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Failed Flash & Missing Backups

But losing a faithful flash drive was not the worst part of this ordeal. No, the worst part was that I, a software technician of all people, had failed myself in that I didn’t keep any backups of the important data on the drive. Not a single backup whatsoever. Important personal documents, desktop application projects in mid development, databases built up over years, all gone because I was too lazy to keep up a decent backup programme.

Transcend’s PF710 Digital Photo Frame

I bought something really, really cool for Chantelle for her birthday back on the 6th of this month, a Transcend PF710 digital picture frame. Now I’m completely new to the world of digital photo frames and bought this particular model based entirely on price and a good word from Stephen (who had purchased one for his fiance a couple of months ago), so I was rather pleased when the thing arrived, worked straight out of the box and actually looked pretty damn stylish sitting there on the dresser to boot.

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