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On the Move Again My Life 01 MAR 2011

So after a rather long stretch of home alone thanks to the arrival of little Jessica at our household, Chantelle and Craig have now officially started moving around in the friends and family circle once again.

From two weekends’ ago visit with Natasha and Evan at our place, followed by Chantelle’s gran Nola’s memorial service last Tuesday, and Retha and Miguels sleep over visits over Wednesday and Thursday evening past, all the way through to this weekend’s non-stop family and friends time, it is safe to say we’re back in action.

And hey, we even managed to go on our first date night, the first since young Dribble Monster came into our lives!

This past weekend was REALLY jam-packed with visiting hours. On Friday evening it kicked off with a family Weber chicken braai at the Montgomery Stronghold, where we enjoyed a great evening in the company of Monty, Cheryl, Robert, Debbie, Gail, Nicholas and Angie. Saturday followed this up with a day in Mom, Dad, Ryan and the rest of my extended family’s company, as we celebrated Mom’s birthday all day long with the appropriate assortment of cake and cookies. The perfect opportunity for everyone (both family and family friends) who hasn’t yet met little Jessica to do so, and the perfect weather for me to grab a much needed dip in Pop’s pool when no one was looking.

Come Saturday evening though, we left Jessica safely in Mom and Dad’s hands as they continued to entertain visitors, and sneaked off to Tygervalley, where we were able to catch our first movie in absolute months! As it turned out “Morning Glory” was just what the doctor had ordered, proving to be a thoroughly enjoyable little film that had us laughing all the way through. From there, we ended off our little sneak about by going to the newly revamped Silver Spur, where the two of us enjoyed a nice quiet meal alone in one another’s company, with only the exciting Stormers versus Lions Super Rugby game providing any real distraction on the night.

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And We’re Still Entertaining My Life 05 OCT 2010

So we’ve been in our new home for only a week and still the entertaining continues. It was a good weekend, plenty of work on the house, in the garden, sprinkled with loads of sorting out of junk and just a touch of some Blur gaming on the Saturday, with some Highschool of the Dead episodes to entertain me on the side to boot.

But it was of course the visits that ate up the most time, kicking off with a splendid catch-up-on-all-the-news visit from Damen and Michelle on Saturday, who just like Dean and Zania, are also about to enter the house market. So there was a lot to catch up on, with pictures to support, and buoyed by Chantelle’s  delightful little snack haul from Spar, the visit ran as smooth as a well trained clown on a unicycle.

Sunday on the other hand saw Chantelle and myself playing host to mom and dad for a proper Sunday afternoon braai, this being the first time they’ve seen our new house after we’d moved in. Again, tons of catch-up news to fill the day (particularly considering the fact that pops just returned from what sounds like an awesome canoe trip down the Orange River), propped up by a delicious braai prepared by tongmaster Craig (i.e. me).

So yup, the visitations just keep pouring in – but then it is probably about time we start interacting with the public again after being so reclusive these past couple of months I guess! :P

No Break from being Social Just Yet My Life 24 MAR 2010

Wow. Serious, I’ll get around to organising another day in GB event when I get the chance boys, but before then I need my social calendar to calm down just that little bit and give me some time to breathe! ;)

It all started last week really when on Tuesday evening Chantelle and I made our way over to the cinema to catch It’s Complicated, which turned out to be a pretty fun watch. Wednesday then followed up with an impromptu visit from Retha and Miguel to our part of the world on the pretense of putting the necessary kilometers on for his new shocks. We met up at the Waterstone Village Spur after karate practice and ended up spending a good chunk of the evening dining and catching up as per the norm.

Thursday evening Chantelle and I then met up with Mom, Dad and Claire to watch the stage production of Grease at the Artscape, also a brilliantly fun bit of popular culture to absorb I tell you. Friday then saw me abandon Chantelle to her own devices (she was working in case you’re wondering) and I joined with Ryan, Dean and Terrance at Ryan’s noisy pad for some excellent Modern Warfare 2 and FIFA 10 XBOX action!

(Admittedly, Saturday I took a breather, but I did work on my CodeUnit blog all day so you can’t really call that a day off, now can you? :P)

Sunday we played host to Rob and Laluna, though our planned visit to Barbados for some drinks was cut tragically short by a whole lot of yawning and snoring emanating from the instigators themselves, i.e. Laluna and Rob of all people! But I did spend two hours on the golf driving range so technically I was out and about.

Monday saw Chantelle nip off work at lunch and join me on a trip through to Durbanville where we hooked up with Trish and Karl and their peeps (including Wayne, Candice and Mr. Brown) to partake in a birthday braai bash in honour of Trish’s upcoming birthday on Wednesday.

Yesterday I got off again (though Chantelle was working a late so again  it probably doesn’t quite count), but come today it’s back in full swing, with a visit tonight to the Barnyard Theatre to catch Broadway Rocks with Karl and Trish in support of the Fisantekraal Animal Welfare group. Thursday I’m sitting without a car seeing as it is back in the shop, so nothing planned as of yet, but don’t hold your breath, Friday we’re back to being social butterflies when Wayne and Candice join us for supper here in Nagua Bay (as well as for breakfast the next morning).

Oh, and Saturday evening happens to be the Funakoshi Karate Fundraiser Ball event, meaning dress-up fun for everyone.

And then Sunday, finally a proper day off, where weather permitting I plan on sneaking out with Chantelle to some remote forest conservation area, take with some good reading materials and pack a nice yummy picnic basket.

You really can’t say we don’t deserve it! :P