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USA 2019: Capitol, Coast, and Desert

I’ve only ever left our continent twice before. In 2014 I was fortunate in joining my brother for an indescribably enjoyable trip to Japan, and in 2016 Touchwork sent me over to the USA on the most wonderful business/sightseeing trip… Continue Reading →

Things to See in USA: Muscle Beach Venice in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles’ Venice Beach is certainly a ‘colourful’ area to put it mildly (at least that’s what I thought when I strolled around there earlier this year), but despite its many eccentricities, there is no denying that this… Continue Reading →

Things to See in USA: Harlem Hospital Center in New York City

Hospitals don’t often make the list of buildings worth seeing when you are out in the world travelling, but the 286-bed Harlem Hospital Center in the United States of America’s iconic New York City certainly now belongs there – thanks to… Continue Reading →

USA 2016 – 01 Checking in to Holiday Inn Anaheim Resort Area (2016-07-11)

So the 11th of July saw me very excitedly hop on to Emirates’ Boeing 777-300ER airliner at Cape Town International Airport and tackle the start of the VERY long journey to LAX in Los Angeles. As per usual when you fly… Continue Reading →

USA 2016: An Expo under the Hot Californian Sun

I lucked out a bit this year. Touchwork does a lot of its business in the United States in the University realm, and as such, tends to be quite visible on the relevant expo circuits. Occasionally the boss sends a team member… Continue Reading →

Things to See in USA: The AT&T Stadium in Arlington

Modern sports stadiums are often architectural masterpieces, and are almost all now without fail seen as much tourist attractions as actual sporting event venues! The city of Arlington, a principle city in the U.S. state of Texas is certainly home to one of… Continue Reading →

Things to See in USA: The USS Midway Museum in San Diego

If you are down in California, paying a visit to San Diego, and perhaps have just the slightest of interest in all things military, then it would be particularly foolish to skip out on making a trip down to the… Continue Reading →

Midway Geyser Basin (Wyoming, United States of America)

The smallest of Yellowstone’s geyser basins, Midway Geyser Basin (also dubbed “Hell’s Half Acre”) actually contains two of the park’s largest hydrothermal features: Grand Prismatic Spring and Excelsior Geyser, which dumps 4,000 gallons of water a minute into neighboring Firehole… Continue Reading →

World Wonders: Kilauea Volcano (Hawaii, United States of America)

Named after the Hawaiian word for “spewing,” the mythical home of the volcanic goddess Pele rises 4,190 feet from the southeastern part of the Big Island. One of the world’s most active and perilous volcanoes, Kilauea has been erupting for… Continue Reading →

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