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Overnight Fun at Club Mykonos in Langebaan (2020-09-07)

We have done it a couple of times now, and pandemic or no pandemic, we decided that a drive up to Langebaan to view the Spring flowers in the West Coast National Park should be a perfectly safe outing to… Continue Reading →

Wild Flower Watching in the West Coast National Park near Langebaan (2019-09-01)

With the start of each Spring, the months of August and September see our West Coast region bursting with colorful carpets of wild flowers, instantly transforming this laid back and generally quiet part of South Africa into a total tourist… Continue Reading →

Talking Birds at West Coast Farm Stall outside Yzerfontein (2019-09-01)

The West Coast Farm Stall has for long been a popular farm stall stop on the R27 (otherwise known as the West Coast highway), conveniently located right on the corner where the R315 bisects this important coastal road network artery… Continue Reading →

Beer Tasting at Darling Brew in Darling (2019-05-11)

For nearly 10 years now, Darling Brew has been one of the biggest names on the local craft brew scene, an award winning staple of the Cape Town craft beer scene and surprisingly, holder of the title of being Africa’s… Continue Reading →

Staying at the Darling Lodge Guest House in Darling (2019-05-11)

I celebrated my 39th birthday with a stay in the delightful little West Coast town of Darling, known for its craft beer, toffees, wild flowers, and of course Evita Bezuidenhout. As for our accommodation for the night, we ended up… Continue Reading →

Coastal Walks and White Houses in Jacobsbaai (2018-03-30)

We have been visiting Jacobsbaai for a good couple of years now, and 2018 was no different, with us spending a short but sweet weekend with Chantelle’s folks at the always comfortable Artist’s Retreat guest house. The weekend itself was… Continue Reading →

Spring Flower Season in the West Coast National Park (2016-09-04)

The West Coast National Park is not the best SANParks national park to recommend visiting if you are looking for some big game to spot. However, with the idyllic Langebaan lagoon as its focal point, the 27,500 hectare large West Coast National Park… Continue Reading →

Lunch at Beulah Farm Deli outside Yzerfontein (2016-09-04)

Having spent a lovely Sunday chasing wild flowers in the Postberg section of the West Coast National Park with Chantelle, the kids, and my folks, we decided to end off a successful day with a bite to eat. Unfortunately, the… Continue Reading →

Things to See in South Africa: The Cape Columbine Lighthouse (near Paternoster)

In the middle of the small Columbine Nature Reserve along the West Coast of South Africa, stands the strikingly rugged Cape Columbine Lighthouse. The stretch of coastline which the lighthouse, usually the first lighthouse sighted by shipping coming from South… Continue Reading →

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