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How do modern Vending Machines know what coins You put in?

How do modern vending machines know what coins you’ve inserted? Well, according to this fantastic CG animated segment from the Science Channel, current day vending machines make use of a combination of light sensors to accurately measure the size of… Continue Reading →

Vending Violence!

When vending machines work right, then they are a tremendous source of joy and customer satisfaction, particularly when you are working an all-nighter and want something to drink at 2am in the morning and no normal shop is open or close by to the labs.

The Perfect Disguise

I always love following Japanese culture and inventions, mainly because everyone seems on a mission to outdo one another in terms of craziness and often impracticality. A wonderful entry in the their weird world of wacky comes from Ms Tsukioka,… Continue Reading →

Barking Mad

Aargh! I am so pissed off at this moment. The day really started out great this morning, but it has now deteriorated (rapidly I might add) into a hellhole. First my left eyes contact lens goes the way of the… Continue Reading →

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