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How to Flush the Windows DNS Cache

Quite often you can resolve web connection issues by flushing your possibly corrupted or out of date system DNS cache. To flush the DNS cache whilst using Microsoft Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8 is relatively trivial, making use of… Continue Reading →

How to Install the Zend Framework in Windows Vista for a Web Developer

If you already have a web development environment set up on your machine and don’t necessarily want to run the whole Zend Server package and instead just want to create Zend projects using the Zend Framework, then this simple how to install Zend Framework tutorial should be perfect for you.

Restore Your Original Fonts in Windows XP or Vista

Now restoring your Windows XP or Vista installation to the original set of installed fonts turns out not to be a particularly easy manual task, based on the way in which font handling and manipulation is executed on the Windows Explorer platform.

Little Vista Tip: Quick Launch Quick Launch Items

So we all know about the cool little Quick Launch panel sitting on the left hand side of the Taskbar (just next to the Windows Start button) at the bottom of the screen, which usually holds a variety of shortcuts… Continue Reading →

When Adobe CS3 doesn’t Want to Install on Windows Vista

Right, you’ve got a shiny new copy of Adobe Photoshop CS3 in your hands and a desktop loaded with Microsoft Vista in front of you. However, each and every time you attempt to install CS3 the installer just bombs out… Continue Reading →

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