukuni Shrine complex, and viewed a… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 14 The Yasukuni Shrine in Chiyoda, Tokyo (2014-10-04)

With the sights of Tokyo Dome and LaQua at Tokyo Dome City now done and dusted, Ryan and I turned on Google Maps and looked for something green to head towards. (In general, this is pretty much how we quite… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 13 LaQua in Tokyo Dome City (2014-10-04)

So on our first unaccompanied day in Japan, my brother Ryan and I had headed off to Bunkyo, Tokyo, making our way straight to Big Egg City, aka Tokyo Dome City. Having now ogled more than enough baseball related things… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 12 The Big Egg Baseball Stadium in Tokyo Dome City, Bunkyo, Tokyo (2014-10-04)

Following our night time Yokohama walkabout, my brother Ryan and I found ourselves spending the first day on our own in Japan by taking a trip out to Bunkyo, Tokyo, in order to visit Tokyo Dome City, home of The… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 09 Black Burgers for Lunch in Shinjuku, Tokyo (2014-10-03)

Having just enjoyed the panoramic views of Tokyo via the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, we next marched off through a very busy Shinjuku (lunch time foot traffic) in search of food and electronics, grabbing the former from a most unexpected source:… Continue Reading →

Japan 2014 – 08 Visiting the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku (2014-10-03)

So day 1 of our Japan 2014 tour had been pretty awesome, and with tour guide Terrance still at our disposal for half a day, day 2 kicked off (after a delicious hotel breakfast of course) with a trip to Shinjuku, Tokyo!… Continue Reading →

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