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Things to See in South Africa: The Sunland Baobab in Modjadjiskloof

Baobab trees are renowned for their longevity and ability to reach massive proportions, with one of the largest in South Africa being the Sunland Baobab – made even more famous when in 1993, the owners of the farm on which the tree stands installed… Continue Reading →

The End of Mr. Ficus’ Pot

A fair while ago I mentioned that Mr. Ficus couldn’t quite hold his own when it came to Gordon Bay’s infamous winds. Then a couple of weeks ago I reported that his pot hadn’t quite dealt with the last fall all that well, forming a huge crack down the middle. Today I sadly announce that Mr. Ficus’ pot is no more.

The Cat, the Tree, the Pot

I know, I know, another cheap photo post, but damn it, Olympus is just being so lovable and cute at the moment that I couldn’t resist!

Ficus Standing Tall

Amazingly enough, contrary to Terrance’s utterances as one of the Best Men at our wedding, we have managed to keep something alive for longer than a week.


At least I now know that with the proper motivation, little Olympus can get out of almost any predicament all on his own. Like yesterday when I arrived home from gym and called the two of them inside to come and eat. As per usual Coco came bolting in like a bat out of hell and she was soon happily chomping away at the bowl of tuna that I placed before her, while Olympus suspiciously remained out of sight.

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