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The Drought-affected water level of Theewaterskloof Dam near Villiersdorp (2017-03-05) Photo Gallery | Travel Attractions 04 SEP 2017

Six months ago, on an impromptu Sunday afternoon drive, Chantelle and I passed by Theewaterskloof Dam and of course stopped to take photos of the very noticeably almost empty dam.

(In case you aren’t familiar with it, the Theewaterskloof Dam, established in 1978, is the largest dam in the Western Cape and forms a major component of the Western Cape Water Supply System.)

As the months passed and the drought worsened, things like saving the lawn were quickly forgotten, and instead Chantelle and I focused on using less water than normal, the end result being an average monthly use for our household of around 4-6 kilolitres.

What that translates into is less bathing for the girls, less showering for us, and using bathwater to refill the toilet cistern. Also, we don’t wash cars, or bother with anything in the garden either.

So not particularly pleasant or convenient, but certainly effective.

Our rainy season has now technically come and gone, and although there was at least some rain, it still wasn’t particularly much, meaning that this coming summer is going to be pretty scary for the City of Cape Town if its population can’t get it into their heads to do even more to save water.

One can only imagine what Theewaterskloof Dam will look like next March.

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Bonus: A lot of local drone enthusiasts and vloggers have of course been documenting this phenomenon. This particular video was put together by Adam Spires, and gives you a much better view (and bird’s eye view) of the dam as it more or less currently stands:

Here’s a map in case you feel like driving out to see for yourself.

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No Wataah! My Life 05 APR 2013

outside-water-tapSigh, it’s never nice driving into the office for a day of feeling all crusty and icky from the previous day’s activities.

You see, Chantelle woke me up this morning to inform me that the house didn’t have any water (she’d been up baking through the night), meaning no face wash, no shower, and most important of all, no brushing of the teeth.

Fabulous I know.

Still, it could have been worse I suppose – poor Chantelle is trying to get through a major cake and cupcake order for delivery today… without any water!

Eina. Apparently there was a break somewhere in Sir Lowry’s Road overnight (according to the municipality), so here’s to hoping that when I head back home this evening, at least the water will be back on and I can enjoy my sorely missed shower!

WatAAh! My Life 19 APR 2007

Bruce LeeWhat a pleasant surprise this morning. I pull myself out of bed this morning at 05:45 amble towards the bathroom, take a leak and pull the chain – only to make the delightful discovery that the flats water supply is down (again). *sigh* And a shower would have been so nice since I hung out for a drink last night. A person always comes back stinking of smoke, no matter how long you stay in the place.

So much for washing last nights dishes this morning or feeding my hungry plants who are currently looking more like Bon Jovi from their hair days than Macy Grey.

Hopefully the problem will have been resolved by the time I get home, else its back to melting ice cubes for me.