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So the Playhouse Took Flight… My Life 25 JUL 2015

We were bashed by some serious stormy winds for the last while, wreaking massive havoc across the Western Cape shoreline. Apart from my garden shed that had its sides ripped out of their structural railing we suffered a far more serious/comical loss – Jessica’s pink and white playhouse.

I had just returned from work on the Monday evening, and was busy with Chantelle and the kids with the wind howling outside, when all of a sudden I heard a loud noise and saw something flash past the kitchen window, too fast and too dark for me to properly make out what it was.

I immediately made my way out via the backdoor, and despite the raging wind, I instantly noted that the playhouse – which I had just recently neatly tent-pegged down next to the sandpit – was gone. This triggered a whole lot of looking over the boundary walls behind and to the sides of us, but sadly no glimpse of the missing pink and white plastic playhouse was to be seen.

At this stage the theory was either the wind had dumped it over the back wall, or that someone had helped themselves to it and then ran off, and with that in mind, I grabbed my keys and set out on a jog along the canal behind the house.

It was dark, it was cold, and it was windy. I walked up and down in both directionse (freezing because I really wasn’t dressed for this), and still no sign of the house! Next, I got into the car and drove around the block a bit, straining to try and get a glimpse of the missing playhouse – again, no such luck.

Chantelle in the meanwhile was quite surprised to find Jessica taking this all in rather well. In fact, she wasn’t bothered by the missing playhouse at all, because, according to her logic, we can now simply buy her replacement trampoline instead!

I returned empty handed, and so Chantelle tagged in and also headed out to give the search a bash, but needless to say, she too returned without a clue as to where the house might have had disappeared to.

Indeed, a proper mystery on a particularly miserable night.

However, as fortune would have it, Chantelle turned out to be the one to crack the case and solve the mystery the next day – on her way out to work in the afternoon, she spotted something rather familiar peeking out at us from the roof two houses over:

IMG_20150721_123123 play house stuck on someone's garage roof

Yup, that was definitely our missing playhouse.

Although I don’t have a ladder tall enough to reach up there, as luck would have it, a stroll around the complex revealed that a friendly handyman by the name of Dean (Handyprop is the name of the business) happened to have a very long ladder tied to his work truck and more importantly was actually home at the time I was looking for help.

No questions asked, Dean helped me recover the playhouse from the neighbours roof.

Sadly though, the little house didn’t quite make it through its ordeal unscathed. (Plus, there seems to be tent pegs scattered all over the place.)

IMG_20150721_125712 damaged pink and white keter kids play house

Right, so no more lightweight plastic kids stuff for the garden going forward – cemented down wood structures only! :P

The End of Mr. Ficus’ Pot My Life 19 APR 2011

A fair while ago I mentioned that Mr. Ficus couldn’t quite hold his own when it came to Gordon Bay’s infamous winds. Then a couple of weeks ago I reported that his pot hadn’t quite dealt with the last fall all that well, forming a huge crack down the middle. Today I sadly announce that Mr. Ficus’ pot is no more.

Last week’s surprise windy gusts did enough to once again bowl Mr. Ficus over, shattering his rather expensive Benbel-purchased pot in the process.

Of course, this has since prompted us to rather unrestrict the poor leafy fellow from the confines of a fickle vessel and instead plant him in the garden proper, allowing his root system to provide the necessary anchorage and cause him to be the tree he always wanted to be.

Really shattered pot

Really shattered pot

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That now only leaves us with the giant shattered pot to somehow get rid of…

How to Get Jessica to Pull a Sad Face Jessica | My Life 21 MAR 2011

The easiest way to get Jessica to pull the most hilarious of faces is through the simple act of burping her.

To achieve this effect, first feed her a yummy bottle full of mommy’s freshly juiced milk. Next, sit her upright and grab the front of her so that she doesn’t topple forward. Finally, rub vigorously on her back in order to induce the wind out of her.

(And if that fails, sling her over the shoulder and pat).

See what I mean? :)

Ficus Crack Pot My Life 23 FEB 2011

Ficus Crack Pot. Despite sounding like a drug reference, I am in fact referring to poor Mr. Ficus’ pot, which didn’t survive the last gusty blasts we experienced here in Gordon’s Bay unscathed.

After picking up Mr. Ficus who was lying on his side, dusting him off and propping him back upright, I noticed a rather large crack running down the length of his pot. Not fatal to the pot mind you, but bad enough.

So I guess I’ll just have to do a bit of pot twirling to sort this unsightly issue out.

The wind however didn’t seem to affect our resident garden fanged yellow eight-legged monster who has been living in the same spot for the last couple of months, nor the garden shed which still stands much to my surprise.

Monty’s ladder did take a bit of a topple though.

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Fierce Winds My Life 19 DEC 2010

Strong, strong winds buffeted Gordon’s Bay for most of last week, wreaking a fair bit of damage in the process. From great big canvas signs completely blown away to big metal road signs folded over in half, nothing was left untouched. If you had just finished planting your garden you would have been gnashing your teeth because undoubtedly half of it would have been destroyed, or like Annalie, you would wake up to the sight of someone’s back door lying in your garden.

5 Country Mews wasn’t left untouched, as I was forced to spend last weekend pretty much indoors, tearing out my hair at the over-energetic cats trapped inside and causing havoc thanks to the scary winds outside. I nearly lost my back door as well, as a wind wrenched it backwards and caused its slats to pop slightly as it bashed against the back wall, though thankfully leaving it still attached by the hinges.

As it was, poor ficus didn’t fair so well, as it was unceremoniously dumped over by the wind, never mind our poor garden shed who I found with garden implements and a broom sticking out from underneath!

And then there was the tumbling black bin that nearly took out my car.

Mr. Fixus decided to dive for cover to avoid the wind!

You know you have a problem when your tools try to escape

Windy. No wonder there are always so many houses up for sale in this area!

Windy Wait My Life 08 FEB 2008

SkirtMan, I’m so busy at work that even my posts get a little delayed! This one I started yesterday morning and only completed it today! Thank goodness the weekend is approaching fast :)

So it was just as well that I did pack those two copies of Popular Mechanics in on Wednesday in the end because thanks to Metrorail (not Eskom for a change), I had one heck of a long wait ahead of me! Like I reported earlier, the morning started off on a misfire as I was forced to wait well over an hour at Bellville station like a ‘poephol’, getting no other feedback from Metrorail on the cause of the delay other than ‘train 2505 is experiencing delays. We apologise for the inconvenience caused’.

And of course, by the time that the train did finally arrive, it was so jam-packed full that you literally had to squash into the carriage and force your way into any vaguely comfortable standing position you could and then grit your teeth for the rest of the long journey. In that situation all hints of personal space is lost and I imagine that there were more than a few very uncomfortable women there.

Wednesday day was as busy as the rest of the week had/has been and after a long day at the office I was kind of looking forward to just slumping into a train seat and snoozing the rest of the way home. As luck would have it, the train I caught at Salt River was delightfully half full and I easily located and settled into a soft and luxurious empty seat. Of course, I should have known karma wouldn’t be so gentle with me seeing as just earlier the week I had been remarking on the fact that Metrorail has been so reliable and punctual as of late. Oh no, not content in making me wait in the morning, karma decided to go full tilt and come Maitland station, the train ground to a deadening halt.

Instructed to get out of the carriage, the abandoned train eventually struggled out of the station leaving a packed platform in its wake. Thank goodness we were packed like sardines outside for a change though – at least there was some fresh(ish) air to breathe and the heat levels weren’t so extreme. Of course, when I say fresh air, I actually mean gale force gusts of wind that threatens to tear down trees and plays havoc with the skirts that women seem to find in fashion these days.

Which got me thinking about just how impractical certain types of clothing really are in certain situations.

Like skirts outdoors. More specifically, skirts outdoors in windy old Cape Town. Long or short, skirts are an immediate cause for embarrassment for women at the slightest breath of wind. A little puff and the material billows out like it has a life of its own, leaving a lot of panties to experience their first taste of broad daylight and a lot of leering men whose gazes for some reason or other reason is immediately lock on at waist level. Staircases of course are an absolute nightmare but a man’s new best friend. On the bright side of things, at least a lady’s finger grip strengthens a bit with all that wardrobe safety clutching going on…

Another impractical bit of dress that sprang to mind while I was on that topic (this was a long wait) stems from something I saw at gym the other morning. I couldn’t help but notice during one of my gym sessions over the weekend, a middle aged, fairly athletic woman happily running up and down the steps during a super circuit workout with her T-string (look it up if you have to) panties happily peeking out over the top of her pants. “My goodness” I thought to myself as I kept on rowing, “that has to be damn uncomfortable to train in! That uncomfortable little string would annoy the crap out of anyone, wouldn’t it?”

I would have thought that full, figure-hugging briefs would have been a better choice. Oh well, each to their own I guess.

However, what takes the cake for impractical dress was in fact not an item of clothes at all. Instead it was this fashionably dressed guy listening to his music using proper overhead earphones. But not just any earphones – furry earphones complete with a cute little bear face on each ear speaker! Talk about impractical and completely against the image he was trying to portray :)

Anyway, back to the original topic at hand. The skirts were really billowing. Wait, no I mean that the hour and a half like wait turned out not so bad thanks to the skirts. Popular Mechanics. I meant ‘thanks to the Popular Mechanics’. Really, I did.

Frustrated, tired and hungry, I eventually got home just before 19:00 after another long sardine-packed train trundle home, forgoing my healthy diet and immediately charging into McDonalds for a Big Mac and in time to witness a street kid come in and surreptitiously make off with a Cotlands collection tin.

Thank goodness my grumpy Wednesday night got considerably brightened by a good dose of Dancing Stage and a late night stay over by the light of my life (which is good because Eskom doesn’t provide anymore) C.

Happily I am able to report that yesterday’s train ride was a far more sensible and on time journey than Wednesday’s debacle and that today I have cut Metrorail completely out of the loop by going into work with the car – I wonder if I can claim a day back off my monthly ticket then? O.o