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Jessica back to Full Health

Yay! So the doctor confirmed yesterday on the check-up visit that the antibiotics seems to have done the trick. The ear, nose and throat infections have all receded, the various swellings are down, her chest is open again – in other words Jessie is back to full health again!

Photo Gallery: Working From Home with Jessie (2011-04-19)

While we were waiting for a spot in Baby Steps day care to open for Jessie, we had no alternative than to organise that I work from home, with Jessica in my care. Luckily at this stage of the game,… Continue Reading →

How to Spot Someone working from Home

No wonder the whole of Nagua Bay would know when I was working from home on any particular day – just spot the lonesome car out in the parking lot! :)

Colleagues at Work

I routinely used to poke fun at Ryan working from home, focusing mainly on the fact that removed from the office he now really only has ‘virtual colleagues’ to call upon.

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