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How to Change the Remote Desktop Port in Windows Server 2008 R2

As convenient as staying with default ports for services on your server is,┬áthe sad truth is that thanks to attackers this is probably not such a good idea. In order to change the listening port for Remote Desktop connections on… Continue Reading →

Windows: How to Get your Laptop’s Serial Number and Model Name

Most big name laptops and desktops all have serial numbers and model names, useful bits of information when looking up tech assistance. This information is usually printed on stickers and placed somewhere on either the bottom or the back of… Continue Reading →

Windows 7: Manage Startup Programs

The recommended way to manage which applications load on start in Windows 7 is of course to trawl through each application’s settings or options pages and control them from there. However, another more efficient way to do it (if you… Continue Reading →

Windows: How to Comment out a Line in a Batch File

As a reminder to myself so that I don’t have to Google it each and every time I need to work on a Windows Server (in other words, very seldom), there are three ways of adding comments into batch files… Continue Reading →

How to Delete a Folder using the Windows Command Line

If you find yourself stuck in the Windows Command line environment and have an itching desire to delete some of your folders, here is the command to do it: RMDIR. If like me you are one of the older guys… Continue Reading →

How to Map a Drive Letter to a Folder in Windows

Although it is relatively easy to assign a drive letter to a physical or removable drive, or to a network path for that matter, it isn’t quite as obvious how one goes about mapping a drive letter to a folder… Continue Reading →

How to Share a Printer to a Windows PC from an Ubuntu PC

Sharing a printer to your Windows laptop or desktop PC from your main Ubuntu desktop machine is made pretty simple thanks to the magic of Samba. Here’s a quick tutorial on how to efficiently share your printer under Ubuntu then:… Continue Reading →

Windows Keyboard Shortcut: Quick, Launch the Task Manager!

Here’s a nifty Windows keyboard shortcut which I was not aware of until recently. My version of Vista tends to freeze a lot, meaning a lot of sluggish trips through to the Open Task Manager button on the Control+Alt+Delete screen…. Continue Reading →

PHP: Handle Microsoft Windows Smart Quotes in Your Strings

Microsoft Word likes converting single and double quotes into it’s so-called smart quotes representation, which can be annoying when you are trying to display the string on a device that doesn’t support smart quotes (the curly ones in case you were wondering). The easiest way to clean out these curly smart or fancy quotes is to run a simple search and replace on your string:

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