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The Rugged Rock of Craig v6.0 Redesign My Life 25 AUG 2012

Right. If you are a regular reader of mine, then you might have noticed a fair number of changes around these pages. As I mentioned previously, in an effort to streamline my online presence and thereby reduce the amount of work I needed to do in order to keep everything up to date, I one by one closed down all of my other web presences, pulled in all the data, and merged it with what already existed on the craiglotter.co.za domain. So this means no more sites like codeunit.co.za, ruggedrockstudio.com, guestspark.com or houseofc.co.za, no everything can now be found under the umbrella of The Rugged Rock of Craig site.

In keeping with all of these changes, I also took the time to modify the design of this site, making some pretty big changes like dropping the right hand sidebar completely, fleshing out the footer area, introducing infinite scroll on all the looped pages, and finally compressed all lists such that they only show excerpts, allowing for a more focussed browsing experience.

And seeing as this is the sixth year that this blog is in operation, I’ve arbitrarily decided to refer to this latest redesign as v6.0 of craiglotter.co.za!

(As always, let me know what I might have screwed up. There are a couple of tweaks I still want to make here and there, but for all intent and purposess, this site is now stable again.)

The Google Closure Minifier App CodeUnit 23 NOV 2010

I’ve mentioned Google’s cool Closure javascript minifier project here in these pages before, but now I seen they’ve gone and put up a fantastic app that makes it as simple as a snap of the fingers to generate your own minified versions of your existing javascript js libraries.

To use is as simple as hitting the URL, adding a URL to the js library you want to minify, selecting the optimization type you want to employ, add some additional formatting rules and compile!

Simple, nice, and gives a great result, telling you by how much the new file was compressed, giving you various other stats, showing off the compiled code, warning, errors (and even POST data) and most important of all, providing a download link to your minified js file.

Seriously cool in other words! :)

Related Link: http://closure-compiler.appspot.com/home

A Retouch or Two CodeUnit 28 APR 2010

So yesterday was Freedom Day, an important (aren’t they all) public holiday on the South African calendar and one which you can see I made good use of in terms of tinkering a bit with my CodeUnit site (not to mention sleeping in, watching Batman: Brave and the Bold, going for a walk with my wife along the beach and enjoying a nice follow-up lunch on the deck at Bertie’s Mooring).

Yes, yes, I hear you, yet another “meta” post that doesn’t contain any tech, code or website info and yes, I know I kind of just upgraded the site’s look and feel pretty damn recently – but hey, sue me, I change my mind – and preferences – quite a bit! :P

Also, it is pretty important to let all of you regular readers know that you need to press Ctrl+F5 to force a cache refresh of the page in order to see all the new stylesheet and image changes.

C’mon, it’s definitely worth it.

Now the CodeUnit of Craig feels all nice and clean and pretty – far better than that grungy feel I was going with last time around! :P

The New CodeUnit Skin CodeUnit 21 MAR 2010

Alright boys and girls, it is time to hit that good old Ctrl+F5 to force a cache refresh of http://www.craiglotter.co.za once more. As well aware as I am that there are far better and more constructive ways in which to spend an whole Saturday afternoon at home in front of the PC, it turns out that the lure of churning out something special is just that much stronger than what I thought and so I slaved away yesterday with scant regard for time in order to present you with what you now see in front of you:

The totally new look CodeUnit of Craig website.

I’ve added and fiddled with some functionality, made a few tweaks, increased site advertising and most of all, ran an extensive overhaul in terms of graphics and layout on the site, the end result being something that turns out to be quite… pleasing to my eye for a change.

I like it, and I hope you do to.

(Still, ever the perfectionist there are still some small niggles I want to iron out, but those I’ll get to in the background… you know, when I don’t feel like doing household chores or something like that! :P)

Open Source Photo Gallery for Your Website CodeUnit 12 FEB 2010

The aptly named Gallery is a brilliant piece of well-support open source software, aimed at providing you with the best photo image image sharing tool to use on your own hosted website. All you need is a PHP-enabled website and an operational database, and you’re pretty much good to go.

From minimalistic all the through to as customized as a chameleon, Gallery is fully extensible and can be expanded upon by your own modules and themes if you so want. Written in a object-orientated, MVC framework, Gallery comes packaged with versioned APIs, can handle active localizations and supports a number of different DBMS.

Gallery can intergrate with blogs, general CMS systems as well as forums like phpBB, SMF and vBulletin just to name a few.

In terms of features, Gallery provides all the basic functionality like creating photo albums, adding/removing photos, administrating the albums, automatic thumbnail generation and image resizing, plus it also handles a wide variety of image formats, which is pretty important in this day and age as you can well imagine.

Like I already mentioned installation and upgrading is a piece of cake and what is nice of the software is that it comes 100% multi-user ready and comes with all the necessary user, group and permissions management tools that you’ll need to administer the site properly.

And the last little fun fact – Gallery is actually pretty much multimedia ready, meaning that it supports streaming videos, and listening to music, making it an invaluable little asset if you want to stay away from online-hosted big boy solutions like Flickr or Picasa Web, where you don’t hold all the keys to your kingdom…

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