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So the Playhouse Took Flight… My Life 25 JUL 2015

We were bashed by some serious stormy winds for the last while, wreaking massive havoc across the Western Cape shoreline. Apart from my garden shed that had its sides ripped out of their structural railing we suffered a far more serious/comical loss – Jessica’s pink and white playhouse.

I had just returned from work on the Monday evening, and was busy with Chantelle and the kids with the wind howling outside, when all of a sudden I heard a loud noise and saw something flash past the kitchen window, too fast and too dark for me to properly make out what it was.

I immediately made my way out via the backdoor, and despite the raging wind, I instantly noted that the playhouse – which I had just recently neatly tent-pegged down next to the sandpit – was gone. This triggered a whole lot of looking over the boundary walls behind and to the sides of us, but sadly no glimpse of the missing pink and white plastic playhouse was to be seen.

At this stage the theory was either the wind had dumped it over the back wall, or that someone had helped themselves to it and then ran off, and with that in mind, I grabbed my keys and set out on a jog along the canal behind the house.

It was dark, it was cold, and it was windy. I walked up and down in both directionse (freezing because I really wasn’t dressed for this), and still no sign of the house! Next, I got into the car and drove around the block a bit, straining to try and get a glimpse of the missing playhouse – again, no such luck.

Chantelle in the meanwhile was quite surprised to find Jessica taking this all in rather well. In fact, she wasn’t bothered by the missing playhouse at all, because, according to her logic, we can now simply buy her replacement trampoline instead!

I returned empty handed, and so Chantelle tagged in and also headed out to give the search a bash, but needless to say, she too returned without a clue as to where the house might have had disappeared to.

Indeed, a proper mystery on a particularly miserable night.

However, as fortune would have it, Chantelle turned out to be the one to crack the case and solve the mystery the next day – on her way out to work in the afternoon, she spotted something rather familiar peeking out at us from the roof two houses over:

IMG_20150721_123123 play house stuck on someone's garage roof

Yup, that was definitely our missing playhouse.

Although I don’t have a ladder tall enough to reach up there, as luck would have it, a stroll around the complex revealed that a friendly handyman by the name of Dean (Handyprop is the name of the business) happened to have a very long ladder tied to his work truck and more importantly was actually home at the time I was looking for help.

No questions asked, Dean helped me recover the playhouse from the neighbours roof.

Sadly though, the little house didn’t quite make it through its ordeal unscathed. (Plus, there seems to be tent pegs scattered all over the place.)

IMG_20150721_125712 damaged pink and white keter kids play house

Right, so no more lightweight plastic kids stuff for the garden going forward – cemented down wood structures only! :P

No Lourensford Harvest Market next Sunday Event News 02 JUN 2015

Chantelle is quite fond of (and indeed, so am I) the Lourensford Harvest Market, a farmer’s market held every Sunday on the Lourensford wine estate in Somerset West. They have a great vendor selection (food, arts and crafts), good live entertainment, and an excellent outdoor atmosphere, not to mention a very professional stall setup.

Sadly however, if you were looking to make the trip through to the market next Sunday, don’t bother.

Monday evening saw a massive storm hit the Helderberg, with the gusting winds completely ravaging Gordon’s Bay, Strand and Somerset West. Indeed, here in Country Mews, quite a few houses lost barge boards off of their roof (been there, done that), my neighbour’s backyard was completely torn apart with corrugated sheets flying everywhere, and I needed to run and retrieve my black bin (not the stolen one) that had made a trek halfway around the complex! (We also nearly managed to run out of power on the same evening – spotted the meter just as it dipped to under 1.75 units left!)

Needless to say, the Lourensford Harvest Market setup wasn’t spared.

The team announced the following on Facebook, along with these photos:

Mother Nature came out in full force yesterday, causing major damage to our beloved market area. Your safety and comfort is our main concern, so unfortunately we cannot open the Lourensford Harvest Market this weekend as we repair its infrastructure. We will keep you updated on the progress and when we plan to re-open the market.

lourensford harvest market wind damage to stalls 1

lourensford harvest market wind damage to stalls 2

lourensford harvest market wind damage to stalls 3


So yeah, just in case you were planning on heading out that way on Sunday… don’t.

If you are looking for an alternative though, both Root 44 at Audacia and Blaauwklippen Family Market should fit the bill quite nicely.

Oh, and just in case you thought the worst in terms of storm is over – well Councillor Stuart Pringle has just warned the Helderberg and surrounding residents to prepare for severe weather and rainfall this week.

Wonderful. (Though, we do need the rain of course…)

I Should Probably Get That Fixed… My Life 03 MAY 2015

You know that old saying “Stop bugging me woman, I said I’ll do it. You don’t have to keep asking every six months about it you know!” – well, totally applicable when it comes to me and DIY/upkeep here at my house in Country Mews.

I probably only bother mowing the lawn every month and a half or so, my car only gets washed like twice or maybe three times a year, blown lightbulbs have been known to take weeks (if not months) to be replaced [hey, I have nine ceiling downlights in the lounge. I can afford to lose two or three of them you know!], the perished light fitting in our en-suite bathroom is still perilously hanging from its cord (for longer than what I can actually remember), and then finally there is this:

Late last year, one of Gordon’s Bay’s infamous winds gusted through the house and slammed shut the front door that had been standing open, properly cracking the beautiful sandblast design glass pane and rendering the door a pretty ugly sight indeed.

cracked stained glass pane front door in gordons bay

We’re pretty much halfway into the new year now.

I should probably get that fixed at some point…

Wind Damage at Country Mews! My Life 23 DEC 2012

Earlier this month Gordon’s Bay, and indeed most of the Cape Peninsula, was properly battered by powerful storm winds, which lasted for more that a couple of days and pretty much left a bad tasted in everyone’s mouth as we finally moved into Summer. Unfortunately for our little house here in Country Mews, she wasn’t able to walk out of this one completely unscathed, as first she lost one of her front roof barge boards, the wind ripping it completely down and shattering it into hundreds of little pieces (leaving me to watch the dancing roof tiles with a twitching eye, hoping that they would hold and not also come flying down – which thankfully they didn’t), followed by the unceremonious dumping of one of the back roof gutters as it too tumbled down and came to rest in our backyard flower bed.

country mews storm wind damage barge board

The large side roof barge board was also pulled loose in the high winds, but luckily for us it managed to cling on for dear life and didn’t come tumbling down, a blessing because that one would have been a big one to repair! The second back gutter also got half pulled off from the roof, twisting completely around on itself and was left flapping in the wind, until the next storm winds followed, ripping that one down and smashing it against the shed, leaving a rather big crack in the one lip.

Now all of this damage should be covered by building insurance which is currently provided by ABSA, the same bank with which we have our home loan with. However, going through my records I discovered that ABSA conveniently doesn’t provide you with much information regarding your building insurance which you pretty much sign up for when you get your home loan, and more frustratingly, proved to be almost impossible to contact once all the storm winds had finally passed. Judging by the damage I could see all around me throughout Gordon’s Bay (seriously, fallen walls, destroyed carports, missing roof tiles) I can only assume they were flooded, but after a lengthy bout lasting a couple of days of trying to at least reach a human voice and put a claim in with them, I eventually threw in the towel and brought in one of the other inhabitants of Country Mews, a handyman named Danny who also happens to have his kid in the same creche that Jessica goes to.

country mews storm wind damage dumped gutter

As it turned out, Danny is quite fond of weather like this because based on the number of houses which he was already in charge of fixing here in Country Mews alone, this makes for a great little year-end bonus for the profession.

Anyway, after a couple of false starts, Danny eventually came up with a quote of just short of a R1,000 to repair all the damage, and early one morning he and one of his guys pitched up in their little truck and after an hour or two of happily banging away, I smiled, shook hands and paid via EFT, happy in the knowledge that my little house was once again up and running at full strength, and this time hopefully a little more prepared for the next bout of storm winds we’ll undoubtedly face here in sunny but windy Gordon’s Bay!

country mews storm wind damage missing gutter

country mews storm wind damage twisted gutter

The End of Mr. Ficus’ Pot My Life 19 APR 2011

A fair while ago I mentioned that Mr. Ficus couldn’t quite hold his own when it came to Gordon Bay’s infamous winds. Then a couple of weeks ago I reported that his pot hadn’t quite dealt with the last fall all that well, forming a huge crack down the middle. Today I sadly announce that Mr. Ficus’ pot is no more.

Last week’s surprise windy gusts did enough to once again bowl Mr. Ficus over, shattering his rather expensive Benbel-purchased pot in the process.

Of course, this has since prompted us to rather unrestrict the poor leafy fellow from the confines of a fickle vessel and instead plant him in the garden proper, allowing his root system to provide the necessary anchorage and cause him to be the tree he always wanted to be.

Really shattered pot

Really shattered pot

[subvertedgallery link=”file”]

That now only leaves us with the giant shattered pot to somehow get rid of…