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Virgin Active No More

A couple of weeks ago I received an e-mail warning me that I needed to put in a few more gym visits in order not to lose my free gym benefit that I earn through my Discovery Health Vitality medical… Continue Reading →


It would seem that the treadmills at Steenberg Virgin Active have suddenly all decided to rebel against me. So picture this. It’s lunch hour and I find myself happily kitted out in gym and ready to put in a quick 20 minute run before I return to my ball and chain back at the office.

Race Condition for The Towel Hook?

For the life of me I can’t understand why the 12 shower cubicles, arranged in a inwards facing square consisting of three attached cubicles on each side, all feature a ration of two towel hooks per three showers.

Death, New Life, Insurance?

This got me then thinking about how death really can strike at any time and now with all my family responsibilities, I really do need to make better preparations for that possible eventuality.

Jetta Jameson Clutches Me Once Again [Part 1]

Oh noes, Jetta Jameson has gone and done it again. My lifelong partner has decided to once more say bye bye to her clutch and in doing so, leave me stranded all the way out in Westlake at the Steenberg Virgin Active parking lot. Sigh.

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