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Bye Bye Trojan: My First Ever Gumtree Experience

Yup, I managed to sell our Trojan elliptical trainer only a week or so after posting an online advert on Gumtree, something which proved remarkably simple, and pretty damn quick to do after all.

For Sale: Trojan Sit Up 100 Bench – R200

I currently have a second-hand Trojan Sit Up 100 bench up for sale, going for a pretty low R200 (negotiable).

For Sale: Trojan Ellipti Pro 300 Elliptical Trainer – R2,000

I have an unused, though assembled, brand new Trojan Ellipti Pro 300 elliptical trainer for sale, going at a pretty low R2,000 (negotiable).

A Trojan in Our Midst

Now as I mentioned previously, I had surprised Chantelle by purchasing an elliptical trainer (or Orbitek as you might know it as from all those darn TV commercials they used to run a while back) for Christmas, and can now proudly say that as a man, it is currently standing fully assembled in the main living area, neatly tucked away in our newly created little fitness corner, complete with sagging exercise ball.

Microwave Ovens and Sit-ups

I’ll confess: I still havent got around to replacing my microwave oven yet {0195}. It would seem as if I just don’t spend enough time at home to miss it yet. But I have now found a new model which I favour above the earlier mentioned LG machine I was looking at.

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