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How do you set a Favourite WiFi Access Point in Android? Tips, Tricks and Tutorials 13 SEP 2013

android mascot logoHaving recently won the newly released Afrihost-branded Huawei Mobile Access Point (MiFi) device bundled with a nice fat wad of data, I’ve taken to the realm of mobile internet access like a fish to water, given that the average speed achieved on this channel is between 5 and 10 mbps, far better than the 1 mbps I sit with on my uncapped Telkom/Afrihost line.

However, I now sit with a new problem – how do I get my Samsung GT-S5830 Galaxy Ace Android phone and my Proline Rockchip QPAD9700 Android tablet to choose the Afrihost MiFi access point ahead of the usual home WiFi connection if both are available?

I obviously don’t want to “forget” the home network, as the MiFi device isn’t always turned on, meaning that I had to turn to Google to try and find the answer. As it turns out, there doesn’t appear to currently be a native Android way of ordering access points in terms of priority – meaning a trip to Google Play to find a 3rd party app that can do this for us was in order.

A quick search yielded WiFi Connection Manager, a not particularly pretty but serviceable app that does exactly what it’s name says – it allows you to manage your WiFi connections.

Most important of all, it has a item buried in the context menu entitled “Arrange Network Priority”, exactly what I was looking for. A simple matter of enabling the WiFi, dragging and dropping the networks in the required priority, and problem solved.

As easy as that! :)

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Awesome Win: Me and Afrihost Mobile Data Hardware | My Life 11 SEP 2013

So I was a pretty lucky boy recently – entered a Twitter competition and won a prize: A free Afrihost-branded Huawei MiFi device with a 5 GB of mobile data thrown in for a couple of months as well!

If you’re an Afrihost fan like I am, then undoubtedly you will by now know all about their leap into the world of mobile data – basically they’ve extended their already significant use of MTN infrastructure by now offering Afrihost-branded SIM cards for mobile data use, jumping into the mobile connectivity pie with some very attractively priced packages and devices – for those of us looking for decent Internet connectivity anytime and anywhere.

Anyway, after a short wait after first hearing the news, I received a call from one of the Milkrun courier drivers informing that they were on their way – so I got together the requisite RICA documents (basically a copy of your ID book and latest proof of address) and awaited their arrival.

After handing over my documents for verification and receiving in return my cardboard clad package, I walked back inside, plonked down on the couch and unboxed my very welcome prize, yielding the following contents:

afrihost mobile data mifi huawei 3g modem device

I have to say, getting it up and running is ridiculously simple. Snap the provided SIM card and the battery into the device, close it up and hit the power button – that’s it, nothing else to do. Enable WiFi on your phone or tablet and connect to the Afrihost access point (the password is printed on the inside of the device casing) – right, and that’s it.

Dead simple.

The device is a Huawei E5331 MiFi, basically a 3G Wi-Fi device that sports a five hour battery life (if you don’t want to connect to a power source), capable of supporting 8 device WiFi connections and with a maximum supported download speed of 21 mbps. It’s sleek, it’s pretty, and it works like a charm.

And the network connection is pretty usable as well I might add. I’m getting between 5 and 10 mbps download here in Gordon’s Bay, much faster than the 1 mbps uncapped Afrihost/Telkom line I currently have installed here at home.

So overall I have to say I’m impressed. Afrihost’s Clientzone makes managing your package a breeze and the device plus network really deliver in terms of connectivity, just as they are advertised to.

In other words, a damn nice prize to have won! :)

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Where Do I find My WiFi MAC Address on My BlackBerry? CodeUnit 05 AUG 2011

To get your BlackBerry MAC address off most of the recent BlackBerry models is pretty simple.

Navigate to the home screen (the one with all the icons on it) and select the Options launcher. Click on that and then scroll down and select the Status option.

The resulting screen will show your MAC address, amongst the other useful bits of information you might not have known regarding your current device!