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Marcelo Frusin: Loveless #1 (2005) Cover Comic Book Art | Comic Books 27 OCT 2012

Eisner award-winning writer Brian Azzarello returned to DC in 2005 with his gritty western Loveless, which has been described as a cross between the bloody action and atmosphere of a Sergio Leone film, and the provocative storytelling of HBO’s Deadwood.

From DC: “Wes Cutter is a wanted man running from a violent past – the horrors of the Civil War, a brutal stint in a Union prison camp, and the savage fallout of Reconstruction. Now he’s on a quest for the one thing in short supply: peace. Joining Wes is his beautiful wife Ruth, a woman who has been to hell and back herself – and hides dark secrets of her own. The road they travel will be a bloody one, leaving a trail of bodies stretching from Missouri to the Pacific Ocean.”

Artist Marcelo Frusin of Hellblazer acclaim handles the artwork for the book, but before we even got a glimpse of the interior art, we were floored by this absolutely stellar, fully painted piece of cover art for issue 1!

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Covered: Cinderella: Fables are Forever #1 (Chrissie Zullo) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 18 JUN 2011

Following on from Cinderella: From Fabletown with Love, the same team of Chris Roberson and Shawn McManus are back in 2011, sending Cinderella off to a freezing Russia and pitting their bikini-clad spy against the sinister villain Silverslipper this time around in Cinderella: Fables are Forever.

For the cover, young newcomer Chrissie Zullo was approached to provide the pigment to make this title fly off the shelves, and the beautiful pink and white hued result should most certainly do that!

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Covered: The Books of Magic #25 (Chris Bachalo) Comic Book Art | Comic Books 04 JUN 2011

Chris Bachalo remains one of my favourite artists, thanks to his hauntingly beautiful and shadowed work, all of which is wonderfully brooding and stylized, but not so much that it becomes too distorted and unrecognisable.

From his awesome pencils on mature titles like DC Vertigo’s Shade, The Changing Man and Death, Marvel’s Generation X and X-Men and his own project Steampunk, Chris continues to amaze each and every time he puts pencil to paper.

This particular cover he whipped up for the spellbinding Books of Magic title from DC/Vertigo, instantly capturing the enigmatic and magical feel of the title as it confidently hit its quarter of a hundred mark back in 1996.

Featuring Death, Timothy Hunter and a whole lot of cherubs, how can you not marvel at this?

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