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Things to See in South Africa: The Sunland Baobab in Modjadjiskloof Travel Attractions 20 AUG 2016

Baobab trees are renowned for their longevity and ability to reach massive proportions, with one of the largest in South Africa being the Sunland Baobab – made even more famous when in 1993, the owners of the farm on which the tree stands installed a bar in the hollow middle of the tree!

Thus was born the world famous Baobab Tree Bar.

massive sunland baobab bar tree near modjadjiskloof in limpopo south africa 1

Situated near Modjadjiskloof (Duiwelskloof) in Limpopo Province, the Sunland Baobab grows on the Sunland mango farm. The tree has been carbon dated and its age is estimated to be around 1700 years old. The tree has a diameter of 10.64 meters, is 19 metres high, with a crown diameter of 30.2 metres. The circumference of the trunk is 33.4 metres.

massive sunland baobab bar tree near modjadjiskloof in limpopo south africa 2

When baobabs become a thousand years old, they begin to hollow inside, forming natural wooden caverns.  Doug and Heather van Heerden bought Sunland farm in 1989, and in 1993 decided to clear out compost from the central trunk, squared off a hole to make way for a door and finally installed a railway sleeper inside for the bar.

This being South Africa, that turned the Sunland Baobab into an instant tourist attraction!

massive sunland baobab bar tree near modjadjiskloof in limpopo south africa 3

Also on Sunland farm is a nursery specialising in palms and bamboo, as well as a mango and avocado plantation. The farm can also provide accommodation for up to 20 people in tent huts which have been dubbed ‘jungalows’.

massive sunland baobab bar tree near modjadjiskloof in limpopo south africa 4

Baobab trees have many myths and legends surrounding them, with one of the most well known ones being the story as to why it is sometimes called the upside down tree. Local legend has it that the baobab tree offended God and as punishment, God planted the tree upside down – easy to understand if you see a baobab in winter with its bare branches pointing skywards!

massive sunland baobab bar tree near modjadjiskloof in limpopo south africa 5

The Limpopo province is also home to the two other famous South African Baobab specimens, the country’s stoutest and second largest baobab known as the Glencoe Baobab in Hoedspruit, and the largest baobab tree in South Africa, the Sagole Baobab near Tshipise.

massive sunland baobab bar tree near modjadjiskloof in limpopo south africa 6

[UPDATE] 5 days after posting this, the big baobab went and split!

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The End of Mr. Ficus’ Pot My Life 19 APR 2011

A fair while ago I mentioned that Mr. Ficus couldn’t quite hold his own when it came to Gordon Bay’s infamous winds. Then a couple of weeks ago I reported that his pot hadn’t quite dealt with the last fall all that well, forming a huge crack down the middle. Today I sadly announce that Mr. Ficus’ pot is no more.

Last week’s surprise windy gusts did enough to once again bowl Mr. Ficus over, shattering his rather expensive Benbel-purchased pot in the process.

Of course, this has since prompted us to rather unrestrict the poor leafy fellow from the confines of a fickle vessel and instead plant him in the garden proper, allowing his root system to provide the necessary anchorage and cause him to be the tree he always wanted to be.

Really shattered pot

Really shattered pot

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That now only leaves us with the giant shattered pot to somehow get rid of…

The Cat, the Tree, the Pot My Life 08 JUL 2010

I know, I know, another cheap photo post, but damn it, Olympus is just being so lovable and cute at the moment that I couldn’t resist!

Thanks to the glorious weather a weekend or two ago, I finally had the chance to swing open the back sliding door, let in the fresh air and hand the washing up outside, only to stop for a second and take notice that I wasn’t the only one relishing the warm sunlight on my skin.

No, Olympus the cat had indeed decided that this was the perfect opportunity to get to know Mr. Ficus a little better…

Olympus attempting some form of pole dancing.

Embarrassed at being caught out, Olympus attempts to hide behind Mr. Ficus

Ficus Standing Tall My Life 02 JAN 2010

Amazingly enough, contrary to Terrance’s utterances as one of the Best Men at our wedding, we have managed to keep something alive for longer than a week. As you can see from my painstakingly gained proof, Ficus still stands proud and tall at our back sliding door. As does Ficus’ faithful fluffers, the Vygies.

Just saying.

Looking good for a tree cared for by Craig and Chantelle, eh?

CaStuck! My Life 21 AUG 2008

TreeAt least I now know that with the proper motivation, little Olympus can get out of almost any predicament all on his own. Like yesterday when I arrived home from gym and called the two of them inside to come and eat. As per usual Coco came bolting in like a bat out of hell and she was soon happily chomping away at the bowl of tuna that I placed before her, while Olympus suspiciously remained out of sight.

Failing to respond to any of my calls, I set outside to find him and lo and behold I spied him off in the distance stuck in the top of a rather large palm tree thingie. You could see he was trying to get out but the dear was well and truly stuck, plaintively mewing away at what I can only guess was the thought of Coco finishing off all the food without him.

To high for me to reach, I continued to call him down and gave him a good ten minutes or so, in which all he managed to show me was that he had indeed bitten off a little more than what he could chew.

Still, I had one more secret weapon up my sleeve, and so I stepped back inside, dished up his share of tuna and went and placed it close to the base of the tree. My world for a video camera, because what followed was pure comedy gold – looking like a slow, caterpillar in reverse, Olympus managed to back down two thirds of the tree before losing his grip and plummeting to the soft shrub below, thankfully from a height that was by that stage pretty low to the ground.

Undaunted by his very ungraceful descent, the boy immediately came charging to the bowl and so my story reached a happy conclusion (with him inside eating and Coco locked outside – the bugger keeps stealing my boy’s food!)