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How to Lose Weight if you are Obese?

“How to Lose Weight if you are Obese?” – or rather, “Hey, this seems to be working well for me!”. In my late teens and early twenties I was slim, fit, and had energy for days. However, at around 25… Continue Reading →

Holey Belt

So while I had the fire on the go for last night’s braai, I was forced to whip out my drill, grab my belt and hold it down, while I mercilessly drilled an extra three holes into it. Satisfyingly, it… Continue Reading →

Weigh Less: An Update

A couple of months ago I announced here on the blog that Chantelle and I had joined Weigh-Less, and seeing as we’re now ten weeks into the program, I thought it a good spot to give a quick update on… Continue Reading →

Supplement Me

Any man who has ever been in a relationship with a woman will know that they nag. They fixate on something and then just go on and on about it, battering away at your resolve and slowly chipping away at… Continue Reading →

Weighting Ahead

She just learned last night (after yet another one of her frequent sessions with Angie, the personal trainer), that since the start of her wedding dress mission in January this year, she has managed to lose the massive sum of 20 centimetres around her entire body!

Death to the Muffin, Man!

For two days straight now, I’ve avoided the alluring call of the work cafeteria’s muffins, danishes and samoosas. It has been incredibly difficult, with their sweet scents and sugary taste calling out to me oh so powerfully. The desire to… Continue Reading →

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