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How to Lose Weight if you are Obese?

“How to Lose Weight if you are Obese?” – or rather, “Hey, this seems to be working well for me!”. In my late teens and early twenties I was slim, fit, and had energy for days. However, at around 25… Continue Reading →

No Wataah!

Sigh, it’s never nice driving into the office for a day of feeling all crusty and icky from the previous day’s activities. You see, Chantelle woke me up this morning to inform me that the house didn’t have any water… Continue Reading →

Rolling Back the Carpet

Instead, one of the copper pipes feeding into the geyser had corroded enough to from a small hole the size of a pinhead, causing a perpetual spray of water against the geyser at a rate fast enough to fill up a cup withing a minute.

No Water? More Dishes

apart from Chantelle stealing our fridge-chilled water to fill the cistern so that we at least could flush, the worst impacted by this sudden lack of wet stuff was without a doubt our kitchen – as you can see from the pictures below.

The Warm Water Spa and the Cellphone

My dear old father-in-law Monty managed to achieve the quite unthinkable this past weekend (which we spent as a Montgomery Clan getaway to Warmwaterberg Spa just by the way)


It was a fun morning yesterday for the two of us as I was sitting frantically trying to get everything on the server back up and running after finally fixed my PHP installation late last night and Chantelle got to… Continue Reading →


What a pleasant surprise this morning. I pull myself out of bed this morning at 05:45 amble towards the bathroom, take a leak and pull the chain – only to make the delightful discovery that the flats water supply is… Continue Reading →

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