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Emily fails to help me Pack Away Washing

As it turns out, Emily is rather useless when it comes to helping me pack away the kids’ washing. I put her down on the bed, throw out the washing, go pack a few pairs of pants away in Jessica’s… Continue Reading →

And Sometimes even Trained Mommies get it wrong!

I had to have a quiet snigger to myself the other evening, when Chantelle stomped into the study and muttered at how annoyed she was with herself. You see, she had earlier put in a load of Jessie’s washing (we… Continue Reading →

Olympus Tries on a Dressing Gown

Okay, it is fair to say with all this blog coverage regarding my premature, newborn daughter fighting away in the NICU, not much time has been giving to the other, more furry scallywag Country Mews Lotter Clan members, namely Achilles and Olympus.

The Gloved Hand that Washes

For long have I laughed at puny Chantelle who, although washes her dishes in super heated temperatures that no normal human should be able to withstand, does so wearing ridiculous looking bright blue rubber gardening gloves. (Well, I call them gardening gloves because that is what my parents used for all the years to weed their garden in).

The Never Diminishing Laundry Basket

I think my mom would probably have killed me had I still been living with her and generating the huge amount of laundry that I currently come up with on a daily basis.

The Lost Socks

I didn’t know that knee high stockings are JUST as dangerous as large pythons!

In the Fold

But you want to know what takes the biggest cake in the ironing and folding wars? I have a question that to this day lies unanswered, a question that bugs the heck out of me. Just how the hell are you supposed to fold a g-string! It is a bloody piece of string for goodness sake!

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