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Where Do I find My WiFi MAC Address on My BlackBerry?

To get your BlackBerry MAC address off most of the recent BlackBerry models is pretty simple. Navigate to the home screen (the one with all the icons on it) and select the Options launcher. Click on that and then scroll… Continue Reading →

Simple Zend Tutorial for People Starting Out… with Zend

This post serves more as a bookmark for me than anything else, now that I have been tasked with learning the icky world of Zend and its MVC pattern from the powers above here at work. Learning Zend is not for the faint hearted, that is for sure, and just finding your feet takes a fair bit of reading.

Blogroll: How to Export and Import WordPress Blog Links

To export and import a Wordpress blogroll, or links if you prefer, is actually pretty easy, seeing as Wordpress already comes with everything necessary for this built in.

PHP Script to Trim and Replace Apostrophes for Each Value in Each Column of Each Table in a MySQL Database

I needed to quickly whip up a script that would strip all leading and trailing whitespace plus replace any apostrophes or quotation marks with their web code equivalent for each and every value that appeared in every row, column and table in the database.

How to Install Foxit PDF Reader 1.1 in Ubuntu Karmic Koala

Foxit Reader 1.1 is an incredible little PDF viewer that features some powerful tools while remaining pretty damn quick. It’s free for non-commercial usage and features most of the viewing tools you’ve come to expect from the big daddy of PDF readers, namely Adobe Acrobat.

jQuery: Checking or Unchecking All Checkboxes

Providing functionality to check all, uncheck all or even to invert the checkboxes currently selected on a page is pretty simple to achieve with either plain old JavaScript or the newer, more flashy jQuery library.

How to Check if Your Javascript Function Exists

So the question I was then left with is how to check for the existence of a function before actually calling that function, the solution to which turns out to be fairly simple.

Photoshop: Text Tool Keyboard Shortcuts

In order to speed up your work using Photoshop’s powerful but sometimes quite frustrating text tool, here are a couple of handy keyboard shortcuts you might like to remember…

Inserting Backslashes into a Database Table with PHP

Sometimes you need to store things like file paths into a database table during your PHP script’s execution. However, on going back to the database after running your script, you might come across your path with all of its backslashes () missing!

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